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OMG just signed up to...

... do our local half-marathon charity walk in June!!! Midnight on 19th June. It's our Anniversary weekend but h2b is being very supportive!

Felt I needed a challenge to keep my fitness goals on track and I try and do a chairty thing each year and had been wanting to help a local hospice for a while as I think they can be overlooked

Bring it on!!!


  • well done good luck!! were doing the sports relief 3m race im scared!!! x
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Oooh is that the Moonwalk? I have always been tempted to do the London one myself....
  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356
    good for you hun. i know what you mean. i signed up for a 5k run. it will be such an achievement. good luck with the training x
  • Not the Moonwalk but the local equivalent though only (!) 13 miles!

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