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Are you worried?

Sorry for all the posts today h2b is out with the guys and I'm sat here doing nothing! lol

Are you worried that your not going to get to your weight target in time for the wedding? It worries me sometimes I have to lose on average 3lbs per week I'm worried I'm not going to look the way I want in my dress and hate my pictures!

How much weight have you got left to lose? Mines about 2stone 9lbs by May


  • Hey hun, we are 2 days apart lolimage!!

    I'm also sat on here today because h2b is sat on his playstation lol....

    Anyway, i also have about 2.5lbs to loose per week to get to my goal, although it can be less as im wanting to weigh 10st by May 1st but im not bothered if its 10st 7lbs, i have lost about a stone up to now in about 7 weeks, but thats not through 100% trying, but i have been good and only eaten when hungry, not always the best foods but nothing to high in calories and fat etc....but as from tomorrow im aiming to up my calorie burning at the gym as up to now i havent really tried and put any effort into it, so hopefully the weight should fall off meimage. I wouldnt say im worried as such, as im not over weight at the mo, but i have to loose about 7lbs to be at the weight i was when i tried my dress on lol, i know i can do it, i might not get to my overall goal of 10st but even if im in the 10's i wil be happy lol.... Im also aimning to loose my weight by the start of May os thats when my hen nights are and also dress fittings.

    Try not to worry hun im sure you look gorge just the way you are, although i do know what its like to want to feel comfortable in your self.

    So i have about 25lbs to loose by start of May, 10 weeks to go to reach my goal weight.

  • well done on your weight loss so far!! god 10 weeks seems like ages but it's all flown by! I also want to get there at the start of May

    Just had the close the kitchen door and the living room door as I found myself just looking in the fridge! not even hungry! lol

    Boo hoo I have 37lbs to lose! x x x
  • Ahh thank you. Have you just started yours or have you lost already?

    Lol, i have just ventured into the kitchen and grabbes a chicken bag out of the fridge, im addicted to them, glad its good food though hehe!!

    well done for closing the doors lol.

    Ahh you will get there, what are you doing to loose your weight?

  • lost a stone so far but when I met h2b I was 2 stone heavier than now

    lol I have nothing bad in my house anymore cant trust myself!

    Jason vales pricipals and exercise about 30mins 6 days a week x x
  • That's brilliant, well done on that, you must be so pleased.

    Lol...the best wayimage.

    Oh i have never heard of that, what excercise do you do? I want to tone up to, i have heard pilaties (sp) is meant to be great for that.

  • i'm pleased but I dont feel loads different! dont know how that works, but maybe I'm so determined to get to 9stone nothing inbetween matters?

    Wii running, exercise bike or 10min toning solutions dvd

    Got a pliaties dvd I did it omce! it's sat on the dvd player now! it was sooo hard but I'm betting you would get great results from it

    Saw in your other thread you go to the gym what do you do as part of your workout? x x x
  • I used to be like that, but now i have set my self little goals to reach rather then the whole lot if you know what i mean, because otherwise it really des seem like nothng else matters and if i dont reach the goal then ive failed, but after kinda dieting for long as i can remember lol i have learnt to dedal with this now which is strange because its one of the most important times of my life lol, but i do feel more relaxed about my weight now.

    Oh i borrowed the wii fit thing and went on the running and stuff, it was great.

    Lol, thats funny, i might give pilaties a go then.

    At the mo i do the bike, tredmill,rowing machine and cross trainer, i oly spend about 30 - 40 mins in the gym on these, and i dont work my self hard enough, but as from tomorrow ive told h2b i will be at the gym longer and coming home feeling exhausted lol, plus the longer im there the less time im time i have to sit at home thinking what to snack on lol.

  • Hello,

    I get married beginning of may and would love to lose 2 stone by then! I have also lost a stone since xmas.

    I am doing the lipotrim diet fromt tommorrow.

    Have you heard of it?

    I dont think I would lose the weigh if I dont do something as drastic as this. Beginning to panic now.
  • ye I love the wii fit!!

    your routine sounds great I think I should step up my workouts to an hour per day we'll get to target quicker that way

    I have made mini dealines foe my weight and little treats for getting there but they wont feel as good as getting to my final goal I cant wait!!!

    Have you asked your gym to put together a program for you to lose weight? x x x
  • I agree, if we both step it up a notch we should see better results!!

    I know what you mean, i just want my goal now to ha, i remember a couple of years ago id loose weight so fast, but think that was because i would hardly eat!!

    I did have a PT at the gym, brilliant and boy do they work you, i couldnt walk properly for about 3 days after 1 session lol, but i couldnt afford the fee that came with it. I have still got the programe he gave me so might start that again. im going to start going on the weights a little to as when i have a bit more muscle it burns more cals lol.

  • I know it's all to easy to slip into the if I dont eat for the rest of the day then I might lose something before tomorrow but we all know it doesn't work!

    I'd love to have someone to exercise with and tell me what to do!

    the best bit is that you continue to lose more cals after the workout as well!! x xx

    hiya jode-1984 dont really know about slimming pills- just what side affects they have! lol well dont on the weight loss so far though!! x x x
  • Hey Jode1984, not heard of that diet tbh, i used to be obsest with diet pills etc, but then i didnt think they worked very well and didnt see the point in them as you still have to follow a plan, i think the best way is to eat well / something you are willing to do for long term and excercise, but i know that there are some diets out there that are kinda quick fixers lol. Good luck on it, let us know how you get on, it might just be me that pills have never worked for.

    Yes thats true, i forgot about that bit lol, i hate working out, but once ive done it i feel so motivated and pleased i managed it ha. Yes it is good having someone to tell yu what to do, it also makes you not want to stop, because they are there watching you lol.

  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I am terrified.

    I have 8lbs to lose but it's coming off at around 1 lb every 3weeks as I don't have a lot to lose. So frustrating.

  • hey ickle_pickle are you overweight at the moment? you might not have that much to lose (we'll your body might not think you need to lose it!) x x
  • yeh, i;ve tried to break it down into smaller chunks too.

    i started at beg of jan with 2.5 stone to lose. lost 11 lb so far, but do find it really hard all the time to stick to it, and i'm worried it will get harder too. but i'd proabably be happy with another stone gone!

    good luck chick!
  • good luck honey you will do it! 11lbs is huge

    when it gets hard I try to think of my wobbly arms with my wedding dress on!
  • good luck honey you will do it! 11lbs is huge

    when it gets hard I try to think of my wobbly arms with my wedding dress on!
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I am 9st 6lbs at the moment and was aiming for around 8st 10lbs for the wedding.

    I have put on a fair bit in muscle through running and weights so that is partly it but frustrating

  • I'm very worried. But I do have over a year to go I guess. :\
  • At the moment I only have to lose about 1lb a week, however I haven't been managing that so far this year (more 0.7lbs a week!!).

    I am worried that time will slip away and I'll be faced with having to lose masses each week.

    3lbs a week sounds like quite a lot when you get closer to target it might slow down.

    Good luck!

  • I want to lose 1-2 stone by may!! I am going on slim fast tomorrow have done it before and it worked! and doing half hour of bike a day too!!x
  • tasha00tasha00 Posts: 680
    I am extermely worried about getting into my dress for the big day. I joined slimming world in july and have so far lost just over 3 stone but i have a couple more to go for my dress to fit.....i am really not sure what i am going to do if my dress doesn fit! I cant afford another dress and doubt ill have the time either....oh the pain we put our selves through.

    Its also slowing down now and i am not losing as much each week and i am not sure how to speed it up.

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