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Happy Bride's Weight Loss Support - August 2010

Welcome to July's support group! Everyone is welcome to join us at any point. The basic concept is that each month I will post a new thread and we all post our daily diaries (food, drink, and exercise) for the day before and then every Monday we post our weight also. Once a month when the new thread starts I will do a comparision for each of us.

Current posters are:

proud2bmichaelswife (aka Aileen) - married on 14 May 2010

WineWoman - 2.5 months to go until wedding on 16 Oct 2010

elasrofton - 3 month to go until wedding on 29 Oct 2010

Lisa1981 - 3.5 months to go until 13 November 2010

moogirl (aka Zoe) - 4.5 months to go until wedding on 18 Dec 2010

missyj - 11 months to go until wedding on 25 June 2011

littlered - 11 months to go until wedding in June 2011

We also have Nickij01 (aka NJ) who pops on as often as she can to support us and will be rejoining our group fulltime soon. NJ is currently adapting well to being a mum of two!




  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899


    Wedding Anniversary - 14th May 2010

    Height - 5'6"

    Starting weight (w/c Nov 2, 2009) - 10st 3lbs

    Current weight(w/c Aug 2, 2010) - 9st 4.1lbs

    Weight loss for July 2010 - 0.6lbs (0.5% of July start weight)

    Weight loss cummulative - 12.91lbs (9.02% of start weight)

    Overall aim - 9st

    Aim for September 6, 2010 - 9st


    Wedding Date - 16th October 2010

    Height - 5'2"

    Starting weight (w/c Jan 25, 2009) - 9st 4lbs

    Current weight(w/c Aug 2, 2010) - 8st 6lbs

    Weight loss for July 2010 - 0.7lb (0.6% of July start weight)

    Weight loss cummulative - 16.0lbs (12.32% of start weight)

    Overall aim - 8st

    Aim for September 6, 2010 - 8st 3lbs


    Wedding Date - November 2010

    Height - 5'7"

    Starting weight (w/c June 7, 2009) - 14st 9lbs

    Current weight(w/c Aug 2, 2010) - 13st 9lbs

    Weight loss for July 2010 - 5lb (2.55% of July starting weight)

    Weight loss cummulative - 14bs (6.83% of start weight)

    Overall aim - 11st

    Aim for September 6, 2010 - 13st 1lbs


    Wedding Date - 18th December 2010

    Height - 5'6"

    Starting weight (w/c Sept 28,2009) - 11st 12lbs

    Current weight(w/c Aug 2, 2010) - 11st 13.8lbs

    Weight loss for July 2010 - 0.2lbs (0.12% of July start weight)

    Weight loss cummulative - 1.8 GAIN
    (craparony! Least it's smaller than last month by a tiny bit!)

    Overall aim - 10st 7lbs

    Aim for September 6, 2010 - 11st 7lbs...eeek!


    Wedding Date - 25th June 2011

    Height - 5'6"

    Starting weight (w/c July 19,2010) - 10st

    Current weight(w/c Aug 2, 2010) - 9st 12lbs

    Weight loss for July 2010 - 2lbs (1.43% of July start weight)

    Weight loss cummulative - 2lbs (1.43% of starting weight)

    Overall aim - 9st

    Aim for September 6, 2010 - 9st 8lbs


    Wedding Date - 25th June 2011

    Height - 5'6"

    Starting weight (w/c Aug 2,2010) - 11st 6.5lbs

    Current weight(w/c Aug 2, 2010) - 11st 6.5lbs

    Weight loss for July 2010 - n/a - first month

    Weight loss cummulative - n/a - first month

    Overall aim - 10st 7lbs

    Aim for September 6, 2010 - 11st 2lbs


    Wedding Date - 29th October 2010

    Height - 5'9"

    Starting weight (w/c Aug 9,2010) - 10st 13 lbs

    Current weight(w/c Aug 9, 2010) - 10st 13lbs

    Weight loss for July 2010 - n/a - first month

    Weight loss cummulative - n/a - first month

    Overall aim - 10st 2lb

    Aim for September 6, 2010 - 10st ??lbs

    I think this might be a first for the Happy Brides - everyone of us has had a loss!!! Granted some (like mine!) are very small but heck a loss is a loss...long may it continue for us all!!

    Good luck for September's targets!
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Feel a wee bit guilty posting this after a bad week...8st 5.5lbs, so -0.5lbs....
  • LisaB1981LisaB1981 Posts: 280
    Zoe you've just scared the beejesus outta me. Its scarey to think I've got roughly 3 months to go till I get married. Oh my god, I think I need another drink!! image

    Anyways weighed in this morning at 13.6 which I'm happy with, infact I'm delighted considering I wasn't that great over the weekend.

    Saturday night we went out with friends for an indian meal and drinks. I was disappointed to see that once again the restaurant didn't have diet lemonade, sprite zero, etc so I decided that I'd have 3 vodkas and that would be it. Normally I get them in a tall glass but just had a wee glass to reduce the amount of lemonade I'd be drinking. I used to drink vodka and coke all the time but I was always sick. I thought it was the vodka obviously but after I cut out the coke I was absolutely fine so couldn't face that again. Drink wise I know August is going to be a bad month. I've got a week away all inclusive so we're going to take full advantage of that and then the weekend after we come home we've got a charity night and also a birthday party so will be drinking then. After that its September and my aim is to cut down on the drink as much as possible, if not completely until my hen night. We'll see how that goes.

    Yesterday's aim was to work of the indian meal from the night before. I went for a 2 hour brisk walk with friends and the dogs and then after that I cycled around 15 miles. It was a lovely night so I thoroughly enjoyed it.


