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I am useless at dieting, The more i think about dieting the more rubbish i eat!! Has anyone got any Tips for me. I am a size 14 but can squeeze into a 12. I have just joined the gym even though I use the swimming pool more then the Gym!! Also what foods are best to eat?


  • Polly27Polly27 Posts: 681 New bride
    Have you considered joining a slimming club. I joined weight watchers last november. I find it works really well for me and allows me to have my treats and still lose weight. The first couple of weeks are the hardest as you need to find out the points in everything but once you've been on it for a little while you'll know how many points are in most the foods you eat already. I'm 5ft 5inches and was 10st 8.5lbs in November and now i'm 9st 11lbs (and I went to Tenerife for a week at christmas and ate like a little pig!) My goal is 9 stone and my wedding is in September so I think it's possible. I usually calorie count and find it takes over my life and I become obsessed, but I find with Weight watchers i'm not thinking about food 24 hours a day.
  • Hi, I'm the same, the minute I say I'm on a diet I want to eat every cake in Tescos!!!

    I've had success eating a wholefood diet. I started it after hearing a talk from a doctor which was mainly geared around losing fat from around your middle. It works on keeping blood sugar levels as even as possible, which has lots of other knock on benefits. That coupled with going to the gym is working for me. I don't spend loads more on food either and also a couple of niggly but minor health concerns have cleared up.

    I can give you more info if you like, it's not difficult to follow.
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