Hello ladies!

Just thought i would share my news...I have just had my first dress fitting and the dress i was measured for in July literally fell right off me. The seamstress has said she will have to take it in at least 4 dress sizes! I am so chuffed it is unbelievable! I have been trying so hard the last few months watching what i eat and excercising heaps and it has finally paid off. I have 3 and a half months left to go and with the festive season coming up i can only see me losing a little bit more and toning up.

It can be done ladies good luck xx


  • well don marydll!!

    heres hoping ill b saying the same!!fingers crossed x
  • well done, how did you go about losing all the weight?
  • Thank you ladies! I am so happy! Bit scared ill lose too much though and my dress will not be able to be altered! Fingers crossed!

    Mrs N to be - i did through healthy eating and excercise pills no fad diets etc The only think i did splash out on was a personal trainer. I see him once a week at a cost of £30 a session. It is a lot of money but it has given me the direction i need in the gym to ensure i am doing the right type of workout. If you can manage it i would definately say go for it. H2B has also got a trainer and he has lost heaps now and looks like there is a 6 pack forming! We budget for it with our monthly bills and just dont think about it now. I would prob spend more than that if i was a smoker or went out every weekend - thats how i look at it anyway! lol

    Best of luck with your weight loss ladies xx
  • WOWEE congratulations!
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