    B - Philidelphia Snack (119)

    L - Cajun Chicken Wrap (440) Skips (97)

    D - 1 piece veg pakora, 1 chicken pakora, 1 chicken tikka cube, South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken (?) 1/4 naan (?) Shared millionaire shortbread with Richard

    D - 2 small bottles Irn Bru (250), 3 vodka + lemonades, 2 pt diluting juice

    E - none


    B - Philidelphia Snack (119)

    L - 3 Ice Poles (100)

    D - Chicken Tikka Kebab and shared Chips + Cheese (?)

    D - 3 pt diluting juice, 1 lt water, 1 glass blackcurrant + lemonade (100)

    E - 2 hour brisk walk + 15 mile cycle.

  • missyj2010missyj2010 Posts: 600
    Hi Girls,

    Just a quick note to say I missed a load of your posts when I put mine up yesterday evening - my laptop at home does that sometimes, so I hope you didn't all think i was being incredibly rude by completely ignoring all your posts!

    Anyway, at work now so will write again later on - i didn't manage to get near the scales this morning as have been bitten by midgies over the weekend and the bites seem to have become very inflamed, they're driving me absolutely crazy. i got up and tried to make an appointment to see the doctor this morning - was almost in tears, but they can't see me til 16:10 - I'll have gone crazy by then!
  • akaladykakaladyk Posts: 238
    I would love to join! I have been waiting for Aug to start after reading July.


    Wedding Date - 29th October 2010

    Height - 5'9"

    Starting weight (w/c Aug 9,2010) - 10st 13 lbs

    Current weight(w/c Aug 9, 2010) - 10st 13lbs

    Overall aim - 10st 2lb

  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Hi girls,

    I will do the me me me bit first then move onto your this morning I was 11st 13.6lb which is just a measly 0.2lb off this week...which basically the 0.2lb I gained last week so overall I have maintained for the past fortnight which is pretty junk considering I have so much to lose! Still I am REALLY pleased I have not snuck up to 12st again which is something I guess. I have set myself quite a difficult (for me!) target for Sept which I am a little scared about but I feel I need to buck-up and get losing. Had a good chat with h2b in bed on Sunday morning (got laptop and looked at wedding readings, etc..ended up staying in bed until 1pm just talkin about loads of things!). Anyway I was mentioning that we both need to lose a lot before the wedding and he said he doesn't understand why I haven't be losing as I have been exercising more and eating okay (I can't remember the last time I had cake!). I know I didn't do enough exercise this week...none at all this weekend so I suppose that was my failure. On the otherhand I was ill earlier in the week and didn't eat nearly enough so how come I can't even lose weight when I am ill?!

    Alright enough questioning - here's to a good week ahead for us all! I am feeling positive!

    Welcome to Elasrofton!!! Lovely to have a new member again - quite a few recently which is fab! I have added you to the July results so I have all your info for the Aug results.

    Lisa I also think you were 100% right to change your BM dresses. I am glad you posted the pictures because when I read your post before looking at them I was thinking that the bright dresses could still look okay in Scotland depending on your theme etc if you tied them in. However, they are really summary in the picture and they would look a little odd in Nov in Scotland! Your new dresses are lovely and I am sure you will sell the old ones no bother. What an emotional day for you family though. I hope the minister gets back from holiday soon so you can finalise your date! I didn't mean to scare you with your post - it comes around fast eh?!?! I am sure you will get everything organised and sorted out in plenty of time.

    Did I post your results wrongly or did you lose 3lb this week?!?! Well done either way! Fab result - you are over 1st lost since starting with us now which is wonderful! Well done also for doing so much exercise on Sunday to make up for your Indian meal out image

    Missyj midgy bites are awful - poor you. I guess the doc will give you an antihistamine (sp?!) or something. The oral ones are good (hayfever tablet Claritin has it in them so is a good back-up!). I don't miss them at all! Though we have mozzies which bite just as badly, not to mention sandflys which give the worst bites. I didn't think your weekend was disasterous. Not really awful food considering you were hungover and yes you had a few drinks too many but you knew you were going to because it was your last weekend of freedom so to speak. You did alright really so don't beat yourself up about it. Sports broadcasting huh? Must be interesting and challenging.

    Aileen that's really weird the site reverted to your old name!! Your catch-up with your best friend sounded lovely and relaxing. Had to laugh at your marriage romance being the weekly shop - nice to know things don't suddenly change post-wedding image

    Winewoman don't feel guilty for posting a loss after a bad weekend. How great is that?!?! Just goes to show how odd our bodies are sometimes though to be fair you did exercise and I bet your diaries weren't that bad at all (except the booze lol!) I won't be in the UK again until just the week before the wedding unfortunately but your Glasgow meet-up is a great idea so I hope a few of the girls can make it. Funny there are so many of us with at least a few ties to Scotland on this thread!

    Your shoot sounds are so brave doing that but you went in with the right attitude and it paid off as you now have brilliant photos as a results. How on earth will you narrow the 200 down to 20?! Also I am with Aileen - how did you manage to keep the surprise for your h2b? They sounded really professional and knew what they were doing with angles and lighting and everything...amazing experience and your h2b will love it!!

    Anyway diary time for Sunday...

    B - skipped as stayed in bed chatting too late

    L - bacon sandwich (2rashers of bacon grilled with fat-trimmed)

    D - pork, 2 large roast potatoes (roasted in olive oil) and lots of veggies, dannon low-fat yoghurt

    S - 10cal jello

    D - around 2ltrs of water

    E - none - ooops

    Good luck to everyone still to post their weights!



  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761

    Really quick from me as I'm just waiting for h2b to come in before having dinner. Welcome to Elasrofton, always nice to have new people join us. I like the idea that you were watching during July and now joined in for August!

    Congratulations to everyone on the losses this week- great stuff! Zoe remember all losses big & small are to be celebrated. Your h2b sounds like he's being quite supportive, do you think it could be portion sizes you need to check? Seems like you have been better at sticking to your points lately and the exercise definitely helps you.... sure NJ will have some good pointers for you next time she's on!

