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only lost 1lb this week - bit gutted :(

wel went t get weighed at slimming world last night and iv only lost 1lb this week.... but suppose it beta than nothin...or puttin it on and i did av 2 meals out last wekend and a couple pancakes with the kids other night. but as my dad said 1lb a week for a yr is about 4 thinkin of it that way and app the slower it comes off the more likely is t stay off??? so wil see... bak on tack this week tho girls do fingers crossed....

altho did av a chicken kebab when i got bak as a treat the only bit of th kebab that a syn is the pitta bread at 9 syns can u believe that so i only ad half of that.. and made my own mint yog.. so had heaps of that...

Right off t town t get some paint ...gonna do toilet and bathroom bfore av my virgin vie party next weekend gonna get myself some makeup for the wedding xx chow x


  • I think you did well hun , considering you had meals out aswell . x
  • Aw I know how you feel hun!

    I joined SW 2 weeks ago....,lost 3lbs on first week and only 1lb last week but it's def better than a gain or staying the same.

    I had more treats and wine and even a few cupcakes in 1st week and was stricter last week so I'm gonna syn a bit more!lol.Doesn't make sense!

    I have been swimming or running 5 times a week too as I have about 20lbs to 13 weeks!Eeeeeek!lol.

    Anyway keep going...I bet you lose 2 or 3 next week,I'm hoping for the I'm off to spinning which I really

    Have a good day and stay'll get there in the end.x
  • thanks guy jus gets a bit disheartenin tho sometimes .... b careful wi the excersise...a woman at class has been gym 4/5 times a week this week and put 5 .5lb on...coz muscle weighs heavier than fat xx
  • I only lost 1lb last week it really sucks! Def better than no change or gain but still dis-heartening. My goal is 2lb per week so hopefully on monday will have managed image Good luck with your next weigh in, chin up image
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I would love to lose a lb a week- its taking me about 3 weeks to lose a lb because I am exercising. However, I would rather be heavier on the scales and more toned and slim than lighter and wobblier.

  • this is very true lol xx i walk t town and wil cyle when weather better...go on wii fit and just dance on the wii - i av an airwalker and go hopeully jus a few times a week excersisin wil help xx if i can loose 2lb this week i wil av my half stone award - yay lol xx image

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  • I think 1lb a week is good as you had a few treats x
  • fingers crossed for wed..... xx
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    1lb is ok.....i found that some weeks i had 3lb and others a 1lb. Water retention also played a part in that you had really lost more fat but was offset by water but you get to know the cycle.

    Just keep plodding on and you'll get there.
  • a pound is equal to 435grams of sugar (I think, I googled it!) so measure out 435grams of sugar and walk around with it thats how much you have lost! 1lb is a great loss so dont beat yourself up over it, a loss is still a loss image
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