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HAPPY BRIDES - 2011 Fresh Start!

Hi ladies! Welcome to our new thread image

As is the tradition with a new Happy Brides thread I'd like to welcome any new brides who would like to join us on our quest for healthy, sustainable weight loss! We use this thread as a place to post our food diaries, give each other advice and support as we work towards our individual goals and weigh in each week. So feel free to introduce yourself and become a Happy Bride!

OK, I've copied the last results post and updated it as much as I can so HOPEFULLY all these details will be correct - please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to update or change.


Wedding Anniversary - 14th May 2010

Height - 5'6"

Starting weight (w/c Nov 2, 2009) - 10st 3lbs

Current weight(w/c Jan 10, 2011) - 9st 11.6lbs

Weight loss cummulative - 5.4lbs

Overall aim - To get back to wedding weight (9 st)

Aim for Feb 14, 2011 - 9st 7lbs


Wedding Anniversary - 16th October 2010

Height - 5'2"

Starting weight (w/c Jan 25, 2009) - 9st 4lbs

Current weight(w/c Jan 10, 2011) - 8st 12.8lbs

Weight loss cummulative - 5.2lbs (4% of start weight)

Overall aim - 8st 6lbs

Aim for Feb 14, 2011 - 8st 10lbs

Lisa (Now a Mrs!!)

Wedding Anniversary - 13 November 2010

Height - 5'7"

Starting weight (w/c June 7, 2010) - 14st 9lbs

Current weight(w/c Jan 10, 2011) - 13st 1lbs

Weight loss cummulative - 15lbs (7.32% of starting weight!)

Overall aim - 11st

Aim for Feb 14, 2011 - 12st 8lbs

Zoe (Now a Mrs too!!!)

Wedding Anniversary - 18th December 2010

Height - 5'6"

Starting weight (w/c Jan 31,2011) - 12st 4.6lbs

Current weight (w/c Jan 31, 2011) - 12st 4.6lbs

Overall aim - 10st 7lbs

Aim for Feb 14, 2011 - 12st 3lbs


Wedding Date - 25th June 2011

Height - 5'6"

Starting weight (w/c July 19,2010) - 10st

Current weight(w/c Jan 10, 2011) - 9st 2lbs

Weight loss cummulative - 12 lbs (8.57% of starting weight)

Overall aim - 9st

Aim for Feb 14, 2011 - 9st


Wedding Date - 14 Jan 2012 (1 year to go!!)

Height - 5'4"

Starting weight (w/c Aug 17,2010) - 9st 7lbs

Current weight(w/c Jan 10, 2011) - 9st 5lbs

Weight loss cummulative - 2lbs (1.5% of starting weight)

Overall aim - 8st 10lbs

Aim for Feb 14, 2011 - 9st 3lbs

Rosysmith (not sure when we last heard from you Rosy but hope you find us on our new thread!)

Wedding Date - September 3, 2011

Height - 5'4"

Starting weight (w/c Aug,2010) - 11st 5.6lbs

Last weigh in (w/c Nov 1, 2010) - 10st 10.6lbs

Weight loss cummulative - 7lbs (4.38% of start weight)

Overall aim - 10st

Aim for Feb 14, 2011 - ????


  • Thanks for this Aileen! OOOPS i forgot to mention, my target for next month is 9st please, and also ladies i'm after your tonning tips again, particularly for the tummy.

    And I just came on to say... Just had a letter to say my bridesmaid dresses have now arrived! So my dress on the monday, and my girls on the friday! It's been a busy week!
  • Hey girls,

    Aileen thanks so much for redoing the thread - although we can no longer be in denial about it being 2011 already! image

    Just a quick one from me. Having a great 'year to go day' actually - just met H2B in town for some lunch and to buy a few bits for travelling and he got a call to say he got the job!!! Well subject to checks etc but he should be starting when we get back in July image I am so so happy for him as it sounds like the perfect job for him especially as he moved back here to support me doing a job he didn't really like. So it's a double celebration for us tonight. (Plus with one of us with a job sorted it means we won't have to live at my parents for too long when we get back!!)

    Quick diary for yesterday:

    B: granola + yoghurt

    L: marmite sandwich + lots of lettuce, small yoghurt

    S: slice of wholemeal bread + flora light

    D: 1 x thai fish cake (oven baked), 1/2 baked potato + lots of salad

    S: small slice of chocolate cake - oops!

    D: 1.5L water, 4 x tea, 1 x coffee

    E: none

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend ladies and I'll catch up properly on sun / monday

  • YAAAAY Hollie !!! Congratulations to you h2b! Thats brilliant news!