    Aileen, I really hope my boudoir story does give you the confidence to go for it! honestly, I am so proud of myself & my body looking at those photos, I know your hubby will love it as an anniversary present.

    Missyj... arrgh midgy bites are a nightmare! Sounds like you are really suffering so hopefully the GP was some help. Just a shame you had to wait all day for the appointment, you are more patient than I am!

    Lisa, if you lost 3lbs this week then you are in fact superwoman! Well done! Also very impressed that you decided to burn off that indian, very inspiring as I am out for a curry tomorrow so will try to take a leaf from your book and really go for it with the exercise on Weds...

    Hopefully I didn't miss anyone out, h2b just home now so quick food diary from me....

    B- muesli, yoghurt, strawberries (250)

    S- mango chunks (100)

    L- 4 marmite rice crackers (120) cottage cheese (150) handful tomatoes (30)

    S- apple (50) small cookie (50)

    D- rice noodles, pork stir fry (550)

    D- 2.5l water, 4 cups tea (100)

    E- 45mins spin class
  • akaladykakaladyk Posts: 238
    Thanks for the welcome image

    I had my hen last weekend and put on 4lb in 2 days - it took me 3 weeks to lose it so I am slightly disheartened as I go on holiday for 10 days next week! But I am going to stick with it as time is creeping away!

    Have a good day ladies xxx
  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Hi girls,

    WineWoman you are quite right - losses big and small are to be celebrated. I just hope the small ones add up to something big for me eventually image H2b is very supportive. He has much more willpower than me in terms of the goodies (if it's there I will eat it!) and he is more determined to cook good meals no matter what time we get home whereas I am always starving and generally get in a can't be bothered mood! I am lucky. Though of course he has his enjoying pie'n'beans for his lunch on Sunday gone (sooo wanted some!) and loving sausages (though he doesn't get them often)...and then there is alcohol...he drinks a fair bit of beer on Fri nights and is always the one to suggest the bottle of wine if we are out of dinner. I guess I try to counteract his excesses and he mine. At least that is the theory - sometimes we just play off each other and end up binging and overdrinking image

    I think my portion sizes are okay overall but I don't use my scales anymore to measure somethings...the batteries died and I looked everywhere for them but cannot find them on island! I will pay more attention to that this week though thanks.

    Your diary for yesterday was fab. How did you learn to count calories...I mean I get it for packaged food because it is on the label but if you are making a stir-fry for instance how do you know what cals there are?! I am pretty useless at that and not all together sure I want to start knowing but maybe I should...

    Elasrofton I think your hen weekend is a good reason to let go a little...I bet some of those 4lbs will fall off quickly especially if it was a boozy hen as it will just take time for everything to work its way out of your system (sorry if TMI!) What did you do for your hen anyway?! It is always disappointing to realise how easy it is to put weight on and how hard it is to get it off..believe me I have been up and down 10lb for the last year and am back at the mid-way point roughly. It sucks. Your holiday will at least provide motivation for the next week. Where are you off to? Also I am uber-jealous that you are getting a holiday so close to your wedding!! Are you still going on honeymoon post-wedding? If so how many holidays to you get a year lol!! I am in the no break until the wedding phase at work at it's so depressing...I cheer myself up by looking at the wall calander opposite my desk which has all my pre-wedding, wedding and honeymoon leave blocked off - yippie!

    Alright diary for Monday

    B - an 80cal 0fat raseberry yoghurt

    L - 2 slices of wholegrain bread with 2 triangles of laughing cow light cheese

    D - sausage casserole with lots of veggies and portion of mash (finally used up the sausages we got for bbq but didn't eat - h2b grilled them on GF and then put into casserole with the veggies...I had around 2 of them)

    S - another tunnocks tea cake (see what I mean about if it is there i will eat it - willpower is very lacking when at home!!)

    D - about 1ltr of water (not enough of course!)

    E - 1.5hr yoga class...very knackering one it was too!

    Hmmm sorry for the commentary with my diary..not really necessary I know!


  • missyj2010missyj2010 Posts: 600

    Oh have had the worst couple of days - got some antibiotics yesterday as these bites have turned really nasty. On the plus side I slept really well last night so felt a bit more human today. Jumped on the scales this morning and as far as I could see (and this is my issue, I can't read them properly!), I'm still 9st 12 which I feel okay with considering I wasn't able to exercise much last week and ate and drunk like an animal at the weekend!

    In a mighty quick response to everyone I just want to let you know that I am reading all your posts - Lisa I think you're so right to go for the new bridesmaid dresses - they look stunning by the way, and I really hope you manage to sort things with your minister on Sunday. Crossing everything for you.

    Winewoman your shoot sounds sooooooo amazing and you sound so brave! I bet you felt on top of the world! Officially a hottie!

    Zoe your Sunday morning sounds absolutely perfect! See, I could have been doing something that nice had i not had such a hangover!

    Welcome welcome welcome to Elasrofton! This group has made all the difference to me and helped my find a new attitude towards food - I hope you find it as helpful! Bet you had a fantastic hen do! And now you've a holiday to look forward to as well! Am so jealous!

    Okay, I must just quickly post my diary for yesterday before leaving the office!


    Breakfast - Branflakes with skimmed milk

    Snack - Blueberries

    Lunch - Half tub of broccoli and stilton soup

    Snack - Blueberries

    Dinner - Chicken kiev (peppercorn sauce) with steamfresh rice and veg, extra peas.

    Snack- 1 Ginger nut, one slice soreen 5 fruit loaf with olive spread

    E- 50mins cardio 10 mins weights

    D- 4L water 4 cups tea
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Really quick as... Oops in pub!

