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Anyone using these tablets for there weight loss?


  • aileen316aileen316 Posts: 264
    do they work for weight loss? lol x
  • Sherbie333999Sherbie333999 Posts: 1,485
    I dont think they make you loose weight, but they are caffine tablets and make your metabolism work harder and give you more energy or at least make you feel like you have more / give you a buzz etc because of the caffine, which in turn will make you want to do more things, my friend used them before her wedding. x
  • please dont take them for weight loss they will be really bad for you, and you will lose sleep and be bouncing off the walls all day, there are safe ways to lose a few pounds x
  • aileen316aileen316 Posts: 264
    hmm yeah true, i have to be up at 4am everyday for work so maybe caffeine isnt a good idea lol.

    One of my exes cousins took speed for 3 months and went from a size 16 to an 8.... its stupid stories like that that make ya wanna take drugs lol.... im joking not going to touch them!! image xx
  • Sherbie333999Sherbie333999 Posts: 1,485
    Yeah i think your right hun, not the best, we need all our beauty sleep for the wedding lol.

  • lol just keep it natural, stick to no label foods and the weight will come off, do exercises that you like and find an eating plan that you like and enjoy x
  • fifeywifeyfifeywifey Posts: 706
    I think they might have the opposite effect because you get the high from the caffeine then when you 'come down' you feel so tired you eat more to give you energy.

    I tried them once when I was doing a nightshift and felt awful, I dont think caffeine agrees with me. Makes me twitchy
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