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Poss TMI Alert! Anyone else struggling with constipation?!

Delightful I know but it is an onogoing issue with my dieting

I eat plenty fibre, sometimes adding soluable fibre supplement, drink plenty water and still my body hangs on to food like a three year old with their fave toy! The worst thing at the moment is sometimes it appears I have not lost weight or even gained but then once the plop situ is resolved I HAVE actually lost a pound or two! So frustrating

Have used Senna to 'clear things up' but it is happening regularly now and I don't want to overuse the senna and get a 'lazy gut'

ANyone suffering the same or have any advice???

Sorry for the grim topic!


  • Hi Kit99Kaye,

    I share your problem!!!

    The only time I seem to become regular is when I crack on the diet or have a night of binge drinking!

    Suggestions from anyone would be appreciated, I'm planning on going on the Dukan diet and having pure meat for a week may totally block me up!
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    I have the same problem.... Again, a night on thebooze also helps me. I also find limiting bread helps a bit, I do better with muesli etc in the morning and avoiding sandwiches etc for lunch. Lots of veg and loads of water (I aim for 3l per day)

    hope that helps a bit, you're not alone!!!!
  • Kit99KayeKit99Kaye Posts: 673
    Yeah booze actually gives me 'funny tummy' these days (I'm such a lightweight compared to my student days!)

    Also sometime a big fat chinese takeaway does the trick but it's on my 'good days' I struggle!

    Thanks for the honest support girlies

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