Will I ever be the weight I want???

Hello Girls!

Well I have 12 months to lose about 4 stone!!!The best way to do this I think is via the Weight Watchers plan. After reading so many threads on this topic and seeing the amount of support everyone gives I thought that it might spur me on if I write each week what my total weight loss is for the previous week. Week 1 ends on Tuesday so I will update then with this weeks total.

Really hope I can manage it as all my past diet atempts have failed!! In the back of my mind I am worried that I won't make it and end up a very unhappy Bride on my wedding day due to the way I look.

All encouragement and support would be very welcome. Plus if you are also following the Weight Watchers plan please send me your tips!

Thanks in advance x


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    Hi weight watchers worked for me a few years ago

    I'm trying it again at the moment but it's not working - so think i'm going to join a meeting

    Quite nervous about this prospect - not sure what to expect!!

    Hope it all goes well - i can pass on tips!!x
  • I have decided not to go to the meetings as it is difficult for me to get there after work however I have got all of the books from the online site.

    How much do you want to lose and by when?

    Please pass on any tips, we can encourage each other x
  • Hi

    I have a similar amount to lose as you. I started at 14st 2lbs and I'm currently around 13st 6lbs. Although I didn't dare do my usual weekly weigh-in on Friday after I had a disastorous week!

    I'm aiming to get down to at least 11st, and preferably 10st 10lbs. I'm not following weight watchers though as I prefer slimming world and they're red and green days.

    I'm getting married August 26th next year, so I have got just under a year to go!

    I joined the gym at the end of May, which had been going really well, but the 6 week holidays have meant I've only had hance to go about 6 times in the last 6 weeks, although my son is back to school on Tuesday, so I'll be back at the gym!

    I'm sure we can do it!
  • Hi Calicopink!

    Yes we must be positive. I am a member of the gym plus I have been going out on my bike recently.

    Send me updates of how you are getting on x
  • WW works but you have to want to do it. I lost a stone and a half a couple of years ago ( I was 14 stone 8 when I first joined) I fell off the wagon though and when I rejoined in January I was 13 st 8lbs I now weigh llst 1.5 lbs - I've lost 36.5 lbs in total and I've got 5 lbs to go to get to goal.

    When you first join it's awful to think of how far you have to go but take it one step at a time and you'll be fine.

    My advice is simple -

    1) join a class

    2) Track everything - once you stop you'll start to cheat

    3) Make a spreadsheet - base it on loosing 1 pound a week and you'll know how realistic your goal is. Plus the weeks that you loose more you'll be able to see the end getting closer and closer!

    The very, very best of luck to you - xx
  • I also do WW. I have 5st 3lbs to lose in total. My wedding is in Feb 2012. As i'm not sure i will manage it i am aiming to lose 3.5stone by my wedding so anything more will be a bonus.

    I started WW back in January and lost 24lbs in 16 weeks. I then had my birthday and a holiday and totally lost all my motivation for the past 3 months. in that time i have (thankfully) only gained 3lbs - would be devastated if all my hard work was un-done.

    My tips are:

    1) Always track and weigh/measure everything if you dont your only kidding yourself. I nkow its easy to forget to note down the mars bar you eat on a bad day which only leaves you 3 points for your dinner but you must always be honest.

    2) divide your plate at dinner time and fill half with free foods - it really will make all the difference.

    3) keep plenty of 0 or low point snacks to hand.

    4) Excercise - i know its a drag and for my first month it was a real effort to do even half an hour. By my 6th week i was doing an hour 6 times a week out of habit and it was no trouble. Thankfully i've kept my excercise bug and am enjoying cycling everywhere at the moment.

    5) dont think of the total amount you want to lose, break it into smaller goals - you'll feel great when you hit that first 7lbs, then the first stone etc

    6) take your measurements (arms, bust, waist, hips and thighs) when the scales dont go down you'll be suprised how boosting it can be to see you've lost inches instead.

    You can do it, i'm always glad of the encouragement too
  • Thanks everyone for the tips I will be sure to follow them. Been to the gym tonight and I will be weighing myself tomorrow.

    MrsG2B-2012 - What low point/zero snacks do you recommend?

