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Hi girls

i started lighter life yesterday. i have in all honesty according to government guidlines around 8 stone to loose. at 5'8 i carry it well but i need to loose it for my physical and mental health and of course to look good on my big day and not have to squash my fat arse into the fat seats of the rollar coasters in orlando!!! (honeymoon)

I hope using this forum i can keep my motivation up as i will report on my progress and weightloss and hopefully not cheating and weight gain. i will be honest with myself and write it donw the best is can.


so here goes...wish me luck!

DAY 1 THURSDAY 14/10/10

At work on 12 hour shift. easy peasy lemon squeeeeesy! had porridge for breakfast, veg soup for lunch, vanilla shake at last break and then chilli-con-carne pack when i got home. 4 litres water and 3 cups of tea, It was my first day back to work since 30/12/09 as ive been on annual leave. my legs were killing me by the time i got home. think my breath was stinking, must get breath freshener. couple brufen and off to bed feeling good.

Today is Friday, i start night shift tonight for 3 nights. which is fine i can get into my routine as soon as i get to work. its being at home before knowing i should keep my 4 packs for through the night., working in a busy city centre A&E dept im gonnna need it. so water, tea and mario kart wii it is for today. oh and a wee sleep later on.


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  • im not following lighter life but i do know someone that good results from it. Good luck you can do it x
  • Good luck hun!x
  • toootstooots Posts: 97
    Good luck love!!

    I am also on a strick weight loss for the wedding, and I too am 5'8" and probably have about 7stone to lose. Like yourself I carry it well too, but enough is enough.

    I have looked into Lighter Life but its too expensive for me! So I have made my own special diet.

    I have a picture of a "fat" bride and a thin one on my fridge, this helps me alot!

  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356
    well thats week 1 done, get weighed tonight, cant wait i've kinda struggled a bit the last 3 days since i finished night shift. NOT cheated but certainly felt like it. some of the packs are giving me the heave so i better get a good weight loss! in my mind i want at least 8lbs...secretly its more...

    not done any exercise at all apart from being at work so we shall see.

    Aim for this week is to try and do something when im off work. prob go to the gym for a work out or swim or MIGHT pluck up the guts to head out for a jog/walk but its effing freeezing still.

    so will log the night girls and post the result..fingerinos crossed lol x

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  • Kit99KayeKit99Kaye Posts: 673
    Fingers are crossed for you darl

  • pink4742pink4742 Posts: 1,999
    well done on starting lighterlife i start reductil from the gp's next week simply makes me feel full as i am really good at cutting my cals and drinkin plenty of water but i am always hungry so the doc recommended these to me. i also have 7 stone to lose xx
  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356

    12 pounds off !!!!!

    happy happy days, all the hard work payed off.

    heres to week 2.....
  • Kit99KayeKit99Kaye Posts: 673
    Well done darling that's amazing!

    Without wanting to be a misery guts remember that with all weight loss it slows down after the first week so the numbers might not be as good next week but you have nearly lost a stone already so again well done

  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356
    thanks hun! yes im under no illusion that i will get that same weight loss agian. i no its mostly fluid as well so i need to step up my game to get the fat off!

    WEEK 2

    After loosing 12 pounds i am delighted! booked 2 dress shops for 30th jan for me to hopefully find my dress. one shop does plus sizes, one doesnt but assured me they will get me into their size 14 dress's. mmmmm.....

    so back on the night shift tonight again for 4. finish monday morning again.

    last week was fine, only struggled when i came off nights. just wanted to cuddle up on couch with some nice and tasty, watch tv and just comfort my self with food. yet i couldnt. did all the same but with a hot chocolate and a face like thunder!! had to really really push myself to stay motivated.

    so heres to a good week, not just to me, but for anyone on a diet and struggling. WE CAN DO IT.
  • Kit99KayeKit99Kaye Posts: 673
    Which shops please? If you don't know of it already and you are near London Heavenly Bodies Bridal in Catford (nice) is where I've ordered my dress. The lady there Patricia is AMAZING and I felt beautiful in my dress

  • diddumsukdiddumsuk Posts: 566
    Hello gemkev, i've started Cambridge diet, which is similar to lighterlife. Can i join you on your journey? I have 4 stone to lose and ideally before april so i can order my dress!

    I am coming to the end of my first week, get weighed on Monday and i'm so excited, can already see the difference!

    Good luck xx
  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356
    KIT99KAYE im in glasgow hun....