    Zoe, re calorie counting we just started working it out whenever we cooked something new. So 1tbsp oil = 120, peppers 25... Etc. Lots of weighing stuff out! But it did really help me 'get' what a portion actually is! Before I started I'd regularly have 125g pasta (judging by bowl size, didn't weigh stuff then!) when a portion is actually 75g... Now I can guesstimate because it's so ingrained... Yawn
  • Hi ladies! And welcome to elasrofton!!

    Congratulations on everyones losses (big and small!) and to missyj for maintaining. There were lots of ups and downs last week so I think everyone has done very well.

    I weighed in at 9st 4.0lbs so an amazing 0.1lb loss! image Woohoo! Not much but I know I've definately put some muscle on due to hitting the gym (my backside is noticably firmer...even I noticed, not just hubby!) and lost a bit of flab from my boobs and belly! Sorry if TMI!!! image After a long conversation with Michael I'm starting to accept that I've been a bit too preoccupied with my weight as opposed to body composition...Winewoman, I remember you saying something to that effect not too long ago! So I'm still trying to get to 9st but I think when I get there I'm going to stop worrying about my weight and go by how I feel, the fit of my clothes etc . Hope that makes sense! image

    Missyj - hope your feeling better soon, midges are awful little blighters!

    Elasrofton - not long till your big day! Have you started dress fittings yet? Looking forward to hearing all the details of your hen do! Its a once in a lifetime thing so dont feel bad about a little weight gain.

    Zoe - so glad you've stayed below that 12st mark and you've got the determination to keep on losing. Maybe all you need is the belief that you can and will do it...positive mental attitude etc!! I know you can do it and now that time is becoming an issue, you WILL do it image xx

    OK, food diaries...


    B - handful of muesli

    S - grapes

    L - sultana bran

    D - poached chicken breast, peas and salad with tbsp low cal mayo

    S - low cal moose

    D - 1.5L water, 2 cups green tea, 2 cups decaf

    E - 5km run, 1 long walk, approx 5hrs sailing


    B - muesli

    S - grapes

    L - sultan bran

    S - low cal choc moose

    D - omellete with ham, peas & 100cals low fat cheese

    D - 1.5L water, 2 cups green tea, 1 cup decaf

    E - 45min exercise dvd


    xx image xx
  • missyj2010missyj2010 Posts: 600
    Hi again,

    Just come back from my first aerobics session in 2 weeks and i feel better than I have done in absolutely ages! I must have been raring to go because my friend actually commented that I was putting her to shame, particularly because I was doing it all whilst sporting my bright blue knee band! I think my antibiotics are also starting to work, although the bites still look and feel really nasty. I just hope I have a good night sleep again tonight like last week.

    Aileen - good for you with that peachy bum of yours! hehehe! you go girl!

    Okay, just a quick post as want to put my diary on for today before heading for a nice soak in the bath!


    B- weightwatchers rasberry yoghurt - running very late for work

    S- Blueberries and few cherries

    L- Half tub of welsh stew - lamb and lots of chunky veg, small clementine

    S- yet more blueberries and cherries

    D- Omlette made with 2 eggs small portion grated cheese, 2 slices wafer thin ham (23 cals each), and baked beans

    S- One slice Soreen fruity five loaf with olive spread

    D- 3.5L water, 5 cups of tea

    E- 60mins beachbody workout.

    Over and out for now!xxxx
  • LisaB1981LisaB1981 Posts: 280
    Zoe - yup 3lb this week. For the past 2 - 3 weeks the scales have been showing quite big losses half way through the week, normally a Friday morning but then my weekends have been killing the losses. So perhaps I wasn't quite so bad this weekend and thats why it was 3lb. Not sure really, but I'm happy anyway.

    Missy - your midgey bites sound blooming sore. I dunno why but I hardly ever get midge bites. Perhaps they don't like the taste of me or something. Have you tried Skin So Soft from Avon before? Meant to be great for repelling midges I think.

    Elasrofton - firstly what does your name mean? I've been trying to work it out but without success. Also, where you going on Holiday? I go away for a week on the 16th. I'm sooooo looking forward too it. A week of doing nothing - well thats the intention anyways.

    Aileen - I can definitely associate with becoming too preoccupied with your weight. I am sometimes embarrassed about just how much I talk about it, particularly at work but then most of the woman I work with are on constant diets so its easy to get carried away with it. I'm trying to not get too sucked in because it isn't good for me. The past few weeks I was weighing myself every morning. Last week and so far this week I've been good. Last week I only weighed in 1 extra time and I've not been on the scales since Monday this week.

    WW - gonna take some of your advice about portion control, perhaps I'll get the scales out more to weigh things.


    B - Philidelphia Snack (119)

    L - Mexican Chicken Oval Bite (390)

    S - Pineapple Cake (Monday treat imageops: )

    D - Tomato + Mozarella Pasta (500)

    S - Mini Twister Ice Lolly (45)

    D - 3 pt diluting juice, 1 lt water, 500ml Coke Zero

    E - 1 hour Body Pump


    Slept in so no time for breakfast.

    L - M & S Nacho Chicken Wrap (270) Grapes (60)

    S - Milky Bar with raisins and biscuit (190)

    D - 6 chicken dippers + 2 mince pancakes (500) Mini Twister Ice Lolly (45)

    S - 2 ice poles (80)

    D - 3 pt diluting juice, 1 lt water, 1 bottle pineapple juice (150)

    E - 20 mins crosstrainer, 2 mins treadmill, 5 mins weight machines.
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Ah well its 4am and I've been awake since 2am... not quite sure why, lots of wedding bits churning over in my head so decided just to get up and sort through the 'to-do' list. Ticked a few bits off it, like picking up the rings which we did at the weekend (I have my engagement ring back, woo hoo!) so starting to feel a little better now. Hopefully I'll get sleepy soon....

