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Colonic hydrotherapy anyone?????

Hi everyone.

Just wondering if any of you have tried colonic hydrotherapy??? I have heard that it has lots of benefits including kick starting weight loss. I am very tempted but its expensive and I am SCARED!! xx


  • MossumMossum Posts: 650
    I've had it. Didn't lose any weight. It is not a terrible experience, but I felt uncomfortable physically. The water coming into my stomach felt like waves of period pains to me. Probably wouldn't have it done again.
  • zena555zena555 Posts: 102
    Thanks Mossum. Did you feel any other benefits afterwards? x
  • I had this done years ago and loved it, i didnt weigh myself but felt amazing afterwards, I do have toilet trouble and made me feel cleansed, I would do it again in a minute if I had the money
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