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WW virgin - can you help me please?

hi ladies

i've just signed up for weightwatchers online and i'm a WW virgin!

just been reading the info on the website and trying to get my head around things.

i'm allowed 24 points per day.

could you give me some examples of what i can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

also would i be able to have the WW ready meals for my dinner for a few days til i get my head around things and still lose the weight as long as i stick to my points?

any help would be much appreciated



  • My friend did ww and lost over a stone. I couldnt get to grips with the ww points system and I went for slimfast and counting calories instead. I did lose but have since put it back on as my h2b is a bad influence and keeps buying me chocs and trifle. (I have NO willpower for trifle!)

    Sorry I can't be of any further help but I wish you every success. When is your wedding and how much are you hoping to lose?
  • Don't you have any promotions on near you for free registration at local meetings? I go to a ww group locally but never use the online facility. The magazines have recipies, as do the books you get when you join. There are loads of recipies online too. I tend to cook me the same as my OH but just weigh out my portions. I do use the ready meals though as well. Also when I joined I got an eating out guide so I could work out what I can and can't have from restaurants and takeaways. Chow mein is only 7 points, as is chicken and cashew nuts. I wouldn't know where to begin helping chick- they cover so much in the meetings x
  • WW all about portion size s as long as you stick to the weights they give you then you should be fne. Buy some books for help the eatng out one is handy x
  • linz-kdlinz-kd Posts: 2,382
    I love WW!!!

    Its all about portion size and making sure you use the correct measurements.

    I think the best thing I did was get myself a WW calculator.

    I take it with me in my bag so if I'm shopping for lunch or dinner or whatever I can see quickly how much points something is.

    I eat most things my h2b eats except I just make sure to measure my portions and calculate the points total for the meals.

    I still have my chocolate bar or ice cream the thing I love about WW is you can still have your treat as long as you point it in.

    Were abouts are you from?


  • It is ok to use the ww meals, they are quite good and it is easier to do it that way. Also Tesco light choices stuff is good as they have the points value for ww also on them. Do you have a slow cooker? You can always make stews, caseroles etc, try to pick low fat meat and lots of free veg. I make loads of them and put them in the freezer, i weigh everything before i cook and work out the calorie and fat content , add it all up and then use the ww calulator to work out the points per portion once i have portioned it all up. I make a lovely veg stew with pearl barley, a small amount of potatoes and lots of veg and it only works out to 3.5 points per portion.

    Also, to bulk up lunch i boil potatoes that are cut up quite small, dry roast them and it is only 1 point per 100g and much more filling than a pack of ww crisps or something. You will get used to it. I find it is best to work out what my main meal will be at the start of the day (or the night before) and then work the rest of the days food around it. I have lost loads of weight that way and it is so easy to do once you are in the swing of it. Look out for ww ice creams etc too as they are all quite low in points, the portions are smaller but you get the taste of something sweet without the huge calorie intake!

    Hope that helps, good luck!!!

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