Help and advise on reducing my carb intake and confused already...

Hmm, so it seems that i really do not know anything about dieting!

I've been doing SW on and off for years and yes it works but in my case i've picked up a few bad habits.

I found this weight loss web site that has told me how much cals i should be having based on my height and weight and by deducting 500cals how i should lose 1lb per week.

I wanted to start today and thought i was doing really well untill i've just put all my food diary into the mix and altho i'm not up to my cals for the day yet i've gone well over the recommended carbs already!!!

I never knew a banana and an apple could have so much! Is this right or am i not working something out here????

Please help...I've seen loads of girls post that they aren't even eating carbs - How is that even possible??




  • Hiya,

    I am also doing a similar diet. It's a website called MyFitnessPal.

    I also go over carbs sometimes. I usually go over sugar and sometimes protein.

    I find that I still lose weight as long as I keep within my calories. It sounds like you are eating healthy (the banana and apple!) I think most of the numbers are just a guide really. Unless you are going way over every day then I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    I hope that helped a little image

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    I think when people say they have 'quit carbs' they actually mean bad carbs like white pasta, white rice, bread, potatoes. Ive given up these bad carbs for short periods before and they do help you lose weight and less bloating, but I wouldn't worry about fruit etc. Everything in moderation is best! x
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    Gotcha - Thanks ladies!
  • manjula1manjula1 Posts: 77
    hi Lucy_lu

    I'm doing Atkins at the moment which limits you to only 20g carbs a day. While you probably don't want to go that low, really the key is to eat mainly:

    Lean Meat - any kind

    Fish - any kind

    Low calorie vegetables - eg cabbage, leeks, onion, cauliflower, asparagus. Try to avoid higher carb veggies like sweetcorn.

    Its pretty basic stuff, but the weight is falling off me doing it so far. Let me know if you want any more tips xx
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