Hello ladies

Im a lot deflated today!

I joined weightwatchers last Thu and went for my first weigh in today.. I was so convinced i was going to have lost at least 3lb as I have started walking to the station and sometimes back too, its a good half hour brisk walk each way. I also started at the gym, albeit I only did half an hour.

I knew I had two days of the past week where I didnt stick to the points as I had two big nights/meals out and lots of booze.. image but honestly, as I had stuck to it for 5 days I fairly scampered along to my weigh in today.. then came crashing down to learn I had lost only half a pound.


I am off to New York next week for four days, and whilst I can hardly wait and am not complaining about that.. its not exactly goin to do my diet any good so i think i was thinking that if i got off to a good start this first week it would encourage me to keep going.

I slunk out after the weigh in but have since cheered up.. maybe after New York I will aim for six days out of seven on the diet! I am even going to go back to the gym tonight...

Wish me luck ladies... Im going to need it!


  • janeyptjaneypt Posts: 175
    bless you! I didn't get on with WW at all, did it for weeks and lost NOTHING - it's so frustrating. Have a wonderful time in New York, I'm soooo jealous. And surely you'll walk off a load of calories??!! Good luck and have a fabulous time.
  • VodVod Posts: 507
    I was the same with WW, just didn't seem to work at all and I was always starving. On slimming world now and it's a marvel!

    Don't let one week make you feel dejected though, and think of all the walking you'll be doing in NYC - it will help to burn off the calories from their giant portion sizes!
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