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Power Plates

I've got a power plate coming on Monday and i was wondering if anybody else has ever used one and are they any good? What are the best exercises to do on them?

Cost almost £3000 so i hope it works!!!!


  • £3000! Gulp. I'd be on it every minute of every day for that price! Lol.

    I use the ones at our gym and I like them. I usually use it at the end of a workout, as I find my muscles aren't as stiff the next day. I mainly do squats, stretching on it and finish with a massage on different areas.

    There is a website that you can download a workout from. Can't recall the site, but it was probably something like vibrogym or powerplate that I typed into google to find it.

    Have fun! x
  • MrsRustMrsRust Posts: 193
    I power plate every day. I had a power plate gym at the top of my road and it got shut down so I bought one. I've got a my5. I've gone from a size 12 to a 8 with no change to diet.

    The most important thing is that you use it safely. I would advise go to a class first at a gym and learn the correct poses. You can really hurst yourself otherwise. NEVER stand on it with straight legs, or the vibrations go straight through your spine.

    You should use it 3 times a week, it should hurt towards each min exercise or you aren't putting enough effort in. You should ache the next day, make sure you do the stretches/massage afterwards or you won't be going up any stairs.

    The hamstring massage is great for cellulite.

    All my friends that have tried my machine have jumped off screaming that it feels horrible. I love it!!!

    It only works if you put the effort in, you should sweat and you should have an increased heart rate.

  • MrsRustMrsRust Posts: 193
    extras you need, you don't need to buy their expensive ones just go any fitness website.

    A step bench, so you can do exercise off the plate at the same height- needed for lunges etc

    A yoga matt to go bench or on floor infront of plate- for press ups

    A medicine ball- to make sit ups more difficult- I've got a 2kg
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