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Cabbage soup anyone???

Has anyone done this?

I want to know if any of you ladies have tried this diet and were you successful? I am on day one (I only want to lose about half a stone for my wedding in June but I want to know if this that I have a back up plan!) image



  • I have tried it and found it awful, by the end of day 3 you will be sick of it and then if you go back to eating normally it will have all been wasted. How much do you want to lose? Might be worth trying weight watchers as it works for me and everyone else i know has found it good too.
  • How weird...we were just talking of doing this in the office. Three of us are going to give a go starting 6th Mar. I think the key is to vary the seasoning of the soup, I don't mind soup so will vary the added ingredients ie chillies one day, lots of garlic the next etc.

    My brother did it for 2 weeks once (I know they suggest 1 week) and lost 2 stone. I imagine it will take a lot of will power but its whether or not you want quick results!

  • oh my gosh watch your farts and breath!! i dont know why you would put yourself through it but the best of luck to you x x
  • I eatr quite healthy and go to the gym. Just want a half a stone off...more for honey moon than wedding. It is ok so far (day2) kinda wanna detox too so i hope it works! I've no wind either! lol
  • 2 stone WOWOWOW im willin 2 give it a bash can u find the plan online? x

    i have just looked it up online does nt not 2 bad at all nt as bad as i thought it would b any way. this may sound like a silly question bt r u doin the 7 day eatin plan or literaly just eatin the soup all day? x

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    Eating soup all day won't work. You'll pass out.

    I did this a few years ago when I had terrible body image. It turned into an obsession and I wound up with a dreadful eating disorder and lost 3 stone in two months. But that was more from starvation than anything else. The initial week will help you shift any retained water first, so if you do it too far in advance you'll only put it straight back on.

    This is only worth doing as a kick start to another diet and it puts ALOT of strain on your heart. Be careful.
  • I did this diet a few weeks ago, and lost 8lb, I didn't feel hungry at all throughout it as I filled up on the soup and loads of fruit/veg when I could. I was also paraniod about getting bad wind and bad breath but didn't have either h2b got very annoyed with me asking if my breath smelt though! I would recommend it as a booster to get you into a healthy diet, whatever you do don't do it for more than the week!xx
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    Does anyone have a nice recipe? I would like to try this, but is it literally just soup for every meal?

    I think I would just replace my evening meal with the soup as I eat very healthily in the day anyway (already been dieting since Jan 1st).

    Thanks girls x

    try this, it looks pretty simple actually! I think i'm going to try it coz my seamstress woman told me I need to lose 10lbs even though my dress fits perfectly! hmph! x
  • How are you getting on jingle becks? Would be interested to know how much you manage to lose in a week. I still want to lose some weight before my wedding and am considering giving this a bash if it works - I could suffer it for a week I think!
  • Hey girls

    Right I started on Monday (although forgot to weigh myself on monday morning! Duh!) but did on Tues morning. I went out and bought all the stuff on Sunday and prepared the soup. Had loads of fruit (and a few sneaky veg like raw carrots) on the monday...but ALOT of fruit. Ate the soup twice. It was ok! Not a big fan of carrots or cabbage (in soup). Have subsituted these now in the soup. Took out the cabbage, peppers and carrots and put in brocolli (don't think it would matter to be honest!).

    I am not hungry (day two with the veg was a bit annoying in the morning so i started that day with an apple instead). Didn't take the potato either on day 2. But did eat melon.

    I'm on day 3 now (fruit and veg) wihich is easier. Fruit and veg is easir as you can have mixed salad and raw veg and fruit. I have been doing a bit of both each day to be honest. I haven't been hungery though! And unless my eyes were decieving me this morning...i had lost a lb in a day. So I reckon I have probably lost 2lb so far...I'll know better about the weight loss by fri morning I rekon.

    I did the Jason vale juice diet (7 day) and I lost a lb a day as well but must say this is far easier (and needs less effort).