    Quick diary for yesterday:

    B- 2 toast marmite (300)

    S- clementine (25) apple (50)

    L- salad with 100g cottage cheese, small tuna pot (350)

    D- about 75g rice, chicken keema curry, half a nan (no idea on this one- lots!)

    D- 3l water, 1 diet coke, 4 cups tea (100), half bottle wine (400)

    E- 60min brisk walk
  • akaladykakaladyk Posts: 238
    hehe my user name is not for sale backwards, my parents have it as the name of thier house.

    Going to Bulgaria next tuesday and cant wait! 9 days woo hoo. I have to keep on track with the diet though while I am there....I have to swim everyday ahhhhhhhh
  • missyj2010missyj2010 Posts: 600
    okaaaay, stepped on the scales this morning for a sneaky check up and was 2lbs down! I just can't trust those scales, but luckily the pair of digital ones which I ordered have been delivered this morning, so I can check them out later on!

    Just wanted to add to yesterday's diary that I had a bowl of branflakes before bed - I was so hungry after aerobics!
  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Morning girls,

    Wednesday already - I can't believe how quickly this week is going!

    Lisa I'll say it again - well done on your 3lb loss. How great is that?! I read your weight and saw the results weight from last week and though - did she really lose 3lbs..and you did...yipppie! Good for you!

    Winewoman thanks for the tips re cal counting. I miss my scales as was using them a fair bit so must go on the battery hunt again this weekend - it's so difficult just to buy two meesy cicular batteries here!!! I got those portion pots of Rosemary Conelly's site a year ago so I use those for things like pasta and rice and then I try to judge the meat portions. I don't think I eat waaaay too much but sometimes I know I have too much on my plate. Poor you waking at 2am. It's horrible when you can't sleep - I was similar on Saturday night. Did you get back over or was that you up for the day? You'll be exhausted tonight! So pleased you got your engagement ring back - must feel very odd without it!!!

    Aileen well done on firming up your bum image It's fab if YOU notice as well as h2b - that's when you know it's worked when you notice it yourself as we are our own worst critics. Michael makes a lot of sense re your preoccupation with your actual weight. You are already at an ideal weight for your height and really a few pounds up or down shouldn't matter the main think is how you feel and how your clothes fit. I guess it will be quite hard for you to change your habits though and I am going to assume that you are a bit nervous about stopping monitoring it so closely for fear that it might increase without you noticing?! However, those fears are unfounded as I think you are conscious of your shape and will automatically know when you have put on the extra pounds. I hope that makes sense!!! As an example of what I am rabbiting about...I was around 11st yonks ago (like over 3 yrs!) I didn't really notice the weight I was gaining (though in hindsight I should have noticed!) and I didn't weigh myself for a year or more (yes really!) and surprise surprise I'd put on 1.5st! I just wasn't paying attention but now I can't imagine being in a place where I would *notice* that I was gaining so much weight because I am more in tune with myself.

    Thanks for your kind words - I am trying to keep a positive mental attidue but flipping heck it's hard sometimes. You girls keep me going and at the start of this week and over the weekend when I felt myself getting down about it all again I made sure to unload onto h2b and he kept me positive too. And yup time is VERY much in shortage now so I MUST keep going....

    Missyj way to go with the aerobics class!!! Good for you and it looks like it paid off...though I am going to play "mum" give you a telling off (this line is a favourite of NJ's but since she isn't here I will step-in...)....weigh yourself only once a week. Only weigh on Monday's and not any other days. Your weight naturally fluctates (water retention, food, etc, etc) and it's better to track week on week that daily, etc, etc. You know the score. It's REALLY hard not to weigh in so much though I know - I have found myself weighing every day but now I try to limit it to Monday's only and maybe one other day just to "check-in" though I never pay attention to that weight. Lisa it sounds like you are trying to curb the scales habit too and just to once 'check' between Mondays - well done for last week and this week. It is hard girls but we aren't to get too preoccupied with the scales between our Monday weigh-ins - we know what we need to do during the week and will find out on Monday if it's worked! Anyway that's enough of me being bossy image

    elasrofton that is so cool - I would never have figured out it was notforsale...I was wondering what your name meant to so glad Lisa asked. Bulgaria will be fab - swimming every day sounds like a good plan image

    Alright diary time for me....

    B - apple

    L - wholewheat pitta with salmon and spinach

    D - 4 small lamb chops, about 2 tbsp of rice and lots of veggies

    S - curly wurly (2pts worth and I had more than enough - soooo good!!!)

    D - 1 green tea, 1.5ltrs of water, small glass of diet coke

    E - 45min spinning class and 10min warm up on own before hand.

    Spinning was a killer. I actually thought I would throw up which isn't really a good thing!! I think yoga yesterday was a lot of leg work and mine aren't very strong so I already felt a bit week yesterday (eg climbing our stairs at lunchtime, etc) so the climbs at spinning nearly did me in! All for a good cause though image

    I also did 10 tricep dips last night before bed just to "try" them out...h2b laughed and said I need to do more and suggested 3x10reps to start with. Those and reverse dumbbell flys are suppose to be good for bingo wings and back fat - well that's what I read on a post on this forum! so I think I will try to do those every other night at least to help my flabby arms and getting a bit worried about them in my dress...though not sure why since I practically live with my arms on show outside work outfits!!! (I wear lots of vesttops and sleeveless tops due to heat here) Anyway I'll give it a go.


