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    I have ordered some, really hope they work for me! Have been trying to diet for a while now, but I always seem to give in to temptation, so hopefully these will help me!
    i ha
    I have been on them three days now and they do work, the only down side is the lack of sleep but am hoping that will pass.

    Was wondering if somebody could let me know what they eat on a normal day when taking these??

    Thanks xxxx
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    just got an email from ebeauty.... they had to refund me due to difficulty with thier suppliers image anywhere else I can get these?
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    I bought from here I just got a 1 month supply. Taken it for 5 days and seem to have lost 2 pounds which is unheard of for me! As long as it stays off I will be happy. Think I'm going to just take one every other day though and see if that still works. Good luck! x
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    Hope you don't mind me joining in girls - just read through this VERY long thread and have ordered mine today. Used the discount code referenced earlier in the thread and picked up 2 month's supply for £42-something. With a few months to go before the wedding, I figured I'd jump in with both feet.

    I did LighterLife two years ago and lost just under 7stone. Over the last 6 months the weight's started to creep back though so I've now got just under 2st to lose to get to my target 10.7 - I'm quite tall and found that anything less than that makes me look a bit odd. Fingers crossed these tablets give me the extra push to get down to my goal weight!

    Many thanks for all the detailed posts - knowing what's ahead is very helpful.
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    I got mine today and starting tomorrow so in true diet style I've gone mad with food and drink tonight. Do you think it's possible to lose 3 stone on these?
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    hi ladies

    just thought i would give an update. I've now lost about 9lb altogether since i started taking these. i thnik i've been on them for about 2 1/2 weeks now.

    I do go to the gym and work hard so i think the two things combined is what has made the difference. We went away at the weekend and ate out for breakfast lunch and dinner. i didn't bother with the pills as i knew we'd be eating loads and whilst i didn' lose anymore weight i did manage not to gain any which is still a plus in my book.

    it seems that you get a really sudden weight loss at first and then it slows down a bit. i think that combining the lack of food with exercise is the only way to really get good results.

    Gem x
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    Hi Gem

    I'm hoping for about 2lb a week for me to lose 3 stone fo my wedding in November. Is this possible do you think. Day 1 of taking it today and I'm starving at lunch time. Think I expected immediate results and for it to start working within a couple of hours ha. Will wait and see how I get on.

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    i don't think the tablets on their own will do it. being on it for so long would prob make you go mad too! i think it just needs to be the combination of less food and exercise. you'll also get results much quicker that way too x
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    Hey i have 131days til my wedding and the deiting is starting seriously tomorrow. I am cutting alcohol totally other than my hen night up until the wedding day and i have ordered the 30 shred dvd thats been mention alot in the forums on here. I'm going to do this without the pills for a while see how i go may use them for the last four weeks perhaps as an extra boost but may start sooner if i am not getting anywhere.

    I have told my sister about them and she has ordered some and used them for two weeks now and lost about 6lbs in two weeks so they certainly seem to work image good luck ladies x image
  • Just read this thread and have decided to get some of these as I really need a kick start to my diet with only 4 months to go! Online I have found some tablets called transformulas waistline for £25 on e beauty and then a website called trim-endous which sells 30 for £30.

    Can anyone tell me which are the right ones to buy? I am keen to make sure I get the right ones as seems to be a few out there and some are better than others!!
  • MrsWessonMrsWesson Posts: 167

    I have four months til my day too image

    My sister is getting hers direct from the trimendous website and i think this is prob best that way you know there the genuine product however i've seen a lot of people saying they get theres from ebay but as there no cheaper it doesnt really matter.

    I want to try not to use them but the way its going so far i'll be needing them lol

    Good Luck x
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    How is everyone one doing? I'm about 5 days in and trying not to weight myself yet. I dont feel sick at the thought of eating and still get hungry but am eating a lot less and getting fuller quicker. No side effects really - felt a bit sick ondays one and two but not now and sleep a little disturbed but not much - always have trouble sleeping anyway so nothing massively changed. Hoping that with eating less and excercise I can lose 3 stone by November around 2lb a week.

    Would love to hear how everyone else is getting on x
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    I have no idea in terms of actual weight lost because I was too scared to weigh myself before I started! I've been taking trimendous for a week and have definitely lost a fair amount of weight - it feels like about an inch round my waist. My work trousers were getting very tight but now they are nice and loose. This is despite me not getting the exercise regime back in place yet - I was being good before I went on holiday but haven't quite gotten back into the swing of it yet. So, goodness knows how much I'll lose when I am exercising too. Also, I'm eating a lot less but haven't actually been careful about what I have been eating so, no doubt when I have time to eat healthier too it will be even better.

