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Cambridge Diet - Week 2 - Anyone else?

Hey girls,

I'm on my second week of SS on the CD. Lost 8lbs on my first weigh in on Monday! So chuffed!

Is anyone else on it? Thought we could keep a diary of losses and how we're doing etc?


  • lodgerlodger Posts: 76
    Yep I'm a fellow cambridger too, I'm day 13 now. I'll try to stay positive but I'm getting a bit fed up of it now and i'm not a massive fan of most of the flavours (but I'm not quitting, I'll just moan for a few more weeks!).

    So far the first week's offical loss was 9lbs (on my scales it was 13lbs!) Now it's slowing down (as expected) and I've finally got down into the 12s after fighting all last year. I thought I would feel fantastic when I got here but I just feel I want to get to the 11s.

    How are you getting on with the water? I am drinking gallons and spending more time on the loo then at work!

  • MrsG1986MrsG1986 Posts: 869
    I'm on day 9 today, not really doing so well this week. Already cheated today, had a nibble of chicken, but I've been suffering from really bad headaches since i've been on it, and my CDC said she'd rather me have a little nibble on food than make myself ill. When I go back on Monday she said she might put me up to 810 instead of SS.

    I'm doing well with the water! Got a sports lid on a bottle and i'm drinking it all day, yeah I agree, backwards and forwards all the time! And its really bad in the mornings! lol!

    Well done on the 9lb lost! Bet you're well pleased, know i was with my 8lb! image

    x x
  • lodgerlodger Posts: 76
    Keep going! A little bit of chicken is probably the best food to have and the next plan up might be the best one for you.

    I've had loads of comments yesterday and today about how well (and thinner) I'm looking, so it's so worth pushing through on the diet because it's obviously working.

    But temptation is all around, last night my h2b ate a takeaway pizza and chips followed by a bag or haribo (oh, to have his metabolism) and I've just spent an hour sat in front of a yummy work buffet with amazing cake. But all those foods will still be there after I lose weight.

    This is certainly not an easy diet but I am learning just how much food is a part of life. I never really noticed how every other tv advert is food, how many articles there are in magazines etc etc. Because I was always resisiting food before I felt denied that other people could eat more then me or cheated that I didn't lose weight at a steady pace but now I know should be thanking myself for making a positive choice in not having a treat or not beating myself up about eating junk.

    Weight in two tomorrow - I'll let you know how I get on.

  • thesophthesoph Posts: 219
    Hey all,

    Stick with it! I started in July as a size 14-16 and now, 7 months later, weigh 3.5 stone less and am a size 8-10. And I am not 'one of those people' who finds weight loss easy or natural. Once you get past the first month or 6 weeks, you'll be fine, it's just getting over the hunger pangs. Good luck!

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  • hey am away to start 2moro yippeee cant wait

  • MrsG1986MrsG1986 Posts: 869
    Good luck Mrst2b!

    I'm on week 5, lost almost 2 stone! I'm so impressed with myself that i've lasted this long! image Ordered a size 14 wedding dress, and i'm about 2 inches off getting it done up properly!! Will have to have it taken in at this rate! x
  • Ok dumb question here but whats the Cambridge diet? I have no idea what your all talking about but it sounds like a sure fire way to loose weight.
  • MrsG1986MrsG1986 Posts: 869
    Its a very low calorie diet, you have shakes, soups, porridges and chewy bars. go to and it tells you all about it in there. It's very very hard though, you have to cut food out totally, and its expensive, £39 a week it costs me, but thats all my meals, so its 6 and half a dozen x x
  • hiya the site is really confusing! how does it work? is there a list of foods you eat or do you buy like ready prepared meal?
  • MrsG1986MrsG1986 Posts: 869
    Hiya, depending on your BMI, you get put on a plan. There are several plans, all with different calorie amounts. I'm on sole source + which is 3 packets and a small meal of veg and chicken in the evening, a total of 550 cals a day. Basically the first step is called sole sorce, which means you can't have any food. All your food, vits and minerals come in sachets, which are provided by your local cambridge diet counciller (CDC). You mix them up with water, and have them in replacement of your 3 meals a day (breakky, lunch and dinner). You also have to drink 2 litres of water a day too.

    If you're interested, i'd speak to a local CDC who will be able to help u more and give u proper advice x x
  • Day one of Cambridge for me and starting on SS+ I ha\ve done it before and just can't survive on milkshake alone so I need my 200 cal meal in the evening. Get married in April and looking to lose 3 stone image

  • moemoe Posts: 1


    im starting my diet tommorrow, im 10st and 11lb and im 5ft 6. Do u think i can loose 1 stone atleast in the 2 weeks with exercise?x

  • Moe are you starting Cambridge? DO NOT exercise at all for your first couple of weeks, you will have no energy what's so ever, you will make your self poorly. If you stick to the diet you will easily lose 1 stone or around in 2 weeks!
  • i am on week 2 of the Cambridge diet i need to lose 2.5 stone at the most before my honeymoon in march. i currently weigh 14stone and i am 5.8 in height. do u think this is possible? 7

    thanks :)


    i am doing SS too, but can i still going for zumba & body combat class?

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  • Ella37Ella37 Posts: 1

    The first step toward losing weight is acknowledging that you're overweight and making the decision to do something about it. Once you're committed to making a change, you need to make a plan and stick to it. Avoid fad diets or gimmicky weight-loss plans that promise quick results. Instead, adhere to the tried and tested method of eating healthy, exercising and controlling your calories.


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