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Starting again today!

I've been calorie counting for about six weeks now and have lost 16 pounds. A fortnight ago I went off the rails a bit and it has taken me the past fortnight to get back to where I was before. So I am starting again today and I'm going to keep an online journal and update it every so often to keep me going.

I am using a website called nutracheck which works out how many calories I need to eat to lost weight. I'm in it for the long hall as the big day isn't until 20th August 2011. I currently weigh 14st 5 and I'm 5'11. I'm a size 16 - 18 and would like to be a size 14. I am eating 1200 calories Monday to Thursday and 1800 Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Feeling quite positive now!

Good to look to anyone else in the same boat.


  • powvikpowvik Posts: 43
    Just wanted to say good luck- you CAN DO IT! ive been calorie counting for 7 months now and , like you fell off the wagon a few weeks ago but back on track now. it can be hard at times but once your head is in the right place there'l be no stopping you !

    You going to the gym as well?

  • mushroom82mushroom82 Posts: 219
    No I'm not going to the gym at the moment. I'm not in a permenant job so don't want to commit to a contract. Would pay as you go but its £7 a shot which I think is a lot! I'm walking to work instead of getting the bus and going to start up again on my wii game 'Just Dance'. Considering going to an aerobics class.

    I know I can do it this time - I'm so determined! I have been dieting on and off since 2007. Started at 17st13lbs and never want to be back there again!
  • mandi-loumandi-lou Posts: 847
    Well done for getting back on track. I've been going to ww for ages now but something clicked in January as i get married this July. In total i've lost 21.5lbs, which isn't just this year. I see what you mean about the £7 a time for the gym. Is there any exercise classes round about you? I've re-joined one and it's £3 for an hour if you're a member and the membership is only £7 for the year x
  • mushroom82mushroom82 Posts: 219
    There are some classes at our local sports centre which are £3.50 per session so I'm going to give them a go. My dog is loving the extra walking at the minute so killing two birds with one stone! I was doing weight watchers but I found that I stopped losing weight and felt like I wanted to do something different. I'm finding the calorie counting much easier. I'm not sure why!
  • mushroom82mushroom82 Posts: 219
    Well second day in and have stuck to my 1200 calorie limit. I'm aiming to burn 200 calories a day in exercise which I have done yesterday and today by walking. Going to get o n the Wii tomorrow night.

    I've just watched supersize vs superskinny which has spurred me on a bit!
  • Hello there Mushroom,

    I thought I'd post as a fellow 5ft 11-er!

    I started off at 16 stone 12.5lbs christmas 2007 at a size 20 and got to my (interim) target of 13 stone 5.5lbs christmas 2008 at a size 12-14 and have stayed that weight more or less for a year and a bit. I lost the 3 and a half stone with Slimming World and also maintained with Slimming World but am now trying to get one last stone off with Rosemary Conley...I thought you might like to know as I am always interested to hear from ladies that are the same height as me and also trying to lose weight. I'm hoping after dropping this last stone I'll be a "proper" 12 (meaning I can get my bum and hips into 12 jeans!!!!)

    I've been buggering about a bit and cheating so I'm losing/gaining/losing/gaining the same 2/3lbs!!! My own fault though so this week I've gone back to basics and am doing the 1200 cals (for 2 weeks) at less than 5% fat.

    I get married July 24th this year so the time is ticking by...!

    How are you getting on? Are you following a plan or just counting the calories? I like your idea of being strict in the week then giving yourself some extra calories at the weekend.

    Best of luck with it. x
  • mushroom82mushroom82 Posts: 219
    I'm just calorie counting at the moment. Seems to be working! I'm not supposed to get weighed until Monday but I couldn't wait so I got weighed on my wii fit and it says I've lost 4 pounds so I'm more than happy with that! I get weighed at weightwatchers on a Monday night (I don't do the ww diet though - I don't think it works for me and I only go as it's the only regular time I see my Mam) and I'm about five pounds heavier on their scales then on my wii fit on s morning. So my wii today said I was 13st 11lb which is the lightest I've been since I was 19 which made me dance around the living room for a few minutes this morning!

    How has your week been? Have you got your dress now?
  • mushroom82mushroom82 Posts: 219
    Well after a horrendous weekend food and drink wise (was at a wedding where the only veggie thing available was chips during the day and cheese sandwiches on the night) I lost two pounds at my official weigh which I'm happy enough at. So now 14st 3 and have lost 18 pounds altogether. Hoping for another loss next week!
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