    I have been feeling a bit sick on them and had a bit of a headache some days but, for a short term initial start to my weight loss they are doing wonders so far.
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    Hello ladies,

    Well mine of these arrived yesterday afternoon so I took one with my lunch but didn't notice anything different, slept fine, so about to take today's so hoping they work although I am doing 30 minutes Wii Fit and 20 minutes 30 Shed DVD per day and hope to get swimming once a week so won't know if its just the exercise or tablets or both that are helping me lose weight!
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    Pants! I've been waiting for my 60 supply to arrive from Trim-Right only to discover they've refunded me and say they no longer supply trim-endous. Anyone have any other tips on where to get hold of the 30 or 60 day supplies at a good price?
  • Katrob9Katrob9 Posts: 59
    I got mine directly from the trim-endous website. x
  • dizzyheightsdizzyheights Posts: 216
    GeorgieP, the same thing happened with me when I bought them from ebeauty so I just got them directly from the trim-endous website.

    I am on the 3rd day of time today but haven't noticed any difference so not sure if they are working or not.
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    it took me about 5 or 6 days to notice I had lost 3lbs so hang in there. I only take them every other day now but have stopped weighing myself for a while because I don't want it to become obsessive, if Im not losing any more weight I'll start taking it daily again
  • well i ordered mine yesterday so once they come il let everone know how there going i am also doing the slimfast diet but i may knock it on the head as im really struggling to keep drinking milkshakes.
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    Hi all, just thought i'd share my experience on these.

    I bought them on Tuesday they were delivered on Thursday, so have been taking them since Thursday, they DO make you eat less, normally im thinking about food all the time but no on these! since Thursday I have lost 4lbs, dont know if this is water or what.

    Only downside is that they do make you thirsty, and you feel a bit "speedy" on them, so dont know whether going to carry on taking them every day, maybe every 2nd day. Although like others ive been able to sleep fine.
  • just thought i would let you know how i got on. i thought they were a bit rubbish. i did not lose 5lbs in the first week as they stated but i have steadily lost weight in the 27 days i have taken them.

    i thought that wasnt due to the pills but the exercise i do but i did notice i had a really really dry mouth!!!! i have to say i have had a really eh?! attitude for food lately which isb't me at all i love food. this week i stopped taking them and i havent stopped eating so i think they must be working as a suppressant so i have bought some more - even if it is a placebo affect i cant complain for £1 a day!!!!!
  • Hi, I have just bought a 1 week trial off ebay and am a bit concerned. I realise that as it was a trial it mean a months supply had to be split up but as the pills have arrived loose how do I really know that they are the correct ones? They are a light brownish coloured powder within a capsule. I have taken my first one but must say I don't feel anything. I'm always so so tired and desperately wanted them to give me the energy like others have spoken about but I just done feel any dif at all and have just polished off a huge dinner!!!

    Would appreciate any advice, i do realise that its silly taking a pill that you don't know what it is but I'm desperate.

    I'm hoping that it just takes a few days to kick in????

    Well done to those that are losing xxx

  • they didnt give me any extra energy - im knackered all the time!
  • Day 5!

    Well, have lost 3lb in 5 days so all's looking good. I think in the mornings I am having more energy but by about 3pm I am seriously exhausted - I don't care though if the weight keeps coming off. The first few days I didn't think it had curbed my appetite but I think it has now so fingers crossed will still working. I only bought a 1 week trial so have just placed an order for 1 month, I have 9wks til wedding and have 10lb to lose so hopfully will manage it now.

    My only concern is that its psycological and in a few days I'll start pilling it all back on (I know what I'm like!!!)

    How's everyone else going? Love u to hear your updates?


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    Hey ladies just an update... only 24days to go. Ive been so good at the mo because of the simple fact its nearly here Ive lost 2 stone through being on these pills and have dropped at least a dress size i tried on my dress which was snug before to say the least on my hips and it was actually quite loose i was very happy and am now even more confident in my gorgeous wedding dress!! Now am looking for honeymoon clothes to feel great in! Hope everyone else is doing well xxx
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    where can i buy these from if you could let me know what the web site is called that would be great.
  • MrsR2B2MrsR2B2 Posts: 139
    Kirsty_woo - WOW 2 stone! Thats great, have you done this with just the tablets alone or exercise / diet etc also? Just would like to know as holz in 8 weeks and wondered whether worth carrying on with them or not.

    Ive now been on them around 3 weeks now and have lost 9lbs, just due to eating breakfast then not being hungary till dinner, not been able to exercise as have a cast on as broke a bone in my foot!

    mrsho - heres a link to the website i bought mine from

  • kirstyboneykirstyboney Posts: 105
    I do go to the gym maybe twice a week and because they obv suppress your appetite I just dont find myself hungry and because the wedding is in 3 weeks Im stressed so just generally dont fancy anything! I would recommend these although recently I have found they do wear off almost so if i get hungry i eat small amounts and then feel full again!! If you have 8 weeks i would say keep at it although im still a size 10 I feel happier as im not so self consious!! xx
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