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SW password...?


Couldn't make it my class this week, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the group password as I'm trying to work out the syn value of a fig roll before I eat it!



  • Gravy is working for me xx
  • hanfeverhanfever Posts: 156
    think this week it is onion but the pasword usually works for 2 weeks so gravy is all good!!image XXX
  • Thanks! Unfortunately, I ate the fig roll anyway. At least I'll be able to work out the syns now though - just hope its not too many! image
  • Hey girls...I think it was gravy last week so I've been using onions....or maybe onion?gee I can't remember!

    Fig rolls are really low...think it's 2syns?

    How is your weight loss going?x
  • I checked the syns for a fig roll it was 3.5 so not too bad! Weight loss is going alright - I have love 10 lbs now (although it has been a real battle), but I still want to lose 2 stone at least. Only got 15 weeks to go though so not sure how well I'll do. I've been as good as gold this week and have also increased my exercise so I'm hoping for a good weight loss on Thursday - would be nice to lose 4 lbs! Fingers crossed! How is everyone else doing?
  • Hi guys, you can work out the syn value of anything by dividing the calories by 20. So if the fig roll is 100 calories it would be 5 syns. Hope that helps.
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