    DIDDUMS....of course, did you start a thread on CD??? i THINK i replied on it yesterday, my comp was eating many replied it may have not shown up!

    But yes, join away, i am struggling with the payments, and i know CD is half the price. only thing is my councellor is AMAZING. goes above and beyond her role and i honestly dont think she will let me leave the group!!!

    good luck to you too, im taking each pack as it comes and drinking plenty of water. Please post and let me know how you get on, its such and inspirtation to hear other people's stories. xx
  • well done on the wieght loss hun

    can i just ask how much does it cost each month for your food packs n that? x
  • Well done thats fantastic hun!! go you!!!xxx
  • Kit99KayeKit99Kaye Posts: 673
    Whoopsie! Sorry! Let me know if you need a second pair of eyes dress shop researching!

  • diddumsukdiddumsuk Posts: 566
    Thanks gemkev! Not been a good day today. My BIL2B died monday morning and i've been all over the place! So im siiting here eating cheese and tuna! Low carb but has calories!!!!

    Oh well lost 5kg so far and its only first week image Hopefully better day tomrorow as going to my mums this weekend and shes doing the diet with me xx
  • Hi gemkev.

    Firstly may I say congratulations on your first weigh in! 12 lbs is amazing!

    Keep the feeling of how that felt with you!

    I did lighterlife last year and lost just over 5 stone.

    I was maintaining really well until I had nearly everybody around me saying I had lost too much weight and I looked ill. It really didn't help me and I'm very sad to say that over the Christmas break I gained about 10 lbs in roughly 4 weeks.

    I am mortifed about this and have just spoken to my counsellor about going back to group on a refresher course.

    I'm so angry that I let the thoughts and opinions of others affect me so much. Although I do not soley blame others, I could have had better control.

    After I'd lost the weight I felt so much better and I did look so much better.

    I have before and after photos if you would like to see them.

    I have my first refresher meeting next Friday and am very excited. I know that I can get this bit of weight off and be at a happy and healthy weight again!

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  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356

    well week 2 was much harder. emotionally and physically.

    was on for 4 nights, finished monday am, back in tuesday wednesday and had to take emergency annual leave today.

    4 nights were very busy, strict sister on so hardly any breaks. not getting 4 packs a day. things turned on monday - even harder. had to meet my sis at the hospital when i finished my shift as she was goin in for an operation., she was late.

    then i had to drive to airport 1 hour away to get my dad (sister was supposed to be doing this) so never got home until 1300. by this point i am delerious, crabbit, pale, weak tired and angry that i cant sleep or eat. so go for a snooze on the couch from 2 ish til 430 as i had to go pick sis back up, but they werent being straight on the phone and upshot is she wasnt getting discharged...ggrrrrrr could have slept longer...

    so in the midst of all this my hot water has been off for the week, h2b done his back in and couldnt fix it. hes on the couch in agony, but managing to boil all the pots of hot water so i can get a very small bath before work bless him. bit concerend about him....

    went in neighbours for a shower. bliss. bed.

    tuesday 4am wide shi*t. bed 10pm

    wednesday 4am wide awake, clean house best i can, cat tray, washings etc... feel the worst ever. sheer exhaustion. really really want to eat. tummy rumbling. cant be arsed with work.

    driving to work ok, get in someone says u ok ??? burst into tears ????!!!!!

    so thats me off, greetin 3 times before 9 am. not good. so spoke to boss and got day off today so i can become sane again!!!

    to top all this off I ONLY LOST A FCUKING POUND. ONE EFFING POUND. arrggghhhhhhhh

    so the boy was gutted for me, didn't undertand, as i cant, why its only a pound. never cheated. great way to top off a great week.

    heres hoping week 3 is better.....going dress shopping this weekend hope i can fit my fat ass into the dresses and find the one!!!x
  • lodgerlodger Posts: 76
    Oh dear, what a week. Just wanted to say well done for getting through the week. Ok the scales only show a 1lb loss but who knows what it'll be next week. I think you have to do a month or so to see the pattern of your weight loss emerge. My weight tends to hold all week (leading me into temptation) and then 2lbs will drop off overnight.

    Dress shopping will deff up your motivation.

    I raise a glass (of water) to your willpower! x
  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356
    hi joanne its a ridiculous £70 per week. thats not incl any extras you can buy ie water flavouring.

    seaside belle, thanks. i know it will prob come off next week, its still off and 13 pounds in 2 weeks. its just hard keeping motivated. and your right need to keep thinking about my dress and also no "fat" seats on the rides on honeymoon lol x

  • Please don't be discouraged by what you feel is a small loss this week.