    And Missyj - your BM dresses now, you've had a fab week.

    Its been a pretty positive week all round - really lovely to have a week like this where theres lots of good news around! Thats 2 lots of good news....maybe Winewoman will make it 3???

    Fingers crossed!

    Missy, I'll update your target now x
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Thanks for the new thread Aileen! My overall aim is also wedding weight/ 8st 6

    congrats to your h2b Hollie! Great news! Unfortunately no news from me- had an email on thurs saying they were sorry to keep me waiting whilst they were checking references, and hoped to get back to me with a decision soon, I think they might be getting other people's references too.... Boo!

    Great news on the BM dresses missyj! It's all happening now....

    Just yesterdays diary, very bad indeed

    B- 2 toast & marmite

    L- butternut squash soup (278)

    D- mixed Thai starter plate (all fried) sour soup, mixed veg stir fry, Singapore noodles, tofu

    D- 2l water, 4 tea, 1 peppermint tea, 1/2 bottle wine, 2 margheritas

    E- nowt
  • Hi all!

    Just diaries from me today....


    B - 25g porridge

    L - sultana bran

    S - 4 jammy dodgers

    D - spag bol & garlic bread

    S - 1 mini croissant

    D - 5 cups green tea, 2l water

    Ex - none


    B - grapes

    S - apple

    L - sultana bran

    S - 3 rich tea biscuts

    D - left over spag bol

    S - mini croissant

    Ex - 2 scrambling sessions at work (crawling/climbing through caves)

    D - 3 cups green tea, 2L water

    Hope your all having a great weekend


    xx image xx
  • LisaB1981LisaB1981 Posts: 280
    Aileen thanks for doing the new post. Its nice to recap all our results but crap to see that my weight again. Perhaps its the kick up the ass I need though. I am aiming for 12.8 for the 14th. I need to push myself. I'm not too impressed by this weekends diaries so I need to get my finger out. Feeling a wee bit disappointed as I know tomorrows weigh in is going to be rubbish for me. I am thinking about trying to do a bit more exercise this week. My will power isn't great food wise so perhaps if I do more exercise it will cancel out the calories?


    B - none

    E - 1 hour Body Pump

    L - Chicken & Sweetcorn Sandwich (375) Crunchie (187)

    D - Homemade Chicken Curry and Rice followed by Artic Role (???)

    D - 2 pt diluting juice, 1 can low cal Monster (45) 1 lt water, 4 vodka & diet Irn Bru's.


    B - none

    E - 2 hour brisk walk

    L - Tuna Sweetcorn sandwich (325) Crunchie (187)

    D - Chicken Chow Mein (???)

    D - 3 pt diluting juice, 1 can low cal monster.
  • hello ladies just a quick one - I seem to have gone the wrong way this week! was 9st 3lbs this morning, so 1lb up from last week but think it could be due to a day of overindulging yesterday - got treated to a Sunday lunch out by grandparents, which was lovely.

    Hollie am chuffed to bits for you and your H2B, that's excellent news! Hope you had a fab weekend of celebrating. Hope all is well with all you other lovely ladies too - I will try and get on later this evening and update my not so great diaries for the weekend!xxx
  • here are my pretty bad diaries for the weekend. Both Friday and Saturday involved over 4 hours each travel which is why my diaries ended up being a bit crap, especially coming home after work on saturday when part of the road was closed due to flooding! it was very disheartening, and i'm afraid i then shoveled down a chinese when i got home!


    B- Branflakes + Skimmed milk

    S- apple

    L- Special K oats and honey with skimmed milk (couldn't face the soup i'd made! - consiquently Lisa, my machine has broken! it has a fault, so don't buy one!!!)

    S- mini toffee crisp bar 95 cals

    D- Pizza express 500cal pizza, shared some dough balls

    D- 1.5 glasses of rose, 1.5 glasses of red wine, 2 vodka diet coke. 1.5L water, 3 cups of tea

    E- nada


    B- 2 slices brown toast with jam, bowl of strawberry yoghurt with water melon, + orange, glass orange juice

    L- 450 cals packet of crisps + duck & hoisin wrap

    S- fruit smoothie 1 small tube mini eggs - 220 cals, 1 boots shapers choc bar.

    D- chicken fried rice chinese takeaway imageops:

    E- none

    D- 1.5L water 3 cups of tea


    B: 1 slice toast lemon marmalade

    L- Roast lamb with roasties, parsnips, sprouts, carrots, gravy. cheesecake served with icecream. 1 glass white wine

    D- 1 pack pasta 'n' sauce

    D- 1.5L water 3 cups tea


    B- Branflakes with skimmed milk

    S - 1 Pear

    L- half tub leek potato & cheese soup

    S- 1 apple

    D- 1.5 rounds of assorted sandwiches, handful crisps

    D- 2L water 5 cups of tea.