    I'll keep in touch with my progress. I am talioring it to suit myself (still drinking tea and coffee) and haven't managed much water or cranberry juice yet! lol Taking multivitimin a day also. ;\)

    Chat soon! xx
  • After reading how you've got on so far - I've decided to give it a go. I'm already on SW but could do with a boost. I've printed everything off and feeling quite pleased with myself -not sure how long that will last! Decide to go shopping on Saturday and start it on Sunday - will keep going with my SW plan till then. Keep us updated on your weight loss jingle becks!
  • Just had a quick look at the recipe for the Cabbage Soup and wanted to ask about the soup recipe - are green onions spring onions, and is the Lipton soup mix available at regular supermarkets....?
  • i am starting this diet on monday. it is my birthday tuesday and thought if if i can stick 2 it on my birthday n nt give in 2 temptation i can do it any day. im quiet excited about it. i dun the egg n grapefruit diet and lost 13lb in a week. my hols r comin up in june so i want to loose a few stone 4 that. x
  • Hey girls!

    I just used normal onions and didn't use the soup mix! LOL But then again I only put cabbage and carrots in it the once! But I can definately recommend swapping them for brocolli! Much nicer!

    I must admit I wasn't overly happy when I weighed myself this morning! mmmm! Still only a pound off! was banana's and milk day! I have a bit of an issue with banana's! So I have done fruit and veg (I managed 2 banana's)...let's hope i've more off tomorrow of I won't be happy becasue that will be day 5!!! It has made me realise though the following...

    1) I won't actually die if I don't have a scone butter and jam in work mid morning.

    2) That I do eat when I am bored.

    and 3) That the windy symptoms do eventually come! Last night was terrible!

    I haven't been as strict with myself today but think that was because I was a bit miffed at only having a pound off still.

    I should mention though that I am getting my period and I ususally swell up in the chest area and feel bloated when I am getting to that time of month! Going to try and keep going! xxx

    I'll let you know how much weight has come off tomorrow .... ;\)

    Now I'm off to make soup...again! hee hee

  • aww keep gpin u av cme 2 far 2 giv up nw u neva no it mite all come off the on 7th day!! i usualy put on between 1-3 lb TOM. how long does a batch of soup last?/ x
  • It sounds absolutley disgusting! I am sure it is also not very good for you to go on such a harsh diet.
  • In fact Annie I would say that it is relatively pleasent!

    The soup is basically all veg. The remainder of the diet is fruit an veg. I have done it now for 5 days and although I have not seen a dramatic weight loss, my stomach is flat and I feel quite good. I think it is basically a detox!

    Going to try and stick to the principals of the diet....soup (which is basically weightwatchers zero point soup) from Monday to friday for lunch and some dinners and then only ''good'' foods in work. Carrot sticks, fruit..that kind of thing!

    I might try it again after my TOM has been and gone because I think it is not showing the weight loss properly! xx ;\)

    Os a batch of soup usually does 3 BIG bowls. One lunch and dinner and lunch the next day! Bit annoying but not as annoying as the jason vale juice making! NIGHTMARE!
  • I dont think you can detox if you are drinking milk as it has casien in it which sticks to the lining of your stomach

    Just watch your metabolisum after you finish as it will have slowed down somewhat take the first few days off the diet easy and stick to light meals (brown rice, veg, salad) then introduce other foods so you dont pile weight on x
  • oh just seen the jason vale comment, it just takes a little prep and a very good juicer and it's as easy as anything I loved it and still having 2 juices and a meal and some all juice/smoothie days it's not hard at all
  • Hi jingle becks - what just wondering how you are getting on? Planning to start this on Monday (although torn between this and slim fast). Going shopping today to get ready to make soup and were wondering if you'd managed to shift much weight....?
  • A girl in my office did this, and I don't know how she managed to sustain it - the food was very smelly, and she was experiencing even smellier times in the loo!

    I guess it doesn't help that I hate cabbage...

  • Oh god mrs jewel! I'm torn on this diet! I maybe just did it at the wrong time of the month???

    I din't feel hungry but I also didn't lose any weight...although I don't have much to lose....and i think at my period i carry more water in my chest etc! So more weight as such!

    I am going to keep the main elements of the mainly fruit and veg in work and soup for dinner....allowing the weekend off!

    I did have a flat stomach at the end of the wk my TOM this is unusual! mmmmmm! I'm torn! I think when i am ''dieting'' I am obsessed with food and eating...think maybe health eating is the way to go??? xxxxx :\) good luck honey!
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