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73 days and counting

Hi girls, I get married on the 7th May which is about 9 weeks 5 days image

I have so far lost 3 stone in my weight battles. I'm am currently 9 stone exactly but would love to drop another stone before the wedding so target weight is 8stone. I am only 5 ft 1..

I have my dress alteration lady in two weeks and just need some motivation LOL..

I started running but have not run since Thursday and yesterday hurt my hip so am resting it tonight..

My dress is a half zip with lace back, I am asking my dress lady to remove the zip and make it all lace back just in case I cant shift the final stone as currently I have about an inch gap on the zip that I cant close image

do you think she will manage to do this for me?

really hope I can shift of a stone before wedding

When does everyone else get married and does anyone have roughly same weight as me to lose?



  • my god well done on the weight loss thats amazing!! It is possilbe to remove the zip and replace with a corset I went to a pre-loved dress shop and the lady there said she could change it from a zip to a corset.

    and if you do shift the stone the corset and just be pulled tighter! x
  • thanks butterfly beau.. im just terrified that I go to the dress lady in two weeks and she says your dress is too small image LOL it fits really well all over apart from the tiny bit of zip.. when i pull the laces the back comes quite close together so hoping the laces all the way down will work.

    you've settled my worries about changing the zip image

    thank you..

    why is the last bit of weight the hardest to shift. it takes so much work and exercise.

  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    Hey luv,

    I replied to you on other thread but also having a dilemma as my dress won't zip up and it is a side zip so don't know if I can get it changed to a corset back image

    I have about an inch or two stopping it zipping up too grr.

  • it takes longer to work off as you get smaller cause thinner people have slower metabolisums (sp?) due to a lower demand on the body- a little more exercise should help but dont be tempted to go too low calorie wise- this should help calculate the calories you need and help create a deficit so you know how much your gonna lose each week

    x x

  • hiya ickle pickle.. im not sure about a side zip.. think your best bet would be to take it to a seamstress/dress maker and see what she says, im only removing a small zip to put in loops so not such a drastic re model.

    its an absolute nightmare when just a little portion of the zip wont close.. good luck on getting it zipped up

    Butterfly beau thanks for that website its quite handy to see their take on amount of calories.

    I hold all my weight around my middle so I am desperate to lose it.

  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    Hey hon, read your other reply too. I am the same, all my weight around my middle, no bum and chicken legs lol although the running has mega helped with lifting my bum and giving me more shapely legs.

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