got to shift the weight

hi ladies

I am getting married in July 2011 and would like to lose 2 stone.

I had my first baby on 30th Nov, and i have been following weight watchers half heartedly and lost 3 stone now (bearing in mind i put on 2.5 in pregnancy!!!)

Have fallen off the wagon big time the past couple of weeks though so need to get back to it. Think I'll go to a weight watchers meeting now my wee boy is a bit bigger and will settle easier.



  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    Good luck hun - i get married next year (hopefully depending on funds) and joined a Slimming World class tonight with my MIL2B! 3 stone to lose xxx
  • tbird82uktbird82uk Posts: 50
    Hi guys,

    Ive just booked my wedding for 28th April 2012. (Little way off).

    But im really worried. People who are getting married in 2012 some have already got there dresses. I really dont want to even go dress shopping until i have lost alot of weight.

    I started my diet 2 months ago, which i have lost 12.5lbs. But the last few weeks i have really not been sticking to it.

    Im a size 16 in most things and 5.2.

    Im so excited about my wedding but this part of it is really getting me down.

    Im 12.11 at the moment and i really want to be 9.5 so ive got loads to do.

    When do you think i should start dress shopping. what weight do you think i should be ? x x

    Please help anyone image
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    Hi hun

    We haven't even set a date yet - we are hoping to get married next year in Gretna Green but depends what dates are available (mid week wedding so hopefully more choice) if not it will be 2012. But I was going to get my dress end of this year, and like you want to be at goal weight. I think most shops say 6-12 months in advance?? xxx
  • TRy not to worry Bernardi2b, Kelly2011 is have plenty of time to get your dress. Alot of people get their dress too early and then end up having major wobbles about it or buying another one! If I was you Id aim to start looking in about September..that gives you plenty of time to lose more weight and feel better about yourself. Im 5ft 2in myself and our ideal weight should be no more than 9st can keep losing weight though even after initially looking for your dress..they don't like to do final alterations until about 8wks you have until february really..loads of time image
  • tbird82uktbird82uk Posts: 50
    Thanks guys,

    I think i just let it get to me sometimes and esp for a wedding with the photos you show family, friends and even your childrens children hopefully one day so i really dont want to look to bad.

    At the end of the day I guess I am planning so far ahead so it is doable plus i have longer to save for a really nice dress. whoop whoop. win win situation image

    Dont suppose does anyone know a rough idea on dress prices x x

    Thanks again guys
  • veryhappymrsveryhappymrs Posts: 1,374
    BERNARD12B - I wouldnt start trying on until 12 months before- maybe see how your weight loss is doing in a years time and start trying some on then, and in the meantime look around to magazines etc to get an idea of the styles and designers you like.

    Dress prices massively vary from designer- from around £500-600 to £2000 upwards. When I was looking many seemed to be £1000-1500, I think 'average' is about £1200 but it really does depend on the designer and the materials etc.
  • tbird82uktbird82uk Posts: 50
    Thanks Happymrstobe.

    Good to get some ideas on prices just really dont want to go into any shops yet.

    Cant get over the price difference. its mad. But i guess they know people will pay it x x
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