  • missyj2010missyj2010 Posts: 600
    Zoe, I'm in stitches, because I know you are sooooo right! The bad news is that when I tried the new scales at lunchtime, they read differently - I was actually 4lb heavier! so that's it now - I'm not checking again til Monday, I promise! image

    I'm starving today for some reason. really starving. I've eaten okay so far:

    B-Porridge + semi skimmed milk

    S- Few blueberries and cherries

    L- Half tub stew as yesterday + 1 small clemantine

    S- Banana

    I've got aerobics again at 6 o clock, think i might have to have a small something to keep me going before I head there. But I haven't felt this hungry for a while!
  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Ohh I hate those starving days missyj! They are horrible and if you are anything like me you find it REALLY difficult not to constantly think about your stomach. Your diary looks fab so far though! Have a healthy snack before aerobics to keep your energy up and stop you being utterly starving afterwards...if I get like that my willpower slumps and I end up overeating simply because I was sooo hungry I didn't reognise when I was full and kept eating. Not had that sort of day in a while thankfully.

    Did you place your new scales in exactly the same spot as your old ones? I know my floors are all tiled and I have to place the scales on exactly the right spot or else they can give different readings. I am a bit OCD about it now as the top of the scales must be in line with the top of two particular tiles and then the left hand side must line up with the grouting of the left hand tile but not be on it just right at it...very scientific image

    Anyway don't worry about the change and just see what Monday brings...
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Zoe, I am the same with spinning, come out every time feeling like I might throw up any minute! You are right hun, you have to stick at it now because time is precious...

    Aileen woo hoo on the bum comments! Always nice to be appreciated. Your h2b & Zoe are very right that you need to focus more on how fit you feel because you are such a healthy BMI now. I am a bit the same, work colleagues now keep saying 'don't lose anymore' and I kind of agree but just want rid of the last bit of wobble image

    Missj, laughed at your scales dilemmas! Good advice re only weighing in once per week (plus one sneaky extra if you really can't help it!)

    elasrofton- what a great name! I would never have guessed that one...

    Well unsurprisingly I am knackered, far too tired to bother with the gym and just going to veg out and watch the footie tonight before catching an early night. Pretty boring but that's weekday life round here!

    Diary for today;

    B- 2 toast & peanut butter (400)

    S- clementine (25)

    L- salad with tuna & beans (300) yoghurt (100)

    S- apple (50)

    D- homemade burger & salad, bit too much low-fat mayo (600)

    D- 2l water, 4 cups tea (100)

  • missyj2010missyj2010 Posts: 600
    am sore sore sore today after aerobics last night, didn't even know that I could ache in some of these places, but I guess that's good! I also went and brought myself a pair of cool new trainers yesterday evening, so there'll be no stopping me now!

    Complete diary for wednesday:

    B-Porridge + semi skimmed milk

    S- Few blueberries and cherries

    L- Half tub stew as yesterday + 1 small clemantine

    S- Banana + 2 slices wafer thin ham (23cals each) before aerobics

    D- 2 mini southern fried chicken fillets - (190 cals for both) and loads and loads of steamed veg - peas, carrots and sweetcorn. 1 piece of dairy milk chocolate and 1 bite of h2b's toast and jam!

    E- 60mins legs bums and tums

    D- 4L+ Water, 5 cups of tea, 1 glass squash.

    Feeling a bit shaky this morning, but wonder if that might be down to the antibiotics? Had special k and skimmed milk for breakfast.
  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Hi girls,

    WineWoman I am glad I am not the only one that feels like throwing up after spinning - still I am oddly looking forward to going tonight! No wonder you were tired yesterday. I hope you had a nice lazy evening and managed to catch up on your sleep.

    Missyj the shaky feeling might just be down to low evergy levels due to the antibiotics and your injury and then working hard at you were hungry yesterday and I always have low energy levels on those sorts of days (maybe hormonal thing?) Hope you feel better later.

    Well girls yesterday I spend time doing up an exercise plan for myself - pretty much what I am already doing but something everyday including arm toning and things. I found a cartoon picture of 3 fat brides looking at a lovely skinny dress on a hanger and added that the the schedule as motivation - it's now stuck up on a wall in our bedroom where I can see it all the time. Might move to kitchen area once BM moves out. I was sad and also wrote up "My 129 days to go commitment to myself" - listing about 10 "I will..." items (eg: be positive, exercise each day, follow skin routine, drink 2ltrs of water, etc, etc) and then underneath little reminders of WHY I should be doing these things. I stuck that near the dresser where I get ready in the mornings. Hmmm it sounds a bit sadoo like now I am writing it but it perked me up and hopefully by having constant reminders of what I want to aim for it will help me. Worth a shot anyway! Made me feel tons more positive so was worth it for that at least! I'll report back in a week or so and see if I am still paying attention to them (aka whether they are working!)

    Last night is a night were I have no scheduled exercise class...I am not a gym member (local ones are pretty crummy and to be honest between spinning and yoga that is enough to pay out in a month without adding a gym membership!)so stuggle sometimes to get off my butt and do something. Usually it involves a long walk with h2b but in the rainy season it's not guaranteed. Anyway last night I went to a different yoga studio where you can just drop in...I may have mentioned this the other week so sorry if I am repeating myself! I did a Hot Yoga class at 8pm and aaarrrrrggggg is about all I can say!!!

    You walk into the room and put towel over the mat and it's already HOT! Apparently it gets set to about 35C so you can feel you skin starting to sweat and that's just sitting on the mat. It was quite a small class and there were WAY too many mirrors for my so different from normal yoga group which is more focused on looking out for your body and working muscles and flexibility whereas new place is more where the pretty people go iykwim (though it is good exercise!) Plus the instructor is a bit harsh! So there I am the newbie and trying to follow the breathing and then standing exercises - nothing too tricky or that I can't normally do but the heat was a killer...I felt quite faintish and like I might be sick and my mind just thought this is sooo not worth it so 20 mins in I got up to leave! Never walked out of anywhere before but I honestly didn't think I could stand to stay. Luckily the instructor came over and said stay...I just said it was the heat and I have high BP so was worried and she said it would be okay that our bodies just need to get use to it. Anyway to sum up I stayed until the end and was SO pleased I did - the first section was all standing which was harder but second half I thought was easier as on the mat. Still not sure it was GOOD for me though?!?! I mean everything was soaked though - undies and all. I am sure I have been dryer in the shower image

    mm I think I will try it once more to see how it goes - she said at the end that I was pretty flexible and that I would get use to the heat and it was good for removing the toxins, etc. I guess it must be.