    Have a sore throat, think am overtired, it's been a long day at work and no chance of getting home yet. Back on the exercise tomorrow!
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Confession time for me too...


    B- 2 crumpets & marmite

    L- 1 large slice cheese on toast

    D- (at friends) scallops in bacon with pea pur????e, pork belly, 2 tbsp mash, veg, poached pear, lots of cheese

    D- 2.5l water, 4 tea, bottle wine, 1 port, 2-3 sloe gins imageops:


    B/L- sausage & egg sandwich

    D- beefburger, fries, garlic Mayo

    D- 3l water, 4 tea, 2 pints diet coke


    B- 2 toasted crumpets

    L- tuna sweetcorn roll, bag crisps

    D- pasta with prawns & rocket

    D- 2.5l water, 4 teas, 1 diet coke

    E- nowt

    so all in all a SHOCKING weekend. And today I started a period so felt too grotty to go to gym. Will go back tomorrow for weigh in (clearly not expecting good news)
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Quick diary:

    B- 2 crumpets

    L- mixed salad, tuna Mayo pot

    S- 2 quality street

    D- chicken curry, portion rice, onion salad

    D- 2l water, 3 tea (only 1 caffeinated) diet coke

    E- 30mins walk

    no gym again, feeling grotty still. I'm so not used to this period malarky! But did manage a walk at lunch, just feel sooooooo bloated & tired.

    Still no news on the job, getting ridiculous now! Am going to email if I don't hear anything tomorrow, going away Friday night so really want to know either way this week. Grrr!

    Hope all you ladies are ok this week x
  • Hi all!

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling great Winewoman, and still not heard about the job - they're really taking the biscut now. I've got my fingers crossed you hear back soon.

    Missy - dont worry about your gain, it will shift again in no time. 1lb here or there isnt anything to worry about (although I know how annoying it is!)

    I'm working this week and dont have access to a vehicle so I've been cycling and getting the train which makes my commute an awful lot longer (and more energetic!) so I'm a bit pushed for time in the evenings and didnt make it on last night to post my weight. I weighed in at 9st 10.9lbs so just over half a pound down on last week.



    B - melon portion

    L - sultana bran

    D - poached chicken breast with spinache concoction!

    S - 2 choc mousse

    D - 1L water, 3 green teas, 1 skinny cow hot choc

    Ex - 5km cycle to work, 5km cycle back, 2 hr hill walk at kiddies pace!


    B - fruit cocktail portion

    L - sultana bran

    S - del monte fruit pot

    D - 3 egg plain omellete, spinach concoction

    S - 1 choc mousse

    D - 1.5L water, 2 green teas, 1 skinny cow hot choc

    Ex - same 10k cycle to/from work, biking & climbing session at work (approx 5km cycle during session)


    xx image xx
  • LisaB1981LisaB1981 Posts: 280
    Wow reading your diaries has made me sooooo hungry - especially Missy's chinese. I am going to go to bed straight after this just to avoid eating anything.

    WW - fingers crossed you hear about the job in the next couple of days. I would take no news as good news, they clearly haven't ruled you out if they haven't been in contact which is good. Fingers crossed for you.

    Aileen - wow your cycling to work, thats great. I plan on doing that during the better weather on the days when I'm in the office. Your inspiring me. Well done on the loss.

    I weighed in at 13st exactly so a lb off. I'm motivated exercise wise so fingers crossed for a good week. Helped that I watched Biggest Looser at the gym, it certainly made me work a wee bit harder. Came home to watch My Great Big Gypsy Wedding - Oh my god - thats all I can say about it.


    B - 2 x rich tea biscuits (80)

    L - Salad Bowl (250) Pineapple (100)

    S - 3 quality street (120)

    D - Chicken Biryani (450)

    D - Bottle coke zero, 3 pt diluting juice, 1 lt water

    E - 25 mins treadmill, 1 hour Body Pump


    B - Briveta breakfast biscuits (201)

    S - Rich Tea Biscuit (36)

    L - Chicken Tikka Sandwich (400)

    S - Small fruit salad (80)

    D - WW Chicken Jalfrezi () Banana Mouse (60) Low cal jelly (10)

    D - 3 pt diluting juice, Bottle Sprite Zero, 1 lt water

    E - 40 mins treadmill interval training, 20 mins cross trainer
  • Lisa -OMG indeed re Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! I sat through the whole episode with my gob wide open, couldn't believe it!

