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hello new forum user....

Hello Ladies....

I have beena member of YAYW for a few months now but usually post on general chat but found this one and thought it would be goo to talk to some people that are trying to lose weight like me! image So a little about me to introudice myself!

Im a Nikki getting married in essex on 30th May 2011 BH, im a size 24-26 and weight 21 stone and need to loose a helo of weight i would be happy with being a size 18-20 on my wedding day 16 is my ultimate goal but im setteling and aiming for a 18ish! Im currently "trying" to do the Weight Watcher diet!

So thats me, is there anyone else doing WW or who has got to loose as much as i have, could really do with a buddy to talk to who is in the same boat as me!

Hope ur all ok and weight loss is going well.

Nik xXx


  • Polaruk1Polaruk1 Posts: 722
    Hi Nikki,

    Good luck on your WW plan! I am following this and there a few other girls following it on the My Wedding Dress Diet thread by Doris. Why don't you come and join us on that thread? We are a friendly bunch and we offer tips and support as well as swapping recipes! xx
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