    Sorry to go on so much! Actually I am going to be completely un-modest and say I am proud of myself for trying new things...this is a person who 2 years ago would rather die that go to a formal exercise class then I started my 'normal' yoga and got use to being in weird positions in front of others and realising that heck actually no-one cares about *me* they are all too busy doing their own thing! And now I seem to have built up to formal sweaty exercise classes too like spinning and hot yoga.

    Anyway I am being self-indulgent and rabitting on....diary for Wednesday..

    B - apple

    L - 2 slices of wholegrain bread with a boiled egg, 80cal 0gfat yoghurt

    D - chicken breast seasoned in pepper, 2 small scoops of mash and lots of veggies

    S - none

    D - 1 green tea, 1.5ltrs of water and med glass of skim milk

    E - 75mins hot yoga


  • Hi ladies!

    I got on here last night and read everyones posts then had to rush off to deliver the car to the garage so it was there to go through its MOT today (thankfully it passed...phew!) But its been one of those weeks where I havent had a minute to myself so went to bed feeling rather harrassed. Had a great nights sleep though and a fab day at work (great kids, great weather, what more can I ask for?!) so feeling much brighter now.

    Zoe - Its great to hear you being so positive & I think your exercise chart is a great idea (along with the reminders of things to do) and will really help you to stay committed. I remember you metioning the hot yoga before and just couldnt imagine it being pleasant so well done on sticking out a whole class. I hate that feeling of being about to faint (I faint whenever I'm about to come down with a virus or anything so its never very nice) and in a hot, crowded room I would have been legging it out the door!!

    Winewoman - hope you got a good nights sleep and had a relaxing evening. As you know, I can sympathise with the sleepless nights (pre-wedding was the worst but still a problem now, tuesday night was another one for me) so I hope it doesnt become a nightly occurence.

    OK, heres the food diaries


    B - muesli, grapes

    L - sultana bran

    D - cheese & onion bake, peas and carrots

    S - low cal choc moose

    D - 1.5L water, 5 cups green tea, 1 cup decaf

    E - 5km run, 10mins toning


    B - muesli, satsuma

    L - sultana bran, satsuma

    S - 1 bourbon cream

    D - cauliflower bake, mixed veg

    S - low cal choc moose

    D - 1.5L water, 3 cups green tea, 1 cup decaf

    E - 45min dvd, 10min toning


    xx image xx
  • missyj2010missyj2010 Posts: 600
    Zoe - your Hot Yoga class sounds like one heck of an experience! I've never heard of anything like it before! Good on you also for setting yourself out a plan - I really hope you find it helps, and if you ask me I think you're doing a good job anyway just by keeping your diaries! I've found myself that knowing I'm writting on here every day helps me focus, and I'm so much more conscious about my lifestyle now.

    I was really late getting back from work tonight, and I have a manic weekend ahead involving lots of travel, but I have booked myself a hotel for tomorrow night which has a gym in it, so I do intend on visiting either tomorrow evening or before I go to work on saturday. In saying that I think I have to be on site at 10am saturday, so will have to get up v.early!

    Not made it to the gym so far tonigth, but still thinking of going later. Muscles still sore after yday, so am feeling the benefits of regular exercise! Also Zoe you're right, I am approaching TOTM which might explain why i was on the shaky side this morning too!

    Here's Thursday:

    B- Special K and skimmed milk

    S- Few Blueberries

    L- Half tub broccoli and stilton Soup, 1 piece soreen fruity 5 with olive spread

    S- small apple

    D- Am having 3 fish fingers (anyone know what the cal content is?) with small portion mash and baked beans. Decided to ditch the steamed rice and veg for tonight for a change - variety is the spice of life, eh?!

    D- 3L water, 5 cups tea.

    E- none so far.

    Anyway, hope all you girls are keeping well. Going to try keeping it together this weekend despite the crazy work schedule. The eating part will be relatively easy I think, the exercise on the other hand may not be. Either way, on things for sure - there'll be no alcohol for me this weekend! image
  • Hi, me again...just to add to my diary for today...

    1 choc mini milk image !!!

    Missyj - the fish fingers I have in my freezer say 185cals per 4 fish fingers.

    Please take it as easy as you can this weekend and let yourself mend - you dont want to end up any more ill or injured!

    xx image xx
  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Hi girls,

    Where is everyone - busy little bees that we are. Almost the weekend though - whoohoo.

    Aileen I am glad your car passed the MOT image Sounds like you have had quite a hetic week between work and other things. Assume you are working this weekend? Hope you have a day off soon to look forward to.

    Missyj your work schedule sounds hetic. I hate when I have to travel because it takes me out of the normal routine (plus mine always involve client dinners!) It seems like you have a good plan in your mind though which will help keep you on track. Though I agree with Aileen's advice to take it easy and let yourself recover. Don't push too hard unless you feel 100%. Oh and yup mixing up the dinners is good - I generally have rice or mash with steamed veggies (always carrots, califlower and brocoli) and it's good to have baked bean or something in there instead of the same old stuff!

    I almost did leg it to the door at the hot yoga Aileen!! I have done a little more research on it and its a bit controversal because some regular yoga people think that there are more injuries because you overstretch. One site also said that if you had high BP you should speak to doc first - I do have high BP (diagnosed about a year ago and apparently nothing to do with my diet or weight it's more just the way I am - runs in families apparently and my gran and aunt were same)...anyhow I felt find afterwards. Everything I read said it was normal to feel a bit dizzy/sick when you start out but you would adapt. Plus it is suppose to be good for weight loss and detox of course. Hmm I am going back on Sunday during the day with a friend who has been a few times so I will see how it goes - I will take the stretches easy. I am due to see doctor soon so might run it by her just in case though sure it is fine.

