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Weight Not Coming Off?

Hi ladies,

For the last 2 years my weight has been creeping up and up. I've been on diets, doing loads of exercise, but the best I have achieved is staying the same. I've gone from a size 12 to an 18 and it was driving me mad.

Since I'm over 40 I thought at first it was my age but as time went on I decided to go to the doctor and see if she could shed some light. I've had every test going to see if there was anything wrong with me but fortunately they all came back negative.

I work in a health food shop and am also training to be a herbalist so being fat isn't really a good advert for me, so I started researching what could be causing me to keep it on.

Also I should say at this point that I have suffered from stress and panic attacks for the last 4 years so since all other medical things had been ruled out I decided that was the only thing left that could be the reason.

A couple of months ago I found a supplement called Relora which works by helping to reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. This is released not just when stressed but also if blood sugar levels drop. It takes days to leave the system so if more is released on top it builds up and becomes toxic. It sends a message telling the brain the body is under stress and not allowing it to burn fat. That's the science in a nutshell and I've now been taking it for a month and have dropped down to a 16. It feels like a miracle for me as I've been so frustrated with my weight for so long. I'm not even really dieting either, just trying to eat well.

So if anyone else has a similar problem it's well worth a try.

It's difficult to get in the shops so I bought online, originally from a company called I never received it from them, got no response to my emails and calls and eventually had to claim my money back through paypal, so use another company if you'd like to try it.

Hope someone finds this useful!
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