4th June Wedding- Help Needed

When i met my fiance i was a size 12 for the first time i was happy with my weight. we started seeing each other on new years eve 2008 long story short im now an 18. im blaming him lol for buying me lots of chocolate crisps and pizza as before we were together i didnt eat dairy and was really healthy and happy with the way i looked. Im desperatly trying to loose about 5stone. ive tried a few diets and i cant afford to join clubs for support or anything. ive tried slimfast but tht got boring after a few weeks but i did loose about 1/2 a stone but then put it back on quickly then i tried tony ferguson from boots and tht was really good i lost like a stone in 2weeks but i got really depressed as ive suffered from it before but never tht bad for about 3 days i was just crying or laying in my room on my own feeling worse. so i stopped tht. but no i think i should try it again but go see a doctor or something. cos everytime i look in the mirror i feel worse. so i think maybe i should follow it but not so strict. or can any1 recomend a different 1? ive joined the gym and tht made me feel happy but it got boring. i just want to look perfect on the day. my dress is amazing and it looks great but if i lost a few stone it would hang better cos its like a satin gown with a lace overlay.


  • Hey! First of all well done for trying to get on it now whilst you still have plenty of time. I've got to say the methods you've tried so far sound a bit extreme from what you've said above so hopefully you can find a way which is much more suitable. I'm getting married at the end of June and decided a few months ago that I wanted to shape up a bit. I came across the 'Happy Brides' thread on here and have been on there pretty much every day since - basically it's about keeping and posting a diary every day of all you have to eat, drink, and what if any exercise you do. I can't speak for everyone but it's certainly worked for me, just by making me a lot more aware of my habits and by giving me the kick up the backside i needed to start making better, healthier choices. It won't happen over night but that's basically because there is no short cut. By now I really enjoy my exercise and just feel a lot more positive in myself. I'm by no means saying ''Join the thread'', I'm just suggesting that maybe if you can take a look at your eating/exercising habits and patterns, it might be a good place to start. Lots of luck!
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