Slimming world/weightwatchers.

What one is the best? After seeing my holiday photo's from this year decided i need to loose some serious pounds before wedding. I know i need to stick to a certain diet rather then just do it myself so decidng on weightwatchers or slimming world. What does everyone recommend?


  • hey. after having experience of both diets, i would opt for slimming world every time. even when i have bad weeks, i've maintained, whereas on weight watchers i would have put on.

    slimming world seems to be helping me lose the weight steadily - although i need to work on upping the exercise levels.

    i will say, though, that everyone is different and what works for me may not be the ideal plan for you.
  • Personally i find that weightwatchers suits me better but have in the past lost weight on both.

    I like the fact that on weightwatchers you can have anything you want to eat so long as you count the points. I've lost the first ten poundsof my required 3 stones in 5 weeks and to be honest have not stuck to it rigidly.

    The thing I like about ww is that i can have a mc donalds for dinner so long as i have a salad for lunch. lol
  • tasha00tasha00 Posts: 680
    I would say slimming world. I have been doing this since july this year and have lost 2 stone 8.5lbs.

    What i would say is it depends on what kind of diet you like. With slimming world you can eat alot of food which is free i.e carbs on green days and protein on red day and fruit and veg on any day but on weight watchers this will have to count all food towards your points which i find to restricting but if you like to be strict then maybe weight watchers is best for you.

    I never feel hungary and would highly recommend slimming world. x.
  • Can't recommend SW enough. I have tried both WW and SW but can honestly say on SW I have never felt hungry.
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    WW for me! got to goal in june this year, having lost 40 pounds. i've neverbeen hungry and it was so easy to follow. was able to eat what i wanted without feeling like i was missing out on something. best thing i ever did!!
  • im a SW Lover too ive been on it since 26th oct and lost 13lb so far, hopefully over 1 stone on wed image

    I have never tried ww tho but know a few ppl that have and recommend SW. x x
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