Back fat

Hey ladies.

I need your advice.

When i tried on my dress the lady said it was the right size, however i still had a 'bum' in my back when the top part was ribboned up tightly (if that makes sense). I told her i wanted to loose some weight and to be honest its toning more than anything so it shouldn't be a problem!!

Only thing is - how do i get rid of back fat?? What exercises get rid of my additional bottom!!



  • You can't spot reduce fat, you have to lose it all over. I think some weights will help you as well if you are a member of a gym? You also need some core conditioning. If you aren't a gym member, do some cardio which includes core work and invest in a gym ball. x
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    I used to do aeorobics with hand weighs i.e. Lots of jumping around for an hour with the hand weights. I lost tons of weight and my back and arms went very slim. Definitely worth a go if you can find a similar class.
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    I have the same problem image

    It sucks - I don't know how to shift the stupid flab.

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    Rowing machine at the gym will help, thats what I started to do after my first dress fitting xx
  • I have the same problem so asked my H2B who used to be a PT but is now a very fit fireman!

    Swimming 3 times a week for half an hour will target that area as it works muscles in the back and is a great fat burner too!Same goes for rowing as Mrs Hotch already says.

    If you can't get to the gym get some 1.5kg dumbells. I have a broken ankle so can't swim till the caste is off in 3 weeks so I found this website with lots of great workouts you can do at home...military style!Here is the shoulder/arms it every other day.I have noticed a difference within a week!

    Lastly cut out the fat to bare minimum and stick to good fats like a bit of olive oil.No butter or marg.

    I have about a 1.5 stone to lose so no doubt as the weight drops off so will the back fat!lol.In general increase your aerobic activity and do some light weights on alternate days.Will take about 6 weeks for a good result.

    Good luck hun!x

  • Thanks for the helpful comments girls. Have started weights. Just have to stick to it.

    Good luck to everyone else.
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