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Start cambridge diet on friday

need a diet buddy - i've lost 2 stone by healthy eating and exercise in the last 8 months but since Christmas weight loss has slowed down to 1-2lb a month image

it's time to step it up a gear and do the Cambridge diet - is anyone else doing it or gonna start it soon so we can report to each other daily or whenever how we are doing?



  • Im umming and arring aboutit, im on WW at the moment but im not seeing any change, going to do it for another month or so and then if its stll the same switch to something else.

    Let me know what its not sure if id have enough will power to do it xxx good luck
  • Hello, i've been doing CD on a off for about 2 months and lost 23lbs with another 23lb loss required to get into my dress in august eeeeeekkkkkkkk.

    I have totally lost my motivation though and am sick of shakes! But I really need to get going again otherwise I will have nothing to wear on the big day. Scary thought.

  • thats brilliant badgerclosefive!

    come on ladies - we can do this i weigh 11 stone 5 now i'm size 14 and i really want to loose 1 stone and 5 lbs.

    healthy eating just isn't enough to shift it now.

    i get married on 6th august but my last dress fitting is on 24th july so that is my deadline

    i am going out tonight for my 'last supper' and i have got all the shakes etc from my consultant last night. It should deffo save money because i was getting through a serious amount of fruit, veg and muller lights!!!!

    I had my dress fitting this week and i really want to see myself size smaller - we can do this together - lets keep in touch on here everyday if we have to!!!

    whats everyones favourite flavour? my consulatant said try halfing the shakes in 6 a day to stop you feeling the need to snack. Anyone got any more tips.

  • Hello, Well I a weight about 12st 10 and am a tight size 14 (I am 5ft 9" which helps!) I need to be about 11st 3lbs to get into my size 12 dress on august 21st!

    It scares me that i won't be able to do it, but retsrtaed CD today and am going to try hard to get down to 12st and then I may switch to WW but i'll see!!

    I tend to have all my shakes later in the day as I find the evenings are where I fall down!

    Ideally I'd like to get to my target for middle july which Is when I have my hen night and is a month before the big day. I'd like to be sure it will fit in time lol!!

    I do feel everso anxious about it all but I have the most lovely dress and refuse to buy a different/bigger one!

    I will try and keep on this thread but haven't worked out how to bookmark threads or get emails from threads yet lol!

    Oh and as for tips, I use a big tumbler for the shakes and fill it to the top with water which is more than the instructions say but it tastes okay and means I consume more water lol!

  • HI Ladies,

    What is the Cambridge diet? Mostly what foods?
  • Hi lily,

    There is no food with cambridge lol. It is 3 milkshakes a day and loads of water. It's very low calorie but the shakes have everything in you need to be healthy. It's good for quick big weight loss but to be honest, something like WW is better in the longer term.

  • I'm on the diet.....but been cheating for the last month and only lost 8lbs.

    HOWEVER, it's now May. I am size 16, ordered a size 14 dress. Ideally, I would love for that dress to be taken down to a 12. As I'VE NEVER been a size 12! So that would be soooo exciting. I am seriously going to be motivated to stick to it. It is hard, but i know it will be worth it in the end....and love lookng back on my photos. If I stick to it 100% now, then hopefully I would have lost 2 stone (possibly two dress sizes) for July....which will be the first time I see/try on MY dress. I know it sounds silly, but i bought a 1 litre bottle. And once I've drank it all (fill it up at 7am lasts me til 12ish) I then re-fill it and drink it all throughout the rest of the day. I know walk to work and back which is 45mins walk there and back...I'm trying to some bingo wing exercises too. And I (silly part) bought a travel toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash to take with me everywhere as if i have a craving, ill clean my teeth or have mouthwash and i no longer want that food.
  • Here i go then day 1 of the cambridge diet!!!!

    This morning i'm gonna try the original porridge then for lunch i'm having a carton of chocolate velvet as i'm out today getting some permanant lashes fitted! then tonight i think i will try a vanilla shake but have it in 2 sittings 1 at about 5pm then the other at about 9pm when i usually start to feel peckish!

    I'm feeling positive today about it as i'm hoping this time next week i will be at least 3lbs lighter

    how much did everyone else lose on their first week?

    i'm gonna try the toothpaste trick it's true you never want to eat when you just brushed your teeth.

  • Just copy paste and add yourself at the bottom, we can do this if we are honest with each other and spur each other on and stick together!!!!!

    Week 1 -

    IanStuartDress 11 stone 5 size 14 goal weight 9 stone 13

    badgerclosefive - 12stone 10 tight size 14 goal weight 11 stone 3

    Lulutrixiebelle - size 16
  • sure, im size 16, 12 stone and my goal weight is 10 stone size 12.

    I lost 8lbs in my first week, gained 2lbs in second week and then lost 3lbs in third week. Stayed the same in 4th week as ive cheated...and won't know properly how much i weight until my weigh in next week as now i am sticking to it 100%.