    Wine Woman any news yet? Sorry to hear that they're dragging this out, there's nothing worse than playing the waiting game, so I hope you get some sense shortly.

    Aileen your cycle to and from work is inspiring! How are your legs coping with it?! Aching?!

    Well, I've been this morning to pay for my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses and got to see them in the flesh! They were absolutely STUNNING, even more so than I imagined, I am absolutely chuffed to bits! Have a day off today and am meeting a friend for lunch in a little while. Managed 2 exercise sessions yesterday and a swim this morning, and also have an aerobics class tonight, so I'm really keen to make progress at the moment. In saying that I got weighed in at the doctor's this morn and was 9st 6lbs which I'm still happy with but suggests that maybe my scales at home are wrong, as they are still weighing me in as 9st 2lbs now - in which case it means that I was also heavier when I started my weight loss, so I guess it's all swings and roundabouts really!

    Anyway, here's Tuesday:

    B- Branflakes with skimmed milk

    S- apple

    E- intense 45 mins cardio - burning 500 cals according to gym machinery

    L- Porridge with semi skimmed milk

    D- Omlette made with 2 eggs and cheese, large portion peas and tomato ketchup

    E- 60 mins legs bums tums

    S- 1 steamed veg and rice pack with soy sauce. 1 slice toast + marmite.

    D- 2.5L water, 5 cups tea
  • ooooh lunch out made today go down hill... for what it's worth i felt completely sick afterwards!


    B- Special K oats and honey + skimmed milk

    E- Swim and Sauna

    S- Lemon activia yoghurt

    L- Pea and ham soup with buttered bread roll, then...

    imageops: Belgian waffle with icecream imageops:

    E- 60 mins aerobics class

    D- Oven baked fish in batter with steamed rice and veg

    D- 1.5L water, 4 cups tea, 1 appletize.
  • Ps forgot to say, i hope Zoe is okay. We miss you girl! (and really really want to see some piccies too, if you'll let us!)... xxx
  • Hi funny that I came on just after your post Missyj - it wasn't planned.

    Sorry I am being completely useless since before my wedding. I feel I am losing touch with you all and need to get my but in gear and catch up on all your news. From what I can gather WW is applying for a new job (fingers are crossed for you!!) and Hollie's h2b got a new job (yeeeaaaahhh!) I am sure I missed out on a ton of other stuff.

    I am finding adjusting back to live really quite difficult to be honest. You get into such a little bubble when you are away on honeymoon and now its back to reality with a bang. It's odd because I haven't even wanted to look at my wedding pictures (we got a CD of the official ones before we left the UK plus some guest snaps). I don't really know why. We have invited some neighbours around tonight (older couple who live in the states most of the year) and said we would show them our pictures so in a way I am looking forward to that because I think I need to relook at the pictures and get re-excited. I got all our cards and lugggage labels with messages (guestbook alternative) out yesterday and it was so lovely looking at them and remembering the day. I think we left so quickly afterwards for honeymoon (and then we came back here so not with family/friends who were at the wedding) that it doesn't seem like it really happened!! I am going to get some pictures printed out and do a memory book with the cards and all the elements of the day eventually though and I a quite excited about putting that together.

    Sorry first big post back and it's a moan!! I had such a lovely wedding day and honeymoon...I think that might have been the problem because it make 'real life' so dull lol!! Plus work is very bad right now. So busy and I got my review form in email when I got back (actually they sent it whilst I was away but I refused to check my emails so only got it when got back). It wasn't awful but I usually get really good reviews (sorry if that is bigheaded!). Negative comments are normally to do with me being quiet! This time the normal quiet comment was there but they went on about me leaving work undone before vacation and my time management. I was really upset because I worked SO hard before my wedding to get everything done and I only left work that I couldn't complete because I didn't have the information as they knew. I wrote all that in my reponse and said that in my last appraisal I was told I 'excelled' at time management and can't suddenly just lose those skills. I said my workload was pretty high. Anyway they are going to set up a meeting at somepoint that is suitable for them (always have with all 4 managers). Don't get me wrong they aren't a bad bunch and I like the office but that review just really annoyed and upset me and wasn't what I needed to come back to.