    Nothing much else planned for the weekend. I decided not to exercise today because I ache all over! Got exercise plans for Sat and Sun so one day off this week is okay. Tonight the boys are having a poker night and planning h2b's stag do (eeek!) so I am going to my friends were we are getting something from the japanese and watching some girlie films. Sunday our local Indian resturant is putting on a brunch to celebrate independance day - h2b and I were going to go but now 2 of the boys are coming as well so I decided to leave them to it and not ruin this week with an Indian buffet! I am doing that hot yoga at 12pm instead with my friend. Hoping to not have to work but that depends how today I suppose I should get on with some work!!

    Hope you all have nice plans for the weekend.

    Diary for Thur..

    B - wholegrain cheerios with skim milk

    L - GF grilled turkey burger on 2 slices of wholegrain bread with 1 slice of fat-free cheese

    D - beef stir-fry (small amount of beef, brown rice and lots of veggies), no-sugar ice-lolly

    S - 80cal0fat pomegranet yoghurt with handful of blueberries, 4 baby carrots

    D - 1 green tea, 1.75ltrs of water

    E - 45min spin class and 10min warm up before it started



  • Hi!

    Zoe - sounds like you've got a busy but fun weekend lined up. Thankfully I'm not working this weekend and appart from an appt at the passport office tomorrow (I left it too late to send away for my new passport so I'm using the 24hr guarenteed service) I've got nothing else on.

    I definately think its wise to run your hot yoga past the doctor but I'm sure it'll be fine from what you've said. It seems like your reaction to the heat and exercise combined is totally normal so nothing to worry about.

    Anyway, I'm just going to do a quick food diary and go and veg out infront of the telly. I think I've been a bit over exposed to the sun today so I need to rehydrate and relax for a while!! (I'm definatley not complaining though)! image


    B - handful shreddies

    L - satsuma, sultana bran

    S - 1 bourbon cream

    D - cerial bar, huge bowl of shreddies (this was the only thing I really felt like eating for some bizarre reason!)

    S - low cal choc moose

    D - 1L water (I'm working on making that 2L right now!), 2 cups green tea, 1 cup decaf

    E - 5km run, lifting/moving boats at work (a good cardio & resistance workout!)

    Hope you all have a great weekend

    xx image xx
  • missyj2010missyj2010 Posts: 600
    Heyyy everyone,

    Just a quick post from my hotel room! I've had a really nice evening actually, I'm working about half an hour away frim where a couple of my closest friends live - one of whom is my chief bridesmaid! - and they were able to come and meet me for dinner this evening which was so lovely, and also very unexpected. I've been really worried about my chief BM lately, I don't feel it'd be fair to her to write details on here, but basically I have been wanting to see her for a while to see how she's keeping, and I'm really glad we had chance to meet up tonight. The 3 of us girls who got together tonight met in university, and although we live about 4 hours away from eachother, I still count them among my closest friends - well, I guess I must do really because I've always known I wanted my chief bridesmaid to take that role ever since we've known each other, which was many years before I got engaged!

    Yesterday teatime, eating the mash potato, fish fingers and beans, i felt full up really quickly, and I didn't finish it. Problem then was that I felt hungry before bed, so I just had a sachet of porridge with skimmed milk to see me through.

    Here's today's diary:

    B- Branflakes and skimmed milk

    S- Small apple

    L- Half a chicken caesar wrap (which had too much dressing by far!)

    S- few blueberries, 1 clemantine, 2 strawberries, 1 nectarine

    D- ok. went to restraunt with the girls. ordered 1/4 duck in plum, honey and ginger sauce with new potatoes and peas. But I've never had such a poor piece of duck in my life - I literally had about 4 forkfulls of meat! It was AWFUL! and i didn't want to complain in front of the other girls, so in effect, had a dinner of about 6 new potatoes with some butter and peas, and a little duck! I did however, also have a pudding which was naughty, but frankly, was still hungry, so indulged in cheesecake with icecream!

    D- No alcohol! 3L water, 2 cups tea,

    E- None, difficult with it being a travel day, but i've been to investigate the hotel's gym, and am going to go 7:30am tomorrow before heading off to work.

    Have a great weekend ladies!xxx
  • LisaB1981LisaB1981 Posts: 280
    Hey Ladies, thought it may be time to catch up. I'm in a terrible mood so just going to catch up on my diaries and then come back tomorrow to catch up with everything else.


    B - Fruit Salad (130)

    S - Philidelphia Snack (119)

    L - Mexican Chicken Wholemeal Roll (475) Malteasers (187)

    S - 2 belgain chocs (80)

    D - Chicken Enchilada (500)

    D - 3 pt diluting juice, 1 lt water

    E - 30 mins Spin Class


    B - Philidelphia Snack (119)

    L - WW Carrot + Lentil Soup (80) Cajun Chicken Wrap (440)

    S - McCoys Crisps (250) Taz Bar (95)

    D - 4 pt diluting juice, 1 lt water

    E - 20 min crosstrainer, 30 mins treadmill, 10 mins weights machines


    B - Philidelphia Snack (119)

    L - Cup of Lentil Soup (150) Cheese + Coleslaw Wholemeal Roll (450)

    S - Low Cal Jelly (10)

    S - Breakfast Biscuit (55)

    D - Chicken Tikka Kebab + Shared Chips and Cheese (?)

    S - 2 Ice Poles (80)

    D - 5 pt diluting juice

    E - 90 min brisk uphill walk.

    My diet hasn't been great this week, I've kind of indulged. Really need to get back on track but think that will have to wait until after next weeks holiday.
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