    Both yours and ShrinkingBelly's stories spur me on! Plus all I keep thinking is that I need to start dress shopping soon and I want to be on the way to weight loss then! Wedding is October 2011.

    MrsG2B-2012 and ShrinkingBelly let me know how you get on with your weight loss, good luck!!! x
  • For my sweet tooth i love Sugar free Jelly. Has points value of 0 so i always have a few made up in the fridge. I love the WW Toffee yoguts, these are only 1/2 a point.

    Savory fave has to be Houmous - the sainsburys Be Good To yourself mini pots are about 1.5 points each, with 4 or 5 breadsticks (0.5 points each) makes a filling snack. Could be even less if you use pepper, carrot or cucumber sticks.

    Quavers, French Fries and Wotsis all have a points value of 1.5 per pack so i have these handy.

    The obvious, lots of fruit. Annoying that it uses points but 100g of grapes is only 1 point and you'd be suprised how many you get.

    Curly Wurly Choc bars are only 2.5 points and Mr Kipling french fancies are 2 points each.

    also head to Tesco, all there own brand light range has the WW points already printed on it. There Lighter Lemon cake slices are delicious.

    My other tip would be to buy the WW magazines - the recipes in there are great.
  • my friend doing ww, she lost over 3 stone in 6month.i would advise you to do some sort of exercise that you enjoy. i go running with my sister and we get to have a chat on way to.be positive and if you are naughty at times dont let it get you off track. treat yourself too, the minute you you feel like you dieting i find you want bad stuff even more lol. good luck

  • My tip would be to shop at Morrisons - a lot of their own healty branded items contain less points than the WW equivalent. I don't really have a sweet tooth (I haven't eaten chocolate for 18 months!) Their healthy Garlic bread for 2.5 points though is fab!!!
  • The big weigh in day.....lost 6 pounds this week, much more than expected however I think some of that might be water!! Really pleased with this loss.

    Went for a bike ride again today and I am off to the gym tomorrow.

    Thanks for the tips regarding low point food. I need to get into sugar free jelly so might try that this week. I have been using the Weight Watchers cookbook which has some good recipes.

    Here's hoping this week is as successful as the last!!
  • Thats a fab loss. Well done.

    I have my WI on Friday - am actually looking forward to it
  • Hi all

    I've got 7 months and 2 weeks to lose weight! I want to ideally lose 2 and a half, but even if it's just 2 I would be happy, am joining WW tomorrow. I did it years ago and lost 3 stone but it's all gone back on and then some! I dabbled with slimming world for a while and loved it but I think deep down I know WW is the one that works best for me image Wish me luck!!

    Kelly xx
  • Good luck Mrs G2B for Friday, let me know how you get on. Bought the WW mag today, there are some good recipes in there that I will try!

    Hi Kelly, think you can easily achieve your goal as 7 months is enough time. Let us know how you get on. Good luck for your meeting!!

  • Well i have decided to make my WI's on Thursday eve's and i have lost 5lbs in my first week.

    I am thrilled. Good luck to everyone for this week x x
  • Well i have decided to make my WI's on Thursday eve's and i have lost 5lbs in my first week.

    I am thrilled. Good luck to everyone for this week x x
  • Well i have decided to make my WI's on Thursday eve's and i have lost 5lbs in my first week.

    I am thrilled. Good luck to everyone for this week x x
  • Well done Mrs G2B....Good luck for the following week!x
  • Well done Mrs G2B....Good luck for the following week!x
  • Well done Mrs G2B....Good luck for the following week!x
  • Well done Mrs G2B....Good luck for the following week!x
  • Hi well I went and faced the music! It took a lot for me to go in there on my own, but I did it! It was not good at the scales, as expected! But at least now I am back in the right frame of mind and stuff! Day 1 tomorrow! I WILL do it!! And this lovely older lady who was on her own took me under her wing bless her! Lol

    Congrats on the weight loss!! xxx
  • Not sure what happened there - posted the same things loads lol.

    Thanks, i am chuffed with my loss. Am going for 2lbs this week then a more realistic 1lb per week after that.

    I dont think i have ever felt this determined before - long may it continue.
  • Well done ladies,

    I lost about 2 stone for my wedding 6 weeks ago. I've put about just under a stone back on with the honeymoon but i'm determined to lose it again!