    Wow sorry girls. I really just meant to come on and say I am still alive and sorry I haven't posted for forever!!! Guess I needed to let all that out lol

    Anyway I know you are all positive (new year and all that) and I will try to join you in that. My weight has increased a fair bit (near 12st last I looked) and I think I actually put most of it on in the two weeks I have been back in Cayman rather than on honeymoon! Chocolate and cake have reentered my life and I really need to give them their notice and kick them back out. H2b..err Husband (can't beleive I just typed h2b lol!) is 30 on Sunday!!! We are having friends over on Friday for some drinks then going to Indian, Saturday we are going to our favourite steak house together to celebrate because Sunday I have a client dinner at night (which sucks as I miss his actualy birthday night!). Long story short...I won't be starting the old diet this weekend!

    However, I do hope to get back into eating healthier and doing some exercise as I was doing well with that in the last few months of last year with spinning and the personal trainer (have about 3 sessions left). I have client meetings on Monday (which is a public holiday!) therefore I won't be around to post my weight so I think I will rejoin you for the weigh-ins come February and start posting my diaries regularly as well to keep myself in check and get a bit off weight off my body. My husband is the same - he is quite keen to get started being healthy again so we can work on it together.

    Anyway sorry for the length post. And sorry it was all dull stuff and none of the exciting wedding details that you were looking for!

    Really glad I posted though - sort of feel like I've come back into my little "happy brides" family again!


  • Hi!

    Zoe - great to hear from you, whether you're moaning or not!! We're here when you need to vent, anytime and on any subject!

    Thats awful about your review - sounds very much like the situation my friend has at work, management pile on WAY too much work then blame you when it isnt all done (even though there's no way that even THEY could manage that sort of workload). Its totally unfair and you're quite right to make sure they know you dont agree with their comments.

    I think you're absolutely right to have january as a chill out "non-diet" month. We look forward to having you back with us full time in February but with no pressure.

    Hope you enjoy looking at your wedding pics when your friend comes round, it'll be nice to relive all those lovely memories xx

    Missy - SO glad you've seen your dress and are just as much in love with it now as you were when you chose it! I bet you cant wait to try it on!!!! Its so exciting image

    Well you're right about my legs aching - tuesday was a killer! Since then they've started to get used to (thank goodness) and with the freezing fog hanging around all day today I decided to get a lift to the train station after work instead of cycling it and risking bringing on a chest infection.

    Lisa - definately a good idea waiting for the better weather before starting to cycle to work! Great to hear I've inspired you - I have to say I definately feel more awake at the start of the working day after my 5km cycle, thoroughly recommend it.

    Only 3 more days left of my 9 day run of work and I get a lie in!!! Not that I'm counting...honest! image

    OK, food diary for yesterday

    B - fruit pot

    S - raisins

    L - sultana bran

    S - 1 egg mayo sandwich

    D - half turkey escalop, 7 mini potato croquets, third of a tin of beans

    S - low cal choc mousse

    D - 2 green teas, 1L water

    Ex - 2 x 5km cycles, full day hill walk, 10 min run at gym (1st time back at the gym for ages and it was MOBBED! We stood around waiting for machines for ages then finally just gave up...never going back at that time of day!)

    Nearly the weekend ladies!! Anyone got any nice plans?


    xx image xx
  • oh for goodness sake! I just wrote an absolutely mahoosive post and somehow have managed to loose the bloody lot! Said so much in it too! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    Firstly I was saying Zoe, I'm so pleased you posted - I have really missed you and I promise I'm not just saying that! As with all the other girls I've always really enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know what you're up to - and no you're not moaning one bit! I actually think that work are treating you like absolute poop - I mean for crying out loud, fancy putting that on you after your wedding and honeymoon! And you worked so hard right up until the event - is it actually legal to work that many hours?!! Anyway I hope you have a lovely evening with your friends tonight and that you really enjoy going through your photos - I bet they are stunning.

    Aileen, you are such a trooper with your cycling! What have you got planned for your day off?! (Apart from the obvious lie in of course)!

    Well, had a really productive day again - it feels so good to be getting things done, and I think it's helping me sleep better too. I'm almost so much better at getting up in the morning at the moment which is great. We did suits tonight, just me and H2B, and I know I'm biased, but he looked sooooooooo handsome! I think we've now chosen the ones so it's just a case of getting everyone else fitted asap.

    Wine Woman how are you feeling by today? Hope you're better by now and feeling more like yourself. TOTM = Grrrrrrr! You certainly have my sympathy!

    Well, had a really good day diarywise today. Am continuing to work out hard at lunchtime, basically ispired by my aerobics instructor who kindly pointed out the other night that it's no coincidence all the woman on the cover's of running magazines have six packs and tonned tums! I've certainly upped the cardio since then!

