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Celebrity Slim

Hi Ladies,

Has anybody used these shakes and if so did they work and how fast can you expect to lose 2 stone.


  • there full of sugar if you do lose weight with them you can expect to gain it back x
  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    I found it really hard missing out the carbs on an evening, whilst the shakes filled me up i seemed to lack a lot of energy!!!! i only lost about 7lb in total and put it back on if you decide to go for it it might work for you, your only supposed to be on it for 8 weeks and my friend lost a stone so good luck if you go for it
  • Thanks Girls,

    A friend gave me a weeks supply as she didn't like it so i'll see how it works for me and if I find it ok I'll do it for the 8 weeks suggested.
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