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    Glad you are feeling better bellbean. that is brill - great motivation. How good are you being with your eating - i tend to be eating weight watcher meals or soup and whetan bread. nimble bread for breakfast and throwing in some fruit for nutrients. OMG i recommend you try butternut squash chips - lovely - just peel it and chop it into chips, a little spay oil and about an hour in the oven - let them go crispy, does take a while as it holds alot of moiture. they are zero points at w.w. i found them very tasty and i also sprinkled a little paprika over them before i put them in the oven.

    Ladies are you all doing exercise. i am walking about 30mis a day and 10mins on power plates and 60 push ups. doing the 30 day shred just once or twice a week - i had been doing it more but was getting big man muscles on top half - it bottom half that i need to lose from.

    i am 10st 7 and want to be about 9st 10 - dont wana lose too much as i dont want dress to have to be drastically altered. hope the 11lb comes off quick.

    keep me posted ladies.

    xx image
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Hi Everyone!!!

    PROBLEM!! I've gained weight! I went on the scales this morning and i have gained 2lb, i know its not alot but i cant understand it im hardly eating and im exercising (not enough to gain muscle) im honestly gutted. My weight usually fluctuates over a weekend but yesterday i only had beef with carrots and peas for lunch and chicken salad for tea and thats it!

    I have my weigh in at work tomorrow so hope i lose it overnight! i really hope its just water or something i was expecting to lose lots especially doing low carb and exercise image

    Pleased you're feeling better bella. Cath im eating more or less same as you 3 meals (most of which i leave)and no snacks.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow ladies i'll keep you posted. I really hope its my crappy scales! xx
  • hi all , elle i ordered some tabs from the actuall trim-endous site but i called them to order and the girl Naomi at the office was great , she said i must drink at least 2 liters of water a day and must eat 3 meals a day (need to force myself if i have to) she said exercise if possible, but give them a call and they should be able to help you the number is 0845 3045494 good luck hun

    good luck all !!!
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    Thanks Emma, Pleased you managed to get sorted. Thanks for the number i'll give it till thursday and if still nothing i'll call them. I feel like im being totally dramatic as its only 2lb but it totally knocks you off track doesnt it if you have been good. I really hope its just my scales. I know i should just go on once per week but i go on about 10 times a day. xx
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    glad you better bella, is your daughter ok too? elle i know its tempting to go on the scales all thre time but try and weigh same time each day or everyother day as your weight fluctuates. maybe it is just water retention as dont know about you but i certainly didnt drink this much before! im hoping to get to 9 st 3 ish, been walking today and try to get on treadmill whenever i can but its hard to find time. i wasa doing weight resistance to try and tone up arms but ive strained my left wrist! what a weakling! oh well 10 pounds to go!
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    elle- it must be water weight or if you weighed yourself soon after you ate?? i can see why that would be disheartening!! if im honest i weigh myself loads too!!! this morning i weighted 10.7 but im always about a pound heavier later on lol!!i eat 3 meals a day (well i try to)and dont really tend to snack at the moment (as i dont feel i need to)

    i havent been exercising much but i really need to start back to the gym, after all i am paying my membership and it will help me tone up!

    cath- my daughter is alot better now thanks,how do you feel you are getting on? x
  • bellabeanukbellabeanuk Posts: 426 New bride
    OOOOOO i just checked my BMI i have 2 pound to lose and it will be healthy.....its took a long time but sooo worth it! x
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    Hey Bella & Cath thanks for your help. I hope you are right. I weigh myself first thing on a morning so it cant be the time of day. All i can think of is i havent drank enough water this weekend and my body is holding on to what fluid i have left? My stomach has been cramping all day too but i have taken the tablets on an empty stomach the past two days so its probaby my own fault, I always have breakfast but i missed it both days this weekend rushing around. Hopefully the scales will be good news tomorrow. Plenty food and water too xxx
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Sorry bella after all my moaning i forgot to say thats brilliant welldone about BMI X
  • hi all , elle think youve got ocd with your scales lol(only joking) x think were all the same when were trying to get somewere , we want to see that result but it dont just happen overnight we have to give it time , and good things happen to those who wait !!

    hope mine turn up soon !!

    keep it up girls xx
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    how did your weigh in go elle. was the 2lb just water weight. im on day 5 but havnet weighed myself form day 2 when i had lost 1lb. gona w8 to thurs and then it will be a week. i do feel thinner - hope it not just in my head. it is great not feeling hungry. i used to take shakes and feel sick, my sugar levels would drop quick, but from taking trim-endous i just dont feel like that. im just eating 3 meals and not even finishing them and 1 snack of fruit or yoghurt. def a good way to train yourself that eating less is def possible
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Haha you're right Ema i totally have ocd with the scales. I weigh myself first thing then go on millions of times randomly through out the day! Hope your tablets come soon.