    Anyhooo... Thursday:

    B- Branflakes + Skimmed milk

    S- Pear

    E- 45 mins intense cardio (500 cals)

    L- Porrige with semi skimmed milk

    S- Pear

    D- Chilli beef noodles (354 cals)

    D- 2L water, 5 cups tea.

    I'm sure I had written more originally - I'm soooo annoyed that it's just dissapeared!
  • LisaB1981LisaB1981 Posts: 280
    Hello Ladies, was planning just to post my diary but don't want to read and run.

    Zoe - I'm sooooo pleased you've posted - I was thinking about you earlier on today. Does that make me weird, thinking about people off the internet when I'm driving? Lol well if it does I don't give a damn. I know what you mean about finding it hard to settle back into reality, I'm struggling a bit work wise too, I think whats made it even harder is that we're sooooo blooming skint. I really can't wait for January to be over!! Your right to take all of January off but I'm looking forward to you coming back full time. Don't even worry about moaning to us, I'd hate it if you felt you couldn't tell us how you were feeling. Its good to have somewhere like this to offload a bit. I echo what the others have said about your work, they are being really crap to you. I wouldn't have been happy to come back to a review never mind a negative one. Good on you for responding like you did.

    Missy I'm in awe of you doing 2 sessions in a day. I wish I could do that. I struggle to drag my butt to the gym once a day never mind twice. However in saying that, my friend's have been discussing joining the same gym as me so I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I'd love a gym buddy. We're quite competitive so I think its exactly what I need. I've been trying to do more cardio this week too, I definitely think its the way forward. By the way I'm really pleased that your loving your dresses - I'm glad you and Hollie have still got your wedding's to go, I'm still loving wedding talk. I like reading through other peoples posts on here. Is that normal? I'm not sure. I thought I'd wean myself off it but I just can't.

    Aileen - I actually went out to the garage last night and had a wee look at my bike - was thinking about starting cycling to work soon. I could do it twice a week since I'm stuck in the office 2 days a week. However in saying that, when I woke up this morning and seen the frost/ice - I decided that I'd definitely wait until the better weather.

    WW - just wanted to say that I read your last 2 installments of your wedding report - I was away when you posted about your Honeymoon. All I can say I wow - although I loved my honeymoon I'm really jealous of yours. It looks incredible. I've still got my fingers crossed that you've heard about that job and that its good news.

    Well I'm not that long in from the gym, went later tonight and watched American Idol. I feel like I can really get into it if there's something on the tv that I actually want to watch. Felt like it was a good session. I worked out a wee weekly plan in my head so hopefully I can try to stick to it. I'm beginning to get a wee bit peeved at our photographer - we met him on the 3rd of Jan to chose the photo's that we wanted for our album. We also paid him for the rights to our photos and a disc. He was planning on editing them all and also making up a draft of our album and then sending them out to us - he said that it would be max 10 days - so I had hoped to have had them by now - but no I'm still waiting. I'm so inpatient, really want to have the photo's asap. Aggghhhhhhh, please let them come tomorrow.

    Got something to admit - I said I'd still been reading alot of other posts on this forum. What I never said was that I was spending alot of time reading in the baby and I section! I promised Richard that I wouldn't get obsessed about babies but I'm slightly worried that I am. I know we said that we wouldn't really try too hard at the moment but god I'm sooooo broody. I kinda just want to be pregnant - I know its not perfect work wise but who cares!! This weekend is apparently my most fertile days so fingers crossed - poor Richard doesn't know whats hit him!! So Aileen I hope that answers your question about what have we got planned for this weekend image Actually we have got some plans for this weekend, going to my friends Mum's tomorrow night to get my nails done and also for a few drinks. Saturday we're walking in the morning with friends and then they are coming round at night for dinner and drinks. Looking forward too it.


    B - Brivita breakfast Biscuits (201)

    L - Mexican Chicken Toastie (400) Low Cal Jelly (5) Rice Crispie Square (118)

    S - Dairylea Dunker (120)

    D - Minced Beef Pancakes x 2 + few curly fries (500)

    S - Twister Ice Lolly (80)

    D - 5 pt Diluting juice


    B - Brivita Breakfast Biscuits (201)

    L - Chicken & Sweetcorn Sandwich (370) Low Cal Jelly (5) Rice Crispie Square (118)

    S - Dairylea Dunker (120)

    D - Cajun Chicken Pilau Rice (450) Banana Mouse (60)

    E - 40 mins treadmill, 20 mins crosstrainer

    S - 2 Ice Poles

    D - 1 lt water, 5 pt diluting juice, 1 can low cal Monster (45)
  • Ah Lisa that is the best post ever, you have really made me giggle with your weekend plans!!! Just a quick post as am hectic at work and just come on for a sneaky peek, but had to let you know you've made me smile! You go girl!xxx
  • awww had a pretty stressful day in work, finished late and didn't make it to the gym which i'm gutted about. Knew I should have gone at lunchtime but decided to pop home to see H2B instead, and planned to go straight after work. But when that came around I was absolutely knackered so came back home instead. rubbish. That meant i also started picking on stuff just because I was stressed. Double rubbishness...


