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Just wondering how many calories you all aim to burn when you go t the gym? For the last 2 months i have been going i have not really done this, i have just gone on machines for about 30~40mins and probably only burned a max of 300 per session.

So from tomorrow i have 10 weeks to get into shape and to my goal weight that im aiming to get to, i have set my target date for the beggining of May (even though i dont get married until 22nd May) because i want to be at my goal in time for hen nights / dress fittings etc...... So from tomorrow i will be going to the gym my usual 3 - 4 times a week for sure, but i will be spending longer there as i want to up my calories burnt, i think im going to be aiming for about 500 - 800 calories per work out day...........

What is everyone elses aim when they go to the gym?? How many calories do you burn??



  • Its difficult to say because the machines aren''t accurate they tend to over estimate. I know a body attack class can burn around 600-700 calories if really going for it, so it does take alot to burn that amount of calories.

    Are you dieting too? x
  • Hey Fifeywifet

    Yeah, i have looked at the classes at my gym and have ''thought'' about doing one, but i dont know why i think i just prefer to get on with my own thing lol, silly i know!!

    Yes i have been eating healthy for the past 2 months, well 7 weeks really, and have lost about 1 stone, and that wasnt really putting all my effort into it either, so now with only a few months left i need to crack on with it and take it more seriously lol. I always like to under estimate on them machines because as you say, they are not 100% accurate, i know i havent been pushing my self though as much as i could, i have about 1 stone - 1st 7lbs to loose to be what id like to be even though im not over weight now, but its just the weight i feel comfortable at.

    I might try one of the classesimage xxx
  • powvikpowvik Posts: 43

    i go to the gm 4-5 times per week, do an hour which burns bout 550 cals. ive been doing this for 5 months and have lost 2 1/2 stone, just another stone to go by July! :\)
  • Thats great Vikpow. Do you diet as well? What do you do at the gym to burn 55o cals? Well done on the weight loss. I have got just over 2 months to loose about a stone and a half maybe just over.

  • Well done on losing a stone! Thats brilliant! And well done vikpow on losing 2.5.

    The say the best way to burn more calories is to keep changing your intensity, So alternating your speed. Also doing some weights to build muscle means that you burn more calories even when not at the gym x
  • I do interval training and weights and burn about 500 calories but I work out HARD and sweat hard. You can work out your intensity - if you are doing enough your heart rate should be 220 minus your age. x
  • Thanks ladies for the advise, its amazing to know that by going to the gym and working out your still burning when you leave lol.

    bmfb - what do you do? I worked out that mine should be 196!! That seems really high lol, im gonna try it tomorrow though, i tend to give up far to easily when i could keep going. how long do you spend in thr gym and how many days? are you dieting to? xxx

  • Hiya

    Not dieting but doing Paul McKenna's I can make you thin which has really made a difference to my portion control.

    I go to the gym at least 3 x week for about an hour.

    I will email you a copy of my treadmill interval plan. I also do one 'easy' cardio workout (usually 30 mins on cross trainer doing interval or a long run about 8k). After my treadmill session I do some light weights (free weights and using the gym ball is way better than machines for toning your core and ridding yourself of love handles). I then do a hard weights and cardio bursts session... the weights means that every week I wake up after that session with a flatter tummy!
  • Hi, I've just got back into going to the gym and have been 4 times this week. According to the machines i burn around 700 calories but how true this is i don't know.

    I do 30 mins on treadmill on an aerobic workout, which is on different inclines, but i put it on a fast pace and just go for it, then i do 30 mins on crosstrainer, then 10-20 mins on bike depending on how i feel. Then i use the machines for toning. I feel amazing when i've been. I'm doing slimming world but following it myself at home. I weighed myself last monday, but im gonna weigh myself every 8 weeks so that im not obsessing about every pound. I've got 3 stone to lose, want to do it by December ideally or sooner if possible xxx
  • powvikpowvik Posts: 43
    thanks guys,

    ive been sticking to 1000- 1200 calories per day, not eating any junk food, i find weighwatchers meals and snacks really good and low in cals.

    i tend to to 40 mins on treadmill at high incline and 20 mins on exercise bike- i sweat like mad during so must be working lol!

    i also do sit ups, squats ect in the house on my days off the gym and try and go swimming at least once a week. going on hols in April before wedding ( a bit backwards i know ! ) so want to try and be at goal weight by then, im just struggling to lose it off my stomach at the moment.:\(

    vicky xx
  • I can't get to the gym at the mo but I've been going on my exercise bike and aim to burn 500 cals a sesh, 500 cals everyday for a week is a lb of weight loss (if I don't refuel after my workout!!)

  • Hi Angel,

    The formula 220 - your age is your MAXIMUM heart rate. You should never go above this as it is extremely dangerous.

    When exercising you should be aiming for about 80% of your maximum heart rate so you want to get to 157 as this is the optimum heart rate for you personally for working out.

    Sorry to butt in your post but i was worried you would be like a crazy women at the gym trying to reach 196 beats a minute !!

    Good Luck with the weight Loss
  • I go to the gym 3 - 4 times a week and according to the machines I burn between 1500 - 1800 calories. I go on the treadmill for between 80 - 90 mins and walk up the steepest incline and a fair speed, for me anyway! I think I burn that much because of the weight I am, I have a heap to lose. Lost 3 1/2 stone so far but long way to go. I also limit my calories to 1500 a day. I would suggest speed walking up an incline as for me it burns for calories than running and it really does tone u up too! Hope this helps. Kat xx
  • I just want to reiterate because perhaps I didn't make myself clear from xaledex's point.

    There are different schools of thought on max heart rate. Most internet sources use the old fashioned 80-85% of max heart rate but more recent evidence suggests working at multiple zones but having periods of 90-95% and short bursts at 100% (i.e. interval training). Once you reach 100% you go from aerobic respiration to anaerobic which clearly you cannot maintain for long periods but they help to increase your overall fitness (so a trained athlete might manage it for 5 minutes say for the 800m race). From my experience it's not a comfortable zone, once I get above 190 but my fitness has improved super-fast.

    Secondly I am not sure, despite working in medicine and having spoken to friends who are medics for professional sports teams why working to or even slightly above your heart rate is 'dangerous.'

    The department of health current recommendations for adequate exercise are 5 x week at least half an hour, 3 cardio and 2 weights sessions.

    Anyway, at the end of the day you need to find what works for you. I wouldn't recommend cardio for longer periods than half an hour at a time. I have been told by many trainers if you still have energy to exercise after an hour, you are not working hard enough!
  • Hi Ladies, I try and hit the gym 4+ times a week at the moment do 20 mins on cross trainor, 20 mins on bike and 10 mins on treadmill doing walking and a little running and apparently burn 450ish calories a pop, I work really hard and come out sweating. I was waiting till I lost more weight before I did any weights etc as I really really dont want to bulk up - hmmm maybe I need to rethink?
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