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Toning required!!! Suggestions?

Hi girls image

I don't have loads of weight to lose but want to tone up all over, especially my arms for my dress to be shown off!

I've started doing SW to just feel better in general and currently do Body Combat once and Body Pump once per week too. I enjoy both but obviously need to be doing more...suggestions?


  • Weights! And dont gasp! It would take alot of crazy weight sessions over a long period of time to put on masses of muscle, you will just tone....also having muscle burns more calories...I am learning all this at the mo as becoming quite interested in weight loss and toning so and finding it hard to get my head around some of it but cardio is fab for busting fat but again you need to used weights along side it!xx
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    I could be doing with 2 cardio and 2 Pump classes per week then.I stupidly asked the woman that takes my Pump class what I should be doing....she said about 5 or 6 sessions a week! Arrgghhhhh
  • No def not! Interval training and weights is supposed to be better than lots of cardio and exercise! I love exercise so enjoy classes, it wont hurt to do more but maybe have the odd session in the gym or at home just on weights like free weights and no cardio?xx
  • Louise266Louise266 Posts: 367
    30 day shred!! that will tone you right up, ive done it before but gave up after only 8 days it really was toning me up though!

    Louise xx
  • Pilates and yoga!
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