    My tips would be 0 point soup. I cook a tunip, 2 leeks, about 500g carrots and an onion with 5 veg stock cubes and pepper. It's really nice with the ww bread rolls worth 1.5pts.

    I'm another fan of the jellys!

    You've done the right thing with the cook book. However, if you can't be bothered cooking take your points calculator to the supermarket as some of the frozen things aren't that much points.

    Not sure if you like roast potatoes but i have a fab way that i make them (pretty sure i got it out of one of the cook books!)Cut potatoes in half. Par boil potatoes in veg stock (one cube) for about 10 mins (just soft). Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 8 and spray a cooking tin with low fat spray. Drain the paotatoes and put in tin, cover the potatoes with more low fat spray. (You can put on like a chilli powder if you like) Bake in the oven for about 45mins to 1 hour. Turn half way through.

    Also, google maureen Blackett as she's someone that's followed ww and she lists the points of restaurants etc.

    Eta, i used to go to the gym but didn't like it. I go to exercise classes instaed x
  • Just thought that i'd put up this picture (if i can get it to work!) for people that fell disheartened for losing 'only' a lb. This is what it looks like!!!

  • Hi girls congrats on your weight losses. I am hoping I can suceed as well and that I can join you. The wedding is 11 weeks tomorrow so not long and I only joined ww on wednesday! Finally took the plunge after weeks of putting it off. I have done ww before, I know it works for me and I am definately motivated.

    I currently weigh 11 stone 4lb which is the most I have been and I just want to loose as much as possible. Secretly I would really like the scales to say 9 stone something on my wedding day but I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself!

    Hoping to increase the exercise to get the weight off quicker and to tone up given my close deadline. In the past I have always lost 1lb - 1.5lb pwk and really would like it to be to 2lb.

    Can I ask what you girls have been doing with your activity points? Previously I used to use them but thinking this time I might try to just stick to my 19 to increase the weight loss.

    Will definately be trying the 0 point soups and jelly you girls have suggested. Also think I will measure myself tonight so I can compare.

  • Glad to see a few others joing in us Mrs G2B!

    Well done Kelly on going to your meeting. That is the first step over and now next week won't be as bad!!!

    I am hoping for a 2lb loss this week too and then I would love to stick to 2lb each week.

    Now that the weather is getting colder think I will get back on the soup. I have been having low fat Melba Toast - 1 point for a whole pack with some Extra Light Philly again only 1 point for the small individual tub. I love it with cherry tomatoes and beetroot.

    Love that picture Mandi, totally motivates me! I had a bad day yesterday and felt really hungry. I had some malt loaf to help the hunger which worked! I am having Pork Burgers tonight, a WW recipe, cooked for me by my H2B.

    Welcome Treaclelou, I don't do anything with my activity points. I always think that if I have under estimated any points values this will help put things on track and as you said speed up the weight loss.

    My biggest weakness is Starbucks, totally love it. The skinny drinks aren't too bad but the cakes are...hate the fact I can't have my normal Rocky Road(9 points!!!)

  • MissEmma thats what I was thinking as I am never 100% sure how many activity points I have actually gained anyway. For instance I did a run yesterday and today, I was out 45-50min and walked for about 5min. But as I had the dog with me he likes to mark his teritory image so also stopped briefly a few times. I would say running for me is high energy but I say spent 30min actually running which comes up as 4 activity points online.

    Your Philly snack sounds nice, trying to resist using my last point tonight! I love the M&S Rocky Roads, dread to think how many points they are.
  • Lost 2lbs this week! On target which is good. Not hoping for a good week as it is my birthday but we have to have some treats!!

    How is everyone else getting on?
  • Hi ladies

    Glad to see some new faces. Well done on your losses.

    Well i've had a terrible week, i have stayed the same. I know its not the end of the world as i am still well on track for my 1lb a week. However, this is the lightest i have been in well over 3 years and i just can't seem to get past the weight i am at now.

    However i am newly determined, i have planned my evening meals for the week and also know what excercise (and activity points) i will earn. Speaking of which, i dont use mine as i find it boosts my weight loss.

    Fingers crossed for a better week and i will check in a bit more this week.

    Good luck ladies
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