Useful tips for losing weight!

I used to model when I was younger. So weight was always a big issue for me. I tried hundreds of different diets, but my weight kept coming up and down. After years of messing up with my body, I finally found a way to stay skinny and healthy. Here it goes:


You are allowed to eat carbs early in the morning. So take advantage of it! Make yourself a wholeweat low fat cheese sandwich, a piece of fruit and a glass of juice. Or coffe if you like, use splenda instead of sugar.


Any meat you like. Fish, chicken, Beef, Pork. These are all proteins so they won't make you fat! But do try to avoid having any of these fried. It could be baked, steamed, grilled...

Salad: mostly raw salad. Avoid eating cooked veggies like boiled potatoes, carrots...try to have just raw salad for luch

Dinner: you can have the same that I mentioned for lunch. No carbs at all..

NO soft drinks at all! And if you feel like craving for candies, just have a spoon of honey. You can also have one or two candies a week. BUT just in the morning and no later than 10.30 am

Allow yourself a SIN DAY: It could be Sunday. On this day you could have ONE of your fav meals...

I am just 50 kilos or 100 pounds.I get to eat what I like every now and them and enjoy life while losing weight! You could lose up to 1 or 2 kilos each 3 days if you do this. Good luck!image


  • xmhairixxmhairix Posts: 563
    When I was younger I could have modelled pies I recon image

    Thanks for the tips although seems a bit deficient in a few vitamins which can't be good for the body and maintaining long term? And I don't agree that you can't get fat from eating protein's in the form of meat, eat enough of anything and you can (trust me)image
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