Spinning - anyone doing it? has it worked? have you lost weight?!

Morning ladies!!! image

Spinning classes are starting in my local area in a few weeks and i just wondered if anyone of you had done them, if they worked for you, and if you lost weight with them?

And whats excatly involved - i know a lot of sweating!!! image xxx


  • My cousin done it in the run up to her wedding. I think she lost about a stone and said her legs were the most toned they had ever been.

    As far as i know spinning is just using an excercise bike but at very high/rapid speeds.
  • I've done it before, twice. But i laugh the whole way through it. It's a high paced bike class with gears.

    Basically you cycle along to music with your instructor and they will tell you when to change the gears up and down and you have to reach a certain rpm xx
  • Yeah i've been to a few classes, if i could i'd go to more but i cant commit cos i work long hours. Iv done loads of bits of exercise in the past but never really stuck at anything and have to say spinning was the most instant result iv ever seen. my bum definately lifted about 2 inches after a class!! haha!! maybe a slight exagguration!!! its bloomin hard work, although you can change the resistance to suit you, but 45 mins is worth it! and then you can go back to the sofa. definately do it. i wish i could
  • If done right, possibly one of the best fat burning workouts that there is, but you have to work hard. If you do it right you will see big improvements in your legs, tum, and bum. This means putting the right amount of resistance on and not just 'free riding' so you are bouncing on the seat. This will do nothing at all and I see plenty of people doing it! You need to suck your tum in the whole way through and glue yourself to the seat. I go the gym 5/6 times a week and do two different classes at a time and I always find RMP so challenging. I just love the results you get from it. Give it a try hun, and if you find it tuff stick with it, it is supposed to be and that is why it works x
  • I'm on my 3rd class and can honestly say it's the hardest workout I've ever done but I love it.

    My class lasts for around 50 minutes and involves hill climbs (standing on pedals) whilst increasing resistance every 30 seconds, we also pedal and sprint in 30 second bursts. Another move is pedalling sat down whilst increasing resistance continually throughout the tune. My instructor also gets us to do push ups on the handlebars whilst cycling.

    Ours is done it a dark room with disco lights so no-one can see how red I get!

    Try it it's fun - if it's too hard slow down or take some resistance off. As long as you're still pushing yourself it doesn't matter.

    Have fun x

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