    Today i had my choc orange shake (cold) and one pint of water....
  • Week 1 -

    IanStuartDress 11 stone 5 size 14 goal weight 9 stone 13

    badgerclosefive - 12stone 10 tight size 14 goal weight 11 stone 3

    Lulutrixiebelle - size 16/12 stone goal size 12/10 stone
  • ok so i had porridge this morning - rank or what???? cross between baby rice and wallpaper paste!!!!!

    had to hold my nose to have it, and it was so bad i even did a little bit of sick.

    just had a choc mint shake for lunch - not as bad but still yuk - hey ho no pain no gain!

    on the plus side i haven't felt hungry!
  • I've not felt hungry today too...and have stuck to it 100% - still have about 1/2 litre of water to go, but its gone very well. im proud of myself. I did crave beans and jacket earlier, pizza at a split second. But apart from that, I feel like i've won today not the food cravings.

    I used to love the choc mint shakes (I did this diet about 3 yrs ago) but now i dont eat dairy, so have to have lactose free stuff. And out of the lactose free I like my choc orange warm like a hot choc, or cappochino blended it ice (tastes a bit like starbucks flappochino) but the others are gross. I hate the soups.....vile. SO i am happy to live off hot choc orange and cappochinos blended with ice.

    I think the thing is with this diet, you'll either love it, or hate it and there is alot of experimenting involved.

    Have u found drinking water ok ianstuartdress?

    Lu image
  • hi

    i've had alot of water today probably 3-4 pints cos i was a bit worried i would get some side affects - headache, fainting etc

    just made the kids tea - it was only nuggets and chips as they have friend round and i'd have grabbed a couple of chips normally not many but tonight i had to walk away.

    every time i go in the kitchen i want to have a couple of grapes or similar - i love food and even though i normally eat healthy i don't go many hours without popping something in my mouth!!!

    Hunger is calling now think it's time for my final shake - vanilla. going to have it in one go as i'm thinking it's gonna be minging like the other 2 i've tried image

    all in all a good day and i'm feeling positive that this time next week i'm gonna be 3lb lighter at least!!!
  • Week 1 -

    IanStuartDress 11 stone 5 size 14 goal weight 9 stone 13

    badgerclosefive - 12stone 10 tight size 14 goal weight 11 stone 3

    Lulutrixiebelle - size 16/12 stone goal size 12/10 stone

    Right okay, i've bought a new batch and am going to start a fresh on Monday (as we are out to lunch on sunday!). I will reweigh then lol!

    Does anyone know if I can subscribe to follow this thread??

  • i don't kno if there is a way of following this thread, sorry. But i'm happy to add people on facebook if its easier to follow, and stick to it all together?

    Well, i'm very proud of myself. I have had 3 x cambridge, 2 litres of water and just had a black decaff coffee as i was feeling hungry, but now i'm ok, and thinking of getting an early night as i'm tired. I will log in 2moro night and let you know how my day has been.image ni night.

  • Me too (FB)......I will update when I start on monday!!
  • Well my name is Lu Dorey - i think im the only one on there.
  • Lulutrixiebelle I've just friend requested you x

    Had cappuccino shake this morning - it was ok - just wish the flavour wouldn't repeat on you so much during the day - keep burping and it stinks lol!

    feel really proud of myself getting through yesterday and i'm positive for today
  • Thats brilliant!!! well done..... image

    I think we will sail's been much easier than I thought, but to be honest, i think the support has help me through the days.

    Our friends have invited us out for breakfast at frankie and bennies sunday (we do this regulary - every month at least). It will be weird not eating when they are all scoffing themselves image But..... thinking of my beautiful dress!!!!! I WILL sit there with just water.......(might take mouthwash with me if it gets too much) lmao. Lu
  • Thanks for the reply Badger made me giggle lol not sure I could do the shakes eek!!!
  • Lulu i've requested you as well - ISD - can you find me from hers lol?! I am busy troffing everything in site this weekend but from monday - shakes/water/desperate measures lol!!

    Lily - lol lol !

  • chocolate shake for breakfast and 1/2 litre drank!

    chocolate shake was actually ok still gonna stick to the cartons next week

    weighed myself this morning (shouldn't have really) and little disappointed that i only have lost 1lb - image should be pleased really as this is only day 3 but i think i was hoping i was going to lose more but it's ok if i lost that every 2-3 days it would be good. in fact it would be great!

  • Couldn't resist weighing myself again this morning

    whoop whoop! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    so excited i've lost another 2lbs!!!!!!!!

    so worth not eating lol!

    i can't believe my scales say 11 stone 1 lb!!!!!!

    won't want to weigh myself again in case it goes up image

  • hows it going? x
  • i'm at 10 stone 10 but have changed the diet slightly as i was getting so bored not eating - i have 1 meal a day and 2 shakes so it is slowing down but i'm happier this way.

    i've also lost 3 inches round my waist so i'm proper happy and wearing size 12 & 14 clothes!!
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