do you think if you did that lipotrim diet for 1 week would you put the weight back on straight away. i am 10st 6 and just wana lose 10lb and im dieting and exercising and it aint going any where lol image


  • Hey, Im not sure..but I have a friend who did it for ten days and afterwards stuck to exercising and healthy eating and he kept the weight off..he lost 2stone in the 10days!!! Though he did have alot to lose. He said it was awful though..felt tired and faint but he thought it was worth it as in the end he has kept the weight off and has a healthy lifestyle now. I think it was just a quick start for him before making bigger changes. Apparantly it tastes disgusting too..but hey ho..its only short term. Its my last resort..he spurred me on to get some so I have a fortnights worth in my cuboard ready for when I hit a wall! image
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    I don't think lipotrim is to be used for what you want to's for seriously overweight brother lost 5 stone on it and has kept it all's not supposed to be very nice celebrity slim or slim fast, they'd be better for what you want I think ...if you need something extreme that will work and is pretty easy to stick to do atkins....I lost about a stone in 3 ish weeks....didn't stay off though x x x
  • This is true, you do have to have a BMI thats very high but you can go into a chemist that participate with the lipotrim programme (check on their website) and they will let you know whether its suitable for you. They also monitor your weight weekly/fortnightly for you.
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