Rejoined Weightwatchers today...

...can I lose a stone in 4 months? I want to be rid of my bingo wings in time for the wedding!! Anyone else on WW? I'm doing the points plan...on 20 points a day at the moment, that's if I go to the gym everyday...


  • McGee2BeMcGee2Be Posts: 171
    You'll easily lose a stone in four months if you stick to your points and you say you're exercising too...It's less than 1lb a week. Good luck x
  • absaabsa Posts: 144
    Weight Watchers is brilliant, you'll do that no problem. Remember to drink lots and plan in no point snacks like carrots and tomatoes and soup. At least the wedding will be a great motivation.
  • MrsCorey2BMrsCorey2B Posts: 143
    I'm joining weightwatchers, tomorrow is my first meeting. I am actually looking forward to it because its the first time in my life that i actually know i will get results because i am so determined and i think the best thing about weightwatchers is you can still eat the things you like (in moderation of course) and because uv got a meeting to go to everyweek i think that will keep me motivated!
  • I joined WW at the end of April and have so far lost 12.5lbs. My weight loss has slowed considerably the last few weeks which is quite frustrating but I'm getting there!

    You can certainly lose a stone in 4 months! I've got 5 months to go until my wedding and I'd like to lose another stone, or a stone and a half if I can!

    Good luck! image
  • Love WeightWatchers! I did it about 2 years ago and lost 2 stone. I have put a little bit back on, but not that much and found it pretty easy to stick to compared to some other restrictive diets. Its also what I recommend to any of my patients who ask about weight loss (I work in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and quite a few ladies are concerned about post-baby bulge!).

    I am rejoining next week, really want to lose a stone for the wedding (12th Feb) so similar-ish timing to you. Good luck!
  • I'm another die hard WW fan. I started in January this year and lost 24lbs within 16 weeks.

    I then had a birthday and a holiday and lost all motivation - thankfully i never gained any of that weight.

    Have re-started again today in a bid to lose at least 3.5 stone between now and my Feb 2012 wedding.
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