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Just had a play around on the nhs bmi calculator, I always thought I was 5'6 but got my h2b to measure me and im 5'7! lol this makes a huge difference to my ideal weight and my healthy weight range is now 11stone 5 pounds right down to 8stone 8 pounds instead of 11stone 1pound down to 8stone 4 pounds

So one inch in height is 4pounds difference in weight

What on your scale would you like to be? I think I want to get down to 8stone 8pounds just to see waht it looks like!

Whats your ideal weight and how long are you giving yourself to achive it?

x x x xx :\)


  • Polaruk1Polaruk1 Posts: 722
    When I was at college I got down to 12 stone (I am 5ft 9). I was a size 12 and I felt slim and happy. My weight ballooned to 15st 13lbs! I am now 13st so I would like to lose one more stone before my wedding in November. This is perfectly achievable I think! I would however like to be 11st 7lbs if I can get there, just because it would be nice and because at 12 stone I wasn't a rake, I could still have lost a bit more! So I have two goals, and I really hope I can make the 11st 7 goal! When is your wedding? How much do you need to lose to get to 8st 8? xx
  • worked it out at 43lbs! I think thats 3 and a half stone my original target is 9stone I still think that this is going to be more than enough and I will look slim at that size (I dont know what size i will be tho?) ye my heaviset was about 15 and a half stone well done on losing soooo much!

    the wedding is in may so do feel i have long enough to get to 9stone but not 8.8 x x
  • I would love to get back down to the weight I was when I first got together with h2b which was about 8 and a half stone. I've got 3 stone to lose to achieve that, sounds scary but I'm hoping I can at least make a dent in that before the summer as that's when I'm gonna start dress shopping!
  • you can achive it you will have pictures of you that weight as well wont you so you can use them as motivation!

    I was 13stone 5 lbs when we got together so he's seeing me get smaller (slowly!) cant wait to buy smaller sizes for the honeymoon! got my dress it's gonna need taking in! x
  • Polaruk1Polaruk1 Posts: 722
    Thanks hun I am pleased with myself but just want to get this last bit off now!

    I am such an idiot I think it is quite obvious from your name when your weddding is lol! What diet plan are you following?

    Good luck hpsauce you can do it! xx
  • you should be pleased! it will come off you know that it comes off slower the slimer you get (read the other day that your motabilisum (sp?) slows down the slimmer you get and is fast the bigger you are!)

    lol!! I'm so excited I update the number nealry everyday

    I'm on day 3 of the 7lbs in 7days i'm really enjoying it and know I have lost weight I feel so light! it's hard for the first time you do it on days 1-2 as you have detoxing but if you stick with it you can lose from 5lbs to 14lbs the highest was but you have to have a lot of weight to lose to drop 14lbs in a week!

    then I'm following it up with the turbo charge your life in 14days i'm all ready to start that the meals look yummy! there is no portion sizes as you eat till you are just full the diet is made up of 60-80% fruit and veg the rest is protien and wholegrain carbs like rice

    it's basically a non brand name diet which you will lose weight on as you body has so much new energy to burn it

    after the 14days you simply take into account the things you have learnt and live by them allowing for special occasions and treats if you crave them!

    I have lost 1stone so far and hopefully another 5-7lbs after this week! xx
  • Polaruk1Polaruk1 Posts: 722
    Yeah I suppose I should be! My dress comes into the shop in June so I want to get down to 12 stone before then (15 weeks so 1lb a week and I am there!) and then it leaves me with a while to tone up and lose another half stone before the wedding in November. Have you got your dress sorted? I think I am definitely going to try that diet, maybe not now but in a few weeks or so when I have a bit less to lose and it is harder to get off - might shake things up a bit! I think they have some books on Ebay a bit cheaper! Are you exercising much? Welll done on your loss that's fab! xx
  • I am 5'7" and weigh 9st 7lbs. For my wedding I was 9st 4lbs, but I have put a little back on (AI honeymoon lol!) I think I would look too thin at under 9st, as my top half is smaller than my bottom half and I lose it there first. I am maintaining my weight without doing much, but I'd like to get down a bit further. Feels so much better when doing sport and going shopping!

    Good luck with your weight loss. x
  • Still worried that my dress wont come! it's still on order and they messed me about a bit losing my measurements and not telling me till weeks later! but fingers crossed! it will definatly shake thaings up and you will glow with health!

    I exercise about 30mins a day 6 days per week mostly wii jogging and my exercise bike and the 10min toning solutions dvd (which is fab!) thank you! the strange thing is I feel different but not massively different if you know what I mean? I think I know I still have a long way to go!

    Kaninchen I want to lose more weight now so I can have the leway to put some back on while on honeymoon! lol Im hourglass so tend to lose it evenly which is good nice to see a refference to hight and weight though

    dont think I will get down to 8.8 and really dont think I want to 9stone will be fab enough!!! x x x
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