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wii fit???

Hi ladies......i get married on the 18th september and have got 3 stone to lose.....i have had 2 children and really hate my body i used to be really slim and now i am out of shape and have huge legs , hips and a really saggy tummy. i have bought a wii fit and am looking for all your advice on what game to get and which programme to follow....i know lots of you do use the wii fit so am looking for lots of inspiration . please help i really dont want to be a big overweight bride i have jus seen a picture of myself taken at a party over the weekend and i cant stop you think the wii fit can help i dont know what to do?????? xxxxxxx


  • Lyn_MLyn_M Posts: 886
    i personally dont think wii fit will help with weight loss. I see it as more of a game, even though it gets you to do some excercise.

    I think you are better with good old fashioned excercise, swimming, running, cycling and healthy eating.

    However, everyone is different and my MIL2B swears by it.

    She just uses the wii fit game that comes with it and wii fit plus, which i think is the same game but with extras.
  • I have the wii fit plus and i find it quite good as you can set yourself goals. Although i dont think you burn as many calories than if you did running or an aerobics class or something. If you have got it then start using it, it may just get enough weight off for you to feel comfortable going out running or to the gym. The only thing i find though is it takes about an hour to do about 45 mins of exercise as you have to keep selecting what you do. I havent been using my long, but it has worked and i know other people that swear by it. I also split it up so i do 30-40 mins twice a day if i can and i have set it so i burn a certain amount of calories a day and after each exercise it tells you how many you have left. Give it a go, it certainly wont hurt. x:\)
  • I love WiiFit!

    I've already lost a stone in 1 month just doing WiiFit & eating a bit better (still fitting in Chinese takeaways though!) I think just getting moving is a good thing, and I must admit I now want to consider doing some proper exercise as it does take longer to get the same burn out of WiiFit compared to running or cycling.

    WiiFit Plus is awesome as it gives you a calorie burn total thingy and it it is fun and varied (I know I get bored sitting in a gym). Plus the yoga bits really work well for toning.

    I'd say just stick with it and work out your own pattern, I change what I do on it daily just as long as I hit my calorie goal!

  • 24diva24diva Posts: 295
    I would also recommend getting the Wii My Fitness Coach, I have tried this one, EA Sports Active and My Shape and out of all 3 - My Fitness Coach is definately the best. Also have a look at FoodFocus, it is a free online calorie counting tool, it has a fairly extensive database. HTH. Good luck with the weight loss. X
  • ive got biggest loser was only a tenner online and it really has me sweating and you can do loads of different workouts on different body parts and chose the time that you do. would really reccomend it x
  • I personally didn't like My Fitness Coach as much as EA Sports Active - the thing I like about EA Sports Active is that you can do the workouts continuously rather than like on the wii fit, having to wait around for each game to start. Also if there are any exercises you don't like you, can choose not to do them. It seems to work for me. x
  • I think EA personal trainer is the best sports game for Wii. Have tried Wii Fit / Plus and that only. I see both Wii Fit and Plus as being a game more than an exercise source. I burn way way more calories at the gym. If you don't do any exercise normally though they are a good gentle introduction which will help you lose initial weight. x
  • I've just bought 'Just Dance' a few weeks ago and I would definately recommend that! I find it more of a workour then Wii Fit and it's fun too.
  • 24diva24diva Posts: 295
    I found that the elastic band on the EA active was too short for me and it really hurt my feet, it would cause my trainers to pull on the inside of my feet.
  • shop1909shop1909 Posts: 446
    I love my ea active and feel I'm having to do the thigh band up much tighter than when I started at chirstmas. I'm not sure if it's helped with weight loss but I feel more toned. I'm quite short and found the band too long though - maybe they vary in length ?
  • Quoted:
    I've just bought 'Just Dance' a few weeks ago and I would definately recommend that! I find it more of a workour then Wii Fit and it's fun too.

    I completely agree - it's so much fun and it really gets your heart pumping!

    I would also suggest walking - i started walking about 18 months ago when i started training for a charity walk (13miles!) so i still occasionally go out and do a longish walk - 5-8 miles
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