    B- Branflakes with skimmed milk

    S- Pear

    L- Homemade leek potato and cheddar soup, 1 leftover choc from christmas tree! (60cals i think!)

    S-4 (or was it 5?!) cadburies chocolate ecclairs, tester promotional pack of jelly babies, 2 slices of bread, butter, marmite and piece of cheese.

    D- Chicken oven baked in garlic and herb butter, root veg mash and carrots.

    E- none

    3L water, 5 cups of tea.

    Have a lovely weekend ladies, i'm off to work at stupid o clock tomorrow. not looking forward to it!xxxxx
  • LisaB1981LisaB1981 Posts: 280
    Good morning, quickly popping on to post. Our weekend plans have went to pot - both sets of friends have ill babies and are therefore not up for tonight. Also we slept in this morning so were late dropping care off at the garage image I'm wasting some time now till its time for my Body Pump class.

    Missy - listen to your body and if your too tired for the gym then you shouldn't be going, end off! Take it easy this weekend when your not at work.


    B - Brivita Breakfast Biscuits (201)

    S - Banana

    E - 20 mins treadmill, 10 mins crosstrainer, 10 mins free weights.

    L - Chicken Sweetcorn Sandwich (370) Low Cal Jelly (5) Rice Crispy Bar (120)

    D - Crispy Chicken with sweet chilli sauce + few chips (600)

    S - White chocolate + Strawberry muffin (hate to think how many) imageops:

    D - 4 pt diluting juice, 1 small bottle diet Irn Bru (2)

    Oops today wasn't a good day diet wise.
  • Hello nearly mrs smith! I don't want to hijack your post, but I was wondering if you'd be able to tell me where you got the necklace you wore on your wedding day, it's stunning!

    I posted the question on your wedding report thread too so feel free to reply on there!

    Thanks x
  • Hi all!

    Mrshappy123 - I got my necklace from I've just had a look on their website and they've added some really lovely new pieces so well worth a look - and they dont cost the earth either!! I only wore my necklace and back jewels for the evening reception but I love them and love getting the chance to wear them again. Hope you find what your looking for


    Missy - Glad to hear you got suits sorted out and you and h2b are really happy with them. Sounds like you've been doing really well at keeping on top of your to-do list! image

    Lisa - Ha ha!! Had a giggle at your weekend plans!!! image Even though your other plans didnt work out the way you thought they would, I hope your lie it gave you the chance to partake in some baby-making practice!! image

    Winewoman and Zoe - hope you've had a nice weekend and all is well with you both.

    Well I've got 3 days diaries to post and their not very good - i dont hold out much hope for a happy weigh in tomorrow!!


    B - fruit cocktail pot

    L - sultana bran

    D - steak and chips

    S - low cal choc mousse

    D - 1l water, 3 cups green tea

    Ex - 5km cycle x 2 & a session at the assault course


    B - porridge

    L - sultana bran

    S - half mars bar

    D - steak pie and chips

    S - choc buttons

    Ex - scrambling & climbing sessions


    B - pineapple fruit pot

    L - sultana bran

    S - mandarin

    D - 3 sausages, new potatoes, beans

    D - 1L water, 3 cups green tea

    Ex - 30mins crosstrainer, biking & assault course sessions

    Good luck for tomorrow everyone


    xx image xx
  • LisaB1981LisaB1981 Posts: 280
    Lol have to laugh - just read back my post and you'd think I was drunk when I wrote it - slightly TMI so sorry ladies.

    Well our weekend plans really went to pot, like I said both sets of friends had ill babies so we didn't walk on saturday morning and we had a night in front of the telly at night. Another boring weekend so I'm looking forward to next weekend. Today we went walking with a friend and his dogs and then came home and not done much since except Dancing on Ice. My diet took a real hit last night when Richard bought Ice Cream and sprinkles. We've finished of the lot between us over yesterday and today imageops: Suppose that means no more for during the week at least.


    B - Brivita Breakfast Biscuits (201)

    E - 1 hour Body Pump

    S - Crunchie (187)

    D - Chicken Bhuna + tiny amount of pilua rice (600) Honeycomb Ice Cream and Sprinkles (???)

