anyone doing the dukan diet ?

just started the dukan diet yesterday and wondered if anyone else was doing it too. i did weight watchers for ages and lost lot but kept putting it back on as soon as i stopped and as the dukan diet is a diet for life thought i would give it a go i started yesterday weighing 10 st 3 and in the dukan book it says weigh regular in the 1st 3 days as the loss is dramatic well i had lost 4 lbs this morning really chuffed. anyone fancy joining me image

claire x


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    oooh, can you tell me more?! i've been hammering the gym but was mortified last week to find i'd put ON 4lbs! feel a bit hard done by! I think I'm what's considered a healthy weight for my height but i am a lot happier and comfier when i'm slimmer...
  • I think this sounds interesting.

    Is this unhealthy?

    M x
  • hi no its not unhealthy the book explains it all it consists of 4 phases

    phase 1attack which ive just started can last between 1-10 days you do whatever you feel you need dr dukan reccomends 5 if you have 20lb to lose which i do. all you do is eat pure protein for the amount of days you decide to attack for dring 1.5 ltr water a day including tea coffee and sugar free drinks and have 1.5 tbsp of oatbran a day. You should lose about 7lb on average on this phase

    Phase 2 is the cruise phase you do this until you get to your target weight. i will alternate pure protein days wih protein vegetable days which dukan reccomends but you can do 5 pp to 5pv if you prefer

    phase 3 consolidation is introducing fruit and carbs into your diet gradually have at least 2 pure protein days a week and 2 celebratory meals a week (whatever you like) do this for 5 days for every 1lb you lose. This is supposed to stop you gaining the weight when you begin to eat normal again

    Phase 4 stabilisation which you are supposed to do forever to stay slim is 6 days a week you eat as normal and on thursdays you have a pure protein day

    the facebook group is great everyone who is doing the diet is raving about it if you have any questions ask away.

    claire x

  • Hi Claire,

    Thanks for that explanation above!

    Well I have ordered the book from amazon and I had a long chat today with my dr about it this morning. I have alot of medical problems and changing medication, the Dr was happy with me doing this she said it will be good for my metabolism to get it back to what it used to be! Anyway she said start the attack phase on Monday and I have to go back to see her a week today to be weighed again!

    How much weight have you lost so far? are you finding it easy to follow being so restricted? Can you give me an example of what you have eaten in an average day in the first phase?

    lol sorry for all the questions!

    M x
  • hi im actually finding this the easiest diet ive ever done and have tried them all today is day 3 and havent even thought of cheating and just made h2b steak and ale pie and chips and wasnt bothered. the good thing is the food you can eat is unlimited so your never hungry i find crabsticks are great for a snack but make sure you have lots of foods in the fridge dukan friendly. just made some vanilla moist cakes with lemon drizzle today which are dukan friendly not tried them yet but will let you know how they taste. the facebook group has lots of recipes too good luck. i lost 4lbs after my 1st day will weigh in tommorow morning which will be 3 days and let you know

  • ooh forgot to say my motivation is knowing after ive lost my weight this time apart from protein thursdays i will never have to diet again i should in theory be slim for life image
  • Hello again!

    Soo fill me in how is the weight loss going?? Well today is my first day of protein only had boiled egg and a few slices of turkey! now I need to head off to buy my food in for the week feel positive but the Dr said I mayt experience headaches and fatigue so just drink drink drink so water needed but its really warm so I will be doing that anyway!

    hope its going well!

    M x
  • hi well ive an initial setback with mine im retaining water which has never happened before so going to pick up some tablets from boots tommorow still going to persevere though as am finding it realy easy not cheated once. day one i lost 4lbs day 2 gained 2 lbs day 3 stayed the same day 4 and 5 lost a 1lb per day so total of 4lb in 5 days of attack which is still great but im a brat and wanted 7 lol. Just started the cruise phase today so weight loss will probably slow down now. i must admit this is the easiest diet ive ever done hope it all goes well for you keep me updated image

  • Hello again!

    well today was my first day of the attack stage had a very sore head but I drank loads and loads of water and this seems to have helped. I actually feel more energetic than I normally would and the book says that it can leave you fatigued? I think it will be ok to keep this up knowing that this stage is short then I can later add in some veg lol I will be glad to have salad leaves!

