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Diet: 2 stone to lose in 4 months

ok today is day one of my weight loss and this thread is going to be my diary.

Im 5'4'' and 11 stone 4 ( image )and want to be back to 9 stone 4 by 4th june.

As i need to be at ideal weight a little earlier then the actual day ive pretty much got 4 months to lose the 2 stone, so half a stone a month. I dont think i will weight myself all the time as last time i did that i found it off putting. But we'll see!

Im not doing any named diets - im just eating healthily and being sensible. Im also upping the exercise (boohoo).

So here goes. I will try to write down my food and excerise (and weight) as often as can.


DAY ONE (Todays food):

Brekky: cereal with semi skimmed milk

Lunch: Natural (no added bits) Tomato soup, 1 slice of bread and 1 bag of low ft crisps

Dinner: (Going to have) Lean chilli in a low fat chilli sauce but NO rice. With veg.

Fruit: One satsuma, one apple and one kiwi

Water: 5 pints of water, 1 cup of tea and 1 lire water at gym

Excesise: One hour step aerobics class at gym


  • good luck xx
  • helenlouhelenlou Posts: 318
    very good, id like to lose a stone too, im at that point where it hard to shift
  • Vicky44ukVicky44uk Posts: 325
    Good luck hunny, I really need to loose weight but just had major surgery which just aint helping things! I so hope you get to the weight you want to x
  • Thanks girls image

    So today wasnt as hard as i thought it would be, although im a bit peckish now! LOL. I think ive made the right choice in not following any plan and not counting calories - but just picking healthy options and cutting out too many bad snacks.

    Dreading the weekend though - i always struggle then. Esp as im at a wedding fayre boohoo image


    DAY TWO:

    Brekky: cereal with semi skimmed milk

    Lunch: Natural vegetable soup, 1 slice of bread (unbuttered) and 1 bag of low ft crisps

    Dinner: two prawn fishcakes with veg

    Fruit: Two satsumas, one apple and one kiwi

    snacks:six verrrrry small picked onions and 1 wafer thin ham slice (weird i know haha)

    Water: 6 pints of water, 3 cups of tea and 1/2 lire water at gym

    Excesise: One hour Zumba class

    and ... AND DAY THREE

    Brekky: cereal with semi skimmed milk

    Lunch: HAM AND SALAD S/WICH with 1 bag of low ft crisps

    Dinner: Anchovy Salad and veg

    Fruit: one apple and one kiwi

    snacks:chunk of chocolate

    Water: 5 pints of water, 2 cups of tea and some water at gym

    Excesise: One hour Zumba class
  • Cremedecassise, we could be diet twins.

    I am 5"4 and also 11st4 (weighed in on Monday). My wedding is on the 14th May so really I need to be at target no later than mid April for dress fittings etc.

    I lost a stone for ordering my dress but unfortunately have put the best part of that back on so at the very least I have to lose 1 stone or my dress won't fit. Back when I was dress shopping I was determined not to be in a situation when I am under pressure to lose weight for my dress and yet here I am!

    I started this week and am doing a week of low carbs to get me kick started (I lost 5lb in a week doing this before). I am then going to follow slimming world but won't be going to classes.

    As for exercise, last summer I was really good, going running, cycling to work, swimming, powerplates and the odd class. As soon as it got to October I did NOTHING! I have been sick in bed with a cold this week so haven't done any exercise but am planning to try to exercise a minimum of 3x per week from next week.

    I will be your diet buddy if you like crememdecassise as we are in such similar situations.

    I am planning on giving up the booze for at least a month hopefully to give me a bit of a kick start. By the end of January, I would like to be around 10st7 and then hopefully losing half a stone in Feb and another half stone in March.

    Will let you know Monday what sort of a weekend I have.
  • MrsStewart that would be great - we can spur each other on image

    I tend to do ok in the week but then friday night - sunday night is a nightmare. Its a psychological thing i think, esp as i always see friends at weekends and wine always comes into it! Were having a group of pals over tomo night so i know i will be drinking - so im trying to just be extra good around that. Cutting out alchohol would just be unrealistic for me so my hat goes off to you!!!

    Im doing an hours exercise mon - friday with weekends off. Again, i know i should do it at weekends but ive gone from not exercising at all to 5 times a week so im happy with that LOL!!!

    anyway - shall we do weigh ins every monday?? Im not going to post what i eat every day forever, i just wanted to do it at first to get me going image

    so monday weigh ins and we can chat on here through the week if we cant resist the pull of chocolate, crisps and all things naughty??? image
  • OK - my 'One week' weigh in!!

