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Really struggling

to find a diet or something that I know I can stick to.

I'm getting married in 118 days so its still feasable to lose a couple of stone but I really don't know how to go about it.

I'm eating home cooked food so i'm not eating rubbish, I also try and do at least 45 mins a day on my wii fit plus. I also walk to work and places as I live in the centre of town so there is no excuse for not walking. I'm doing the swimathon in April so will be starting to train for that this week.

In the past I have lost 1.5st with Weight Watchers and I am seriously considering joining them again but I am struggling for money at the moment as the wedding is draining it all.

If all else fails I would just like to lose my slight double chin and get into a high street size 14.

Please reccomend some good ideas and if all else give me a good kick up the backside!!!



  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    Hi loubyb, what sort of exercise do you do on the wii??

    Have you tried the running? Like you i wanted to loose weight for my wedding last year and i lost a stone through Slimming world which i can highly recommend except for the money side you mentioned.

    Once i'd lost a stone i found that things slowed right down and so i started running on a friends wii that i borrowed.

    Within a few weeks i was up to 13mins non stop and raring to go running outdoors. I didn't loose any more weight but was at my slimmest for years - guess i toned up really.

    If you have an mp3/pod i can highly recommend getting out there - its hard but such a buzz and if you stick to it gives quick results.

  • loubybloubyb Posts: 1,503
    Hi lucy

    I tried slimming world last year but didn't really get on with it as I found it quite confusing.

    I do nearly everything (except the yoga) on my wii fit. I quite enjoy doing the aerobic exercises like step and the kung fu things!

    Going to speak to H2B tonight and see if he would mind me going to WW as it would help him too as he keeps complaining about his beer belly! lol.

  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    SW has changed recently and now theres this Extra Easy diet which literally is so easy as apose to the red/green days. However like you say, if you lost on WW then go for it girl! Its the fee per week yes but just think how happier you'd feel after that 1st week a few pounds lighter!

  • Well you seem to be doing plenty of exercise !! , what kind of meals are you cooking ? portion control for me has really helped such as i will have a slightly smaller amount of dinner and a third of that will be vegetables or salad or even baked beans , its taken me about 2 weeks to get used to it and it was hell for the first week i was soo hungry but now i can go for hours before tum starts grumbling your body just gets used to it also drinking plenty will help .x
  • loubybloubyb Posts: 1,503
    Well I've just signed up tyo WW. I've brought the monthly pass thing so that will motivate me to go every week!!
  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    Well done thats the spirit! Don't forget to let us all know how you get on!

  • loubybloubyb Posts: 1,503
    And I'll be walking the mile from work to the meeting. I won't walk back though til the summer because it'll be dark and I don't like walking in the dark.

  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    Same here, i hate running in the evenings when its dark, don't mind it a little dark in the mornings but i like to run when its quiet so around 5.30-6am, trouble is it'll be ages b4 its light enough in the mornings to do it.
  • Weight Watchers is great...I have been on it since last september and its really helped!
  • loubybloubyb Posts: 1,503
    I went to WW last night for the first time and to be honest I was shocked (in a bad way) at my weight but that has spurred me on even more to lose the weight!

    I want to get down to about 10st so I've got quite a bit to lose!

  • you will get there hunni , im struggling a bit at the moment as im finding exercising a bit mundane but i know i must carry on doing it .x
  • loubybloubyb Posts: 1,503
    I've been WW agin this evening and despite not eating very healthy at all this week I've lost 2.5lbs!! I'm so happy image
  • I've done weightwatchers but have stuck and just started calorie counting with a diet called nutracheck which seems good
  • Well done loubyb, see you can do it, you just need the right support to help you on your way xx

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  • Quoted:
    I've been WW agin this evening and despite not eating very healthy at all this week I've lost 2.5lbs!! I'm so happy image

    image Fantabulous x
  • loubybloubyb Posts: 1,503
    Really really peed off this week. I've put 0.5lb on! I've been exercising and watching what I eat so I'm peed off!

  • Keep going loubyb, the 2nd week's always a bit of a funny one, as you body is holding onto its reserves for dear life in case you starve it. stick with it & I'm sure you'll get a good loss next week! You've got over 3 months still, how much do you want to lose in that time?
  • suziem21suziem21 Posts: 735
    swim, swim , swim. An hour of swimming can burn anything between 600 and 800 calories. It is the best exercise to tone up too as it works ever muscle. I started going once a week and now I'm loving it, going between 3 and 5 times a week doing 30-40 lengths a time with is just over half a mile. I just purchased a speedo mp3 player and it's great for motivating you when you start to get tired. Also try

    I'ts a free website to note all your food and exercise on a daily bases. It will tell you how many calories you should be eating to keep the weight lose going and calculates calories in everything through a search thing. Also tells you how much calories are in each exercise.

    It's truly amazing how much calories are in things and helps you work out your portions too.
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