    I stepped on the scales and my weight fluctuated up and down all day up two pound then down 4 then up again I have a stange fluctuating body!

    I am going to wait till Friday when I go to the dr to weigh myself because I think it tends to make me frustrated when I see the scales move like that!

    hope you are doing well! image

    M xxx

  • lol the fluctuating will be the water i suffer headaches too when i dont drink enough. i think thats the only thing dr dukan is wrong about he tells you to weigh frequently i cant get out the habit of weighing daily and lost another pound yesterday and really enjoyed my veg image

  • I am doing the right thing by drinking to help the water retention? I don't get it the scales haven't changed but today I got up and could move my belt tighter to another hole I am confused!! image but image lol I am tempted to ditch the scales and wait till I am weighed by the dr on Friday? Also I think I will feel like I am having a big mac when I start eating veg! ahaha!

    Have you made the oatbran pancakes yet? I am a bit wary of them? I have a bad intolerance when its comes to wheat and it is usually recommended to avoid oats when you have this problem I just don't know if I can eat them I am a bit nervous? Are the pancakes an absolute must? or are they more to help you fill up?


    thanks for your replies I feel like I am not doing this alone!

    M x
  • well from everything ive read in the book and on the facebook site the oatbran is a must i didnt like the pancake thought it was too heavy i think oatbran is different to wheat so you might be ok. i had my oatbran in the vanilla moist cakes for a few days today i just tipped it into fat free natural yoghurt with a bit of lemon flavouring and sweetener was really nice. ive carried on drinking and making sure i go to the loo a lot and seems to be helping my water retention but im going to see if i can get some pills from boots to help with it. a few people have said the same about not losing weight but losing inches which i think is the best image
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    i have just ordered the book and been on the site after reading what you have said hopefully it will work for me! x
  • its brill kittykins even though im retaining water im still losing will let you know tomorow how its going my 7 day weigh in in the morning good luck i will say its a fairly easy diet to follow

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    I have been doing this for about 6 weeks and have lost a stone. I also agree it is really easy to stick too, which is great, but i also agree that the weight will fluctuate, one minute you are down 4lbs and the next you have put on 5lbs!. I am sure it is to do with the water.

    As for the oatflakes, I have not bothered with them as I don't really know where to buy them - help???

    Sounds like you are both doing well so far so keep us informed of your progress!
  • hi sorry for the delay in posting my 6 year old daughter broke her arm badly and i had to stay in hospital with her for 2 days after her op. Well my weigh in on day 7 i had lost 6lbs image but day 8 & 9 cheated as was in hospital but am back with it today. jessica i buy tescos own oatbran its about 90p a bag its with the porridge oatsand healthy foods like muesli. a few others i spoke to use mornflake sold in sainsbury and holland and barratts do it to i think its hard to find something if you dont know what it looks like though good luck everyone how are we all doing xx
  • Im on the dukan diet too!! I lost 6 and half pund after my 4 day attack Im now on the cruise stage but not alot happening at the moment. I know it can fluctuate at this point though so sure results wilo show eventually! I do definately feel like this is a diet I can stick too and the thing that spurs me on is the fact that after the consolidation phase I can go back to eating what I like (sure it will be alot healthier than before!!) and only have to do protein only for one day!! Think more and more people are becoming aware of it now I would just like the recipe book to hurry up and go on sale so I can try some new ideas!!image
  • jessicam33jessicam33 Posts: 73
    How is everybody getting on with this?
  • danielle54ukdanielle54uk Posts: 405
    I have just started this diet - good to see there are others here on it and everyone seems to be getting on really well with it!

