Please help - 2 weeks to go

19 days to go and I am in a right state. I collected my dress just under 2 weeks ago after my final fitting but it would hardly zip up and I broke the hook and eye at the top.

It did zip but squashed fat bits up under my arms and looked dreadful.

I knew I might have put on a bit but cannot believe it is such a difference in four weeks. It is almost as if it was taken in again which it shouldn't have been.

I have been on a strict diet since then (nearly two weeks) and exercising morning and night and I tried it on again on my own and could not see any difference. I cannot do it up on my own but it was still so tight.

I really can't see that I can loose much more in 2 weeks as I am not hugely overweight but at a loss as to how to amke it fit better.

Any ideas on how to loose weight on your back and sides quickly please?

I am so lonely I have no female friends or family locally and no one to help me it my dress.

Sorry for long ramble


  • Hi hun, I have been doing Lipotrim and lost nearly a stone in 2 weeks! Available from your pharmacy!
  • I would suggest keeping up with the exercise, sometimes it takes a week or two to kick in. Maybe also try cutting down on carbs, I wouldn't cut them out completely but just try and reduce them as much as you can.

    Good luck!
  • Have you ever thought about a universal contour wrap? I havent had this done but iam thinking of booking in with my local beauty salon as part of my beauty treat before the wedding!! Its around £60 (depending on where you go) and its guaranteed to take 6 inches maybe more, all over, after 1 session. Just a thought, all the best x
  • I lost 8lbs in 2 weeks on the Dukan diet. That was with very little exercise. I also lost inches as well. I agree with what Fastbrook recommends with the wraps, they are definitely a quick fix for one day.
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