    D - 4 pt diluting juice, 1 lt water, 2 rum + diet lemonades


    B - Brivita Breakfast Biscuit

    L - Chicken + Sweetcorn Sandwich (370) Crunchie (189)

    E - Long walk with dogs

    D - Chicken Tikka Kebab + Shared Chips and Cheese, Honeycomb Ice Cream and Sprinkles

    D - Half Can Low Cal Monster (25), 3 lt diluting juice, Ice Pole (35)
  • hellooooo ladies,

    had very bad weekend - started well but hit problems at work on saturday, got stressed and fed up, and went to sister in law's house on way home and drunk LOTS of wine. 2 bottles worth to be precise. As a result, ate like a PIG yesterday, and failed to way in this morning as i overslept and am generally just knackered. am annoyed as am going away on a course tomorrow until thursday night and won't be able to get to the gym during that time. that takes me to friday, am working away again on saturday (though not so far this time), and am planning the mother of all lie ins on Sunday!

    Aileen I'm going to have a look at jewelery on that website when i get chance! Will post again later!
  • Hi ladies!

    Well I had a nasty shock when I weighed in yesterday - 9st 13.2lbs, a 2lb gain from last week image Well thats what I get for being so blooming greedy over the weekend! Its amazing how I can "forget" everything I've learned about sucessfully losing weight - the past few days have been a stark reminder that CONSISTENCY IS KEY! I think since new year I've only managed a few "good" diet days at a time and end up messing it all up with a couple of lazy or greedy days, so I'm on a mission from today to have 7 good days in a row (at least)!!

    I've had a lovely couple of relaxing days off work after my 9 day stint. I spent monday catching up on some laundry, dozing on the sofa and I finished my book - bliss!!! And yesterday my mum came over then later on Michael and I went out for dinner, had a great chat then went to the cinema to see The Green Hornet (its was OK, a bit hammy for me though).

    Missy - hope your course is going ok. Dont beat yourself up about not making it to the gym while you're away - just relax and look forward to that lie in!!

    Lisa - sounds like you ended up having a nice relaxing weekend (I suppose one man's "boring" is another man's "relaxing"!!!) Hope you're having a good week so far.

    Hoping to hear from Winewoman, Zoe and Hollie soon - seems like you're all having a busy time of it lately.



    B - sultanabran

    L - porridge

    S - chicken broth

    D - grilled turkey, cranberry sauce, veg

    S - eve's pudding & cream (very bad)

    D - 2l water, 5 cups green tea

    Ex - short run, approx 3km

    Yesterday (tuesday)

    B - toasted english muffin

    L - far too many bicuts and cups of tea with my mum!!

    D - potato skins, half rack of ribs, a few onion rings

    D - 1L water, 1 coke, 1 slushy

    Ex - 1st long walk with the dogs for ages now that my akita's tail has fixed itself!!! (it usually curls up and over his back like a husky but it had dropped down since he'd injured his leg sliding on ice a few weeks ago, its better now though!)

    OK, hope you're all well.


    xx image xx
  • LisaB1981LisaB1981 Posts: 280
    Very quick post since I'm at work. Weighed in at 12.12 this morning - didn't manage to weigh before today.


    B - Brivita Biscuits (201

    L - Cup of Tomato Soup, Greggs Mexican Chicken Oval Bite (390)

    S - Fruit Salad (60)

    S - Ryvita slice (57)

    E - 40 mins interval training on treadmill, 10 mins bike, 15 mins free weights.

    D - went to friends for dinner and thankfully she's doing Scottish Slimmers so had healthy Chicken Curry, small naan + 2 small poppadoms (600)

    D - 4 pt diluting juice, 1 lt water, bottle Coke Zero


    B - Brivita Breakfast Biscuits (201)

    S - Rice Crispie Bar (120)

    L - Mexican Chicken Oval Bite (again 390) Fresh cream Fudge Doughnut (???) hang my head in shame!

    D - WW Chicken Curry (400)

    E - 1 hour Body Pump

    D - 5 pt diluting juice, 1 bottle Sprite Zero, 1 lt water.

    Shall hopefully come back tonight to catch up.
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Sorry ladies no time to read through, just a *wave* from me in France! Having a great week skiing, beautiful sunny days and legs not too sore yet!

    Will be back next week with (undoubtedly) awful weigh-in!
  • Ohh wine woman are you ski-ing?! So jealous - sure you are having a great time.

    Hope everyone is okay. I am swamped with client meetings and work but will try to get on soon - promise!

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