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Eat Right for your Blood Type diet?

Hi there

Has anyone ever tried the RFYBT diet as per the subject line?

A friend told me about it recently and I was a bit sceptical, mainly as I am a doctor and trained to be sceptical about naturopathy and other alternative therapies!

I had a read of the website though and really identified with a lot of the things it said about B-blood types! I already knew that certain foods make me feel bad, so I cut them out a while ago (wheat, nuts, tomatoes to name a few) and all those things plus others were listed as being 'bad' food for Bs! It also said that B suffer with blocked chests (I don't want to say the 'p' word that rhymes with gem, cos its gross, even to me!!!). There were some other things too, but those were the main ones that stood out.

Just wondered if anyone had tried it? Apparently, its quite restrictive (you have a list of neutral and beneficial foods and are meant to eat only from that list - hard in restaurants etc) but have heard that ist very effective for weight-loss and a general feeling of wellness.


  • I personally haven't but a friend of mine has and he looks great! x
  • I really wanted to try this until I looked at the diet for my blood type which is O positive. It basically says I shouldnt eat many carbs and I am addicted to pasta.

    On the plus side - Ive just read this morning that wine and beer are the alcoholic beverages which fit with my blood type! excellent! I'll just replace pasta with wine and i'll be fine lol x
  • Yes, that sounds like a reasonable modification to me, Lidar1980! image

    I am B positive and apparently shouldn't eat chicken, tomatoes, wheat, buckwheat, corn, peanuts, sesame seeds and lentils. Those are the only ones that it says on the website but you have to buy the book (of course!) to find out the whole list. Beneficial foods include low-fat dairy, meats like lamb, goat and venison, green vegetables and eggs.

    The only thing I would find hard to give up is chicken and I don't really like red meat and eat very little of it.

    I may give it a go, watch this space! x
  • ooh let us know how you get on. I might give it a go closer to my wedding - dont think I could stand a low carb diet for a year lol. Good Luck! x
  • My hairdresser has been on this diet for about 5 years. She hasn't lost weight but swears by it for clearing up skin conditions and giving her more energy.
  • It's so weird I had a look at the website and all the symptoms for my blood group are what I get, bad digestion, irratic behaviour and so on and my mum's is right for her as well, cardiovascular disease and diabetes her type is prone to and she has both I think I might try this plan alongside my 30 day shred lol x
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