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what shall I do?

Hello there ladies

I'd like some advice please. Got to order my dress today and I'm a generous size 14. I want to lose 2 stone and have been saying that since last year. The dress I tried on is a 12 and doesn't do up at the back and I'm tempted to say to order the 12 and I WILL lose the weight to get into it.

The lady in the shop advised me to ordr the 14 and then it can be taken in but I think I'd like the pressure of having to lose it. I have to lose 2 inches off my hips, waist and bust in ordre for it to fit.

I get married in Nov but she said I would have to lose it by September for my fittings. What shall I do?


  • I am hoping I'll be in this situation when I order my dress in June, however I've said to myself that if I haven't lost a fair amount of weight BEFORE I try on the dress then I won't risk ordering a smaller size.

    So my advice would be to order the 14 and have it taken in.

    Do you have to order it now though? I'm getting married in December and don't have to do final measurements until June. You could make significant inroads on your weight between now and May say when she could resize you?
  • lozza83lozza83 Posts: 3,777
    I would say go with the assistant's advice. I ordered my dress in a smaller size and thought that would be all the motivation I needed, but it doesn't always work like that. Like she said you can have it taken in :\)

    I actually did order mine in a smaller size, but it is a lace up back so I could still get into it, I just didn't feel my best in it. I have since shifted about 16lbs so far and feeling great, but that's more because I just want to look my best overall and look better for my honeymoon in the old bikini!

    Is your dress a button up back? x
  • I had exactly the same, but I was told most dresses can be taken in by 2 dress sizes and still keep their shape / style, its probably best to go with what fits you now. good luck tho!xxx
  • traceyhvtraceyhv Posts: 242
    Hi thanks for the replies

    It is a lace up back but doesn't fit and there is a big gap at the moment. I have decided to order the 14 - I have just spoken to them and you and they have talked me into it. With my hips being the largest part on me it would have meant I had to lose 5 inches off my hips - as they are naturally bigger then there is always the risk that I can never lose that much off them. So have been sensible. thanks a lot

    x x
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