Anyone else feel this way?

I'm starting to get a bit depressed with my diet! Its not the actual diet thats the problem - I really like the food, and am never hungry, plus its working, but its just that sometimes I feel like i've got so far to go!

Since Christmas I've lost 22lbs, going from 11'3 to 9'8, but I still have 19lbs to go, which feels like so much

I've been so good at sticking to it, but I feel like noones really noticed that i've lost weight yet - I'm desperate for someone to say how much better I look.

I know its just because being on a diet means that its all you think about (or for me it is), but I just feel like I'm starting to struggle!! image

Anyone else feel this way? xx


  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    Yep...I feel like if I can see the diff why can't H2B, and why doesn't he mention it....???? Wouldn't hurt to just say something (even if he didn't mean it lol) just to keep us motivated....22lbs is amazing....well must look much much slimmer....unless you're 3 ft 6 there will be nowt left of you if you lose another 19lbs....but I get this off people all the time...I need (want) to lose another 19lbs, but everyone says there is no way I can and I'll be too slim and I'll look ill etc's not what you want to hear is it....I have lost nearly 3 stone over the space of about 3 years.....but hey we should be doing it for ourselves and not will look and feel absolutey gorgeous on your wedding day...keep it up x x x
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