    Still no sign of any weight loss but i have decided to stop cutting out carbs as its taking its toll! I have just had a jacket potato for lunch an the stomach cramps have started to ease alreadyimage Fingers crossed for a better week. xx
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Hi oekaren

    I had my weigh in at work and i have still gained 2lb since i started on the tablets. I feel like my tummy is getting better already even just after the potato. I dont think no carbs and the tablets work well together. I bet you are dying to get weighed. Fingers crossed. With everyones great results im determinded to keep taking them xx
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    hi elle, glad your stomach cramps have stopped. i think with these tablets you have to try to eat carbs etc as they help break down fat and if theres none to breakdown then that may be whats causing cramps. 0ekaren, im same as you and trying not to look at scales for week, i feel like something is happening but at same time feel bloated from all the water!
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Thanks Cath. Im think you are right as i feel so much better now. I have had my tea and touch wood my tummy is still ok. all i need now is weight loss!! Good look for your weigh inxx
  • oekarenoekaren Posts: 84
    Couldnt resist te scales this morning - lost 3lb in 5days.

    9lb to go.image
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    well i weighed first thing this morning before the water weight came back and ive lost 4lbs! i know its not true reflection as hadnt eaten anything by then but whey hey! 7lbs to go!
  • oekarenoekaren Posts: 84
    u go cath that is brill. i weigh myself 1st thing in the morning cus it is meant to be your natural and true weight. thatl do for me. when did you start the pills. i started thurs
  • hi everyone ive got pmt today , bloody postman still aint been , need them tabs cant stop eating this time of the month lol im a nightmare ,

    good going you lot hopefully ill be catching you up soon !!!

    fingers crossed everyone xxx em
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    i started them a week ago. i know the scales are telling me ive lost but i wish my clothes would too! still feel tight!
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Hey ladies

    Wow thats brilliant i bet you are so pleased. Hope yours hurry Ema hate waiting lol!! xx
  • MrsMoMrsMo Posts: 120
    Hi. I just ordered these too. Are you girls just taking 1 a day?
  • oekarenoekaren Posts: 84
    yes just one after breakfast - i dont normally drink alot of water and hate the thought of it but i have been drinking copious amounts from i started the tablets. being dry mouthed and thirsty is the only side effact iv had.

    i highly recommend them image
  • sarahspetchsarahspetch Posts: 201
    Hi ladies

    I have just started on them after reading all your comments and after 2 days I don't feel like eating my lunch which is unknown as I LOVE food, and having a two year old I usually eat all her left overs too!! Thank god I'm not a bloomin pig anymore, now I have a chance of losing some weight! I do exercise regulary but eat and never lose any weight! xx Can't wait to see if I lose some x
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Good luck sezray and Mrsmo!! Pleased there are a few of us taking these now, we can help each other. im on day 6 but not hopeful after a bad start to the week, so hoping i'll see results by the weekend! x
  • oekarenoekaren Posts: 84
    you will elle - i think you have upset your body with lack of carbs
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Thanks oekaren i think youre right. im so pleased you are all losing as it just makes me hopeful for my next weigh in. Cant decide whether to get weighed Thurs as thats day 7 or whether to leave it seeing as i messed up the first few days. Just dont want to get disheartened but dying to know x
  • oekarenoekaren Posts: 84
    go with thurs - if im honest i have a sneaky look every morning. i would never weigh myself later in the day as weight is crazy and can fluctuate real randomly. same time every morning
  • hellstaylorhellstaylor Posts: 269
    I started these tablets on Saturday and I feel great... I have the most boring job in the world and am constantly 'grazing' to kill time, since sat I'm eating zero snacks and can't even finish a normal meal... bloody getting up at the crack of dawn wide awake though!!! never mind, it'll be worth it.

    Glad to hear all you ladies are doing well. image
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Thats great Hellsbell pleased you think the tablets are really good, fingers crossed for weight loss and getting some sleep lol!

    Hey oekaren yeah i'll get weighed on Thurs and see, i really hope i have lost even if its just the 2lb i seemed to have gained. xx
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