    Start: 11 stone 4

    Now: 11 stone

    Loss: 4 pounds in one week

    Consideirng im not following a diet or calorie counting im pretty happy with that! My aim from now is 2 pound per week image


    MrsStewart - how about you??
  • Start: 11st4

    Now: 10st12

    Lost: 6lb in 1 week

    I did a week of the Dukan, really low carbs as it always gives me a good boost. However, from today, I am going to be sticking to Slimming World.

    I had a good week last week except for Sunday. I had a few drinks on Saturday and then couldn't be bothered cooking Sunday so ended up getting a takeaway. I am like you, I find that I can be good Monday-Thursday and then tend to go off the rails at the weekend.

    I am going to try to have a few weeks off the booze as a bit of a detox so hopefully that will help me to shed a few pounds.

    Like you I am hoping to lose 2lb per week but I can't really afford to have any off weeks as I need to have the 2st off by April at latest.

    Had a good day today, wasn't tempted to eat any rubbish and made a very tasty chicken and lentil curry.

    Starting my exercise tomorrow, I am also going to aim for 5 hours exercise per week.
  • sessa28sessa28 Posts: 256
    Hi girls,

    can i join, i get married 5/5/11, i have 2 stone to loose, i started weight watchers last week so first weigh in tomorow.

    You both seem to be doing so well, i hope i pick up the motivation to do more exercise but at the moment i am soooo addicted to just dance on the WII so much fun.

    I will check intomorrow after 1st weigh in

  • Yes do seesa - and JUSTDANCE is GREAT for weight loss! It really is image

    well done MrsS - good job!!! image

    GO US!!!! Right - off to the gym so will check in properly tomorrow image xxx
  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188
    Do you mind if i join in too? im poorly at the mo, so not doing anything until im better.. maybe another week or two?

    I aim to lose 1 stone, anything more than that will be a bonus for me.. my wedding isnt until 2012, but i want to shift it well ahead of time so i can beat the target, if that makes sense?

    i totally understand if you dont want ppl joining in xx
  • sessa28sessa28 Posts: 256
    WOOOOOOOO!!! Lost three and a half pounds woop woop x
  • come and join us on My Fitness Pal!

    There are loads of us from here on there and everyone's really supportive image My username is the same as well so I should be easy to find!!
  • Just been to the gym to do the first bit of exercise I have done in 3 months. Can't believe how difficult it was and how unfit I am now compared to where I was in the summer! Nevermind, need to just start building it up again.

    Well done on your weightloss Sessa. Thanks for the tip FSM, will check that out.
  • I have joined my fitness pal, my username is bulging bride!
  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188
    OMG thank you so much for recommending MFP.. me and the H2B were just debating whether to join WW or Slimmingworld.. Il give this a go first.. as soon as im well, im hitting this big time!

    i really appreciate that! x
  • Candj - no problem weigh in is on mondays! image

    sessa - well done, thats awesome. we all lost weight whoohoo! image

    Im actully doing three exercise sessions per week: Zumba, Ballet and steps - and then topping it up with sessions on JUST DANCE and wii fit in between. JUST DANCE is amazing - my arms kill afterwards.

    So its another weekend now - which means another time to struggle. im fine when im busy but as soon as im bored i eat. So i need to plan a busy weekend - but not spedning any money (weddings are expensive LOL)...

    so good luck everyone, lets all sign in for weighing on monday!! image
  • ok ive just joined too as cremedecassise

  • candj have you got a profile name on fitness pal yet? x bulging bride ive added you haha x
  • I've got 1st 8 to lose in 4 months and I am finding it REALLY difficult. I am watching what I eat and going tot he gym 5 times a week but it's going so slow. I've lost 11lb over the last few months but with 22 to go, it feels like I will never do it. image
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    Hi there, I'm on MFP and can help with any questions you have. Ms_Natalie on there.

    I've lost 3 stone using it! image
  • I've got just about a stone and a half to lose in then next 4 months and am panicking now!!! I am at the gym all the time and really cut down on food btu don't seem to be getting any slinkier! Having said that my dress actually fits now so I must have lost some inches.

    Don't us girls heap a lot of pressure on ourselves hey?
  • Flangelina, I know where you are coming from. I have put on 1/2 a stone since I ordered my dress and I wanted to lose a further stone so I have 1 1/2 stone to lose before my wedding in May. Just got notification that my dress is in the shop and instead of being stupidly excited I feel stressed and want to burst into tears worrying that it isn't going to fit.

    I seem to do ok during the week but at the weekend as soon as I have 1 glass of wine it all goes pear shaped. My hen night is 7 weeks on Saturday so am contemplating staying in til then.
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