    I had weeks like this and I went home in a foul mood, cried but kept going!

    Hopefully next week will be a better result.

    And I'm sorry if you've heard it from your counsellor but you really, really, need to get your 4 packs in and keep your water intake up.

    I think that the week that you've had has really not helped image

    I really hope things pick up for you! xx
  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356
    thanks jojo. im normally fine at work drinking 4 litres but do struggle a littel when im at home so i know i need to work on that.

    as for the packs its only when im nightshift if we dont get a 3rd break, by the time i get home im like a zombie and collapse inot bed. but generally i get all 4 packs in. but thanks for the encouragement and reminders! much appreceiated x
  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356
    week 3 = disaster.

    one of those weeks where things happen one after the other and you think " can this get any worse?" so feeling very run down, emotionally drained, and physically unwell. flank pain, palpitations, nausea, abdo pain, light headed...just awful. so i phoned the counsellor had a long talk and being a nurse i knew this wasn't having a healthy effect and decided to stop it. quite gutted but have since heard some horror stories about the diet.

    i took alot form the couselling in the 2 weeks, but upon reflection feel its a diet that pray on vulnerable people. but what ever way you look at it, you could debate the diet "til blue in the face".

    so the plan is....back to scottish slimmers on thursday.

    my goal is to loose weight at a sensible speed, increase my level of activity and do the race for life!!!!! huge goal but something i have always wanted to do so training starts this week.

    please let this plan follow through......
  • Hi Gemkev!

    Firstly, I think you're very brave for having the courage to discuss things with your counsellor.

    And secondly. I find it odd that we've both felt the same over the last few days!

    I went to see my counsellor on Friday and got my packs to start LLlite. However, I have decided I will try to get the 8 odd lbs that I want to lose off by myself. I think I was discouraged by the fact that LLlite says that you can lose around 2lbs a week and I lost 4 by myself last week. Not exactly inspired to spent £52.50 per week on 3 packs a day to lose 2 lbs a week. I can do that by myself!

    Also, our weekly shop for 2 with loads of fruit and veg comes to less than the packs for 1.

    With the wedding in 6 months I really just can't justify the money when I know that by eating less crap and exercising more I will lose weight.

    ***And breathe!***

    Feel so much better now!

    I'm thinking of going to slimming world mainly so that I have a weigh in every week and have to answer to somebody if I slip up! lol

    And I also really wnat to do race for life.

    I'm going to ask my sister to do it with me, I'm pretty sure she'll say yes!

    So how do you fancy keeping in touch on here and seeing how we both go?

    Jojo xx
  • Girls well done for both taking the more tricky road! My friends mum did Lighter Life and had great weight loss but basically was starving herself and once she started eating normally (NOT overeating) it went back on!

    ANyway I am doing it the slow and boring way so may be I can keep in touch with you two in our slow but permanant losses!!!

  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356
    jojo...this is so weird. i have jsut signed up for race for life!!!!!! never done anything like it in my life but always wanted to. got a bity emotional when filling our the form!!!!!

    bizarre how we are going through the same just now. so please yes keep in touch! im going on thursday to scottish slimmers. like you say, somebody to answer to and a set of scales.

    hi kaye, thanks for repying again hun. nice to know there is continual support here. so please keep in touch with us, its not always easy and the more support the better.

    girls it will come off, everything in moderation, water and increase the excercise and we'll do it xxx
  • Really Spooky but my friend emailed last night about doing race for life!

  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356
    arrrggghhhhh im furious.

    just been weighed ant put ON 1.5 pounds. WTF?

    yes ive got "the painters" in but come on....been eating nothing but healthy sh't. been to the gym and swimming. my clothes feel looser, my other half can feel it but its not showing on the dissheartening image
  • LanatronLanatron Posts: 459
    Hang in there babe. I've lost nearly a dress size, but the scales only say I've lost 3lb! Take it easy on yourself, I'm sure it's mostly fluid retention - bodies are weird anyway. Well done so far!
  • Quoted:
    arrrggghhhhh im furious.

    just been weighed ant put ON 1.5 pounds. WTF?

    yes ive got "the painters" in but come on....been eating nothing but healthy sh't. been to the gym and swimming. my clothes feel looser, my other half can feel it but its not showing on the dissheartening image

    Don't underestimate how much that can affect your weight, I've known girls who put on half a stone for that one week of the month

    Keep going with it x
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