    I've done 2 days attack but not bought the oatbran yet - will go out and get it tomorrow image
  • I am thinking about starting this on Monday, have tried just about every other diet out there and am hoping that I get good results with this. Will let you know how I get on next week.
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    i started this on thursday and loving it, really not hungry! although think if i eat fish anytime soon i might chuck up as was only thing we had in the house for the first few days! i weighted myself this morning and had lost 4.5lbs so very happy!

    dont think i have ever looked at veg this way before though! had a bbq last night with a load of mates, was making a salad for them all and i was more fussed about missing out on that than the choc pudding they bought round! the weight loss def keeps you motivated though!!
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    Hi ladies - Will this give me a quick fix???? I desperately need to get into my dress for my cousin's wedding a week on sat, only got a few inches to squeeze into it and so i thought a low calorie option might help me but how does this diet work???

    If anyone could point me in the right direction for a 2 week plan that would be great!!!

  • danielle54ukdanielle54uk Posts: 405
    I started on Thursday and am finding it a walk in the park so far. First day of cruise today and really looking forward to some mushrooms!

    haven't been hungry at all though and have lost 6lbs - in less than a week.

    I know that's mostly water but it's a nice kickstart all the same.

    Does anyone know if quorn is allowed?

    x x
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    so glad I have found this thread, I posted a q on this last week as was considering it but didn't get any replies image(

    I decided to give it a go anyway, started last Thursday and have lost 1/2 stone so far on the attack phase - chuffed!! Am going to keep going with the attack phase for a few more days then back onto veggies....don't think I have ever missed salad this much! haha

    Finding it easy to follow though, don't really get hungry and am drinking tons. Have only had a v bad headache on one day and it was a day that I skipped breakfast as was so busy and literally ate 2 pieces of chicken all day so serves me right really.

    I've got the book and it's handy. Some v useful info re nutrition and how nutrients & fats are absorbed into the body etc. Plus of course how to follow the diet and some good recipes.

    Will update in a few days & keep posting ladies so we can see how everyone else is doing! xx
  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    Hi all,

    I started this today (I think)

    Could someone have a look over my food today and see if i've done it right??? I'm a bit concerned over tea which i haven't eaten yet so if anyone's there to stop me please do!!! image

    So far i have had:

    B/F - Porridge????

    Snack - Oatcake

    Lunch - Low fat cottage cheese with lots of grilled chicken

    Drinks - Coffee/Tea with skimmed milk, diet drinks.

    Tea - Pork kebabs - Pork marinaded with low fat yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, cumin and coriander??????

    Any help would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh the facebook discussions page says no pork, DAM IT!!!!
  • hi ladies nice to see more people have joined us not been on for ages as my daughter had an operation and we had to stay in hospital i only restarted yesterday.

    lucy lu79 sorry nope no pork you cant have normal porridge either only if its made with oatbran and skim milk and also no oatcakes either sorry hunn also you can lose weight and inches really quick but this diet is meant for a lifestyle change (or so dukan says lol)

    danielle quorn is allowed not sure how much as its made from mushrooms but its deffinatly allowed

    keep up the good work ladies will keep everyone updated image

  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    Grrr, I didn't have the pork thank god but too late for the porridge and Oatcakes.

    Is it really important for the Oatbran then??? I could try and get some today but i've tried the largest Sainsburys by me and no avail, any other ideas?? I think we have a health food shop locally, but not sure if its still open tbh!!!

  • I am on my 2nd day with the dukan diet, however I woke up during the night last night with a splitting headache and had real trouble getting a proper sleep. As a result I feel dreadful today and with hardly any energy. Do you think this is just as a result of my body getting used to not having the carbs?

    Also, if you are eating chicken, can you eat a rotisserie chicken provided you take the skin off the chicken? (just trying to have quick and easy things that I can snack on!)
  • mrsstewart you do get headaches and dizzy spells for the 1st 2 days days its before your body goes into ketosis(sp?)on day 3 where your body burns off stores of fat instead of the carbs you would normally eat. something like that anyway lol. rotisserie chicken is fine if its skinless. how are you ding i lost 3lb 4 oz in 2 days so far this time round image
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