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Buying a dress too small???

Hi girls, just wondering if anyone else has done what I have just done!!!

I am a good size 18 at the moment - having had a baby in December and currently suffering with a slipped disc. I have just bought my wedding dress in a size 12 (corset back which will go to a 14 on the top) and I am now starting to feel a bit worried.

I have ages and ages to go as the wedding isn't till May 7th next year but I know how times has a horrible habbit of creeping up on a girl.

Has anyone else done this???????


  • im a sixe 16 and ive bought a size 10! wedding not til may 2012 though so plenty of time too, you can do if you really try hard.....good luck image
  • MrsmcsweeneyMrsmcsweeney Posts: 852

    I was an 18-20...and I bought a size 14 dress (and even then it comes up a bit small)! Ive lost 2 stone 2ib since about March and am now about a size 16..I want to lose another 2 stone by my wedding at the end of 6 months to go! Eeek! So you aren't alone..part of my weight was baby weight too. I'd say get cracking as soon as you can and get yourself into healthy habits, it'l definately be worth it in the end. Having your dress in a smaller size is a definate incentive..theres NO WAY am I buying another this one HAS to fit me!!! image Good Luck!
  • MrsNorth2BMrsNorth2B Posts: 132
    I was measured as needing a size 14 dress (was wearing 14-16 sized clothes at the time) and I ordered a size 12 dress. I have lost a stone and know the dress will fit but am planning on losing at least another 7lbs before my fitting. H2B is a chef and eats whatever he likes without putting on an ounce, I am not so fortunate and love my food, H2B is also home before me most days so usually cooks dinner so have always found it really hard to be motivated to lose weight - ordering the dress a size down definitely motivated me and it's worked!! image
  • It will work if you make sure you loose the weight NOW and DOnt put it off. I bought two beautiful size 12 dresses when I was a 24. I have lost 5 stone and now wear a street size 14. With 6 weeks to go, I paniced and went trying dresses on. I bought the perfect dress and I dont care what size the label says - it fits beautifully and makes me feel like a princess. I prob will loose about a stone in the final weeks but its a corset and my final fitting is a couple of weeks before so time for panic adjustment if it needs it. I will prob get into those size 12 dresses by the time of the wedding but i just couldnt cope with the stress - I eat more when stressed and the diet wasnt going well at all.

    It will work if you have the will power to change things NOW. Dont think - its in two years or wahtever as thats what i did and although i am very close to getting there, the stress just ruined the experience. Loose weight now and then spend time toning. You wont have last minute weight loss to worry about too. good luck
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