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  • Mrs-KMrs-K Posts: 5
    I think i may give this a try!! Can you still go to the gym and your normal exercise while following the DVD? x
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    Hey vicshorns did ur copy arrive? Still waiting on mine, well done to everyone who's keeping up doing theirs I cant wait to start now!
  • I've ordered this today, for the total price of £4.99. Hope its a good as all the review say.

    I've got MIL wedding in August so thats my first goal. Will take measurements on day 1 and see how things go.

    Good luck all, I like reading the updates.
  • Mine arrived yesterday and I got up and did it before work! WOW its hard but not as hard as a thought it would be I had set myself up to hate it but maybe becasue it isnt very long the pain goes to another part of my body!

    (I say now I will probably regret saying this tomorrow when I do it again).

    Ps to those who ordered from play mine did take longer that normal to turn up and I got worried but it did turn up image

    MIL2B is looking after my son today and I have said while he is asleep and if uyou get bored have a go... image
  • VodVod Posts: 507
    Well Nessynoo, I have only managed this twice this week, instead of the 3 times I'd hoped but will be back in the swing again from Saturday. Hope you have faired better than me!
  • I'd never heard of this before (don't watch Biggest Loser), but I'll definitely be oredering it having just googled it. I have post baby belly that needs to go and need to shed a few inches for my dress. I measured myself last week and then started a diet (not a strict one, just watching calories, eating healthier) so 30 day shred might just be the thing to see some results! Thanks ladies.

    Have any of you noticed some inches disappearing yet?
  • I am stuck. Stuck on level 2 day 3 and have been there for months. I have put everything before it and as a result my weight and body generally have plateaud... so if i want to be shredded need to get on and move through level 2 but it is so hard. Well no its not I just need to get on with it...

    I love the Vod-Nessy scoring.. way to go ladies.... yeah..... (all sports people need cheering section/fan club...ha ha)
  • I have finshed level 1, i am going to start level 2 today, i'm quite scared!!

    I am proud of myself for sticking to it so far!

    I'm not sure if it's wishful thinking but i swear my trousers are a bit looser round the waist! Can't wait to take my measurements again!

    Keep up the good work everyone! image
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    Well done AmandaM2b2012 for reaching level 2 thats brilliant!! I started level one today, its def hard going but i felt so proud of myself for doing it afterwards! Plus i felt shaky for a while after! Keep going everyone, we'l all be skinny toned brides before we know it!
  • Polly27Polly27 Posts: 681 New bride
    I received mine two days ago and have done it twice so far. I was in quite a lot of pain yesterday but feel better today. It is pretty hard but I don't do any exercise normally so I wasn't expecting it to be easy. Hope I can stick to it for the full 30 days! Then if I've got results I may cut it down to 4 days a week at level 3? What do you think?
  • PBubsPBubs Posts: 333
    Hey everyone,

    I knew of Jillian but never heard about this before (despite working in the fitness industry and reading all the magazine!).

    I've got 15 weeks until the big day and am just stepping up my gym visits now. Was getting a little bored of my playlists and stuff on my ipod so I'm just having a normal gym visit twice a week, one swim, one boxercise class and one bodypump class.

    I've just ordered this dvd as I think on a day a plan doesn't happen or even in the morning of a day I'm not exercising but I feel I can I think it would be an extra push.

    I lost nearly 4 stone to be a bridesmaid (and prove a point as she didn't believe I would lose it) in 2009 so I'll be annoyed with myself if I don't get to where I was before.

    Keep you posted!!
  • Day 1 of level 2 completed! I was more puffed out after this level as there's way more jumping about! I think I prefer level 1 but we'll see how I feel in a few days.

    Only 19 days left now!

    Keep up the good work everyone image
  • Polly27Polly27 Posts: 681 New bride
    Just wondering how everyone is doing. Just completed my 6th day and so far so good. I'm determined to stick at it for the full 30 days! Slightly worried about starting level 2 on Saturday though!
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    Hey ladies, i'm on day five of level one, my arms hurt!!! The push ups are still difficult but i'm going to keep at it! How is everyone else doing? Level 2 looks dificult, are you finding it any easier amandam2b2012? Keep going everyone!! Luv jillian michaels, she's tough but really encourages you to to push yourself, i want her stomach its amazing!!
  • nessynoouknessynoouk Posts: 352
    I need jillian to encourage me to get out of bed.

    i have been so lazy and not done it since last week. I really meant to do it this morning but it's soooooo cooooold and my bed is soooooo waaaaarm...
  • pr1ncess_mummypr1ncess_mummy Posts: 1,676
    Helloooo fellow shredders!

    It's my last day of level 1 tomorrow and I can't wait for level 2, it was my favourite level the last time I did it and I'm SO fed up of all the jumping jacks haha.

    Well done to everyone who's sticking to the plan! I love having a "plan" to stick t, it's much more likely to be successful than if I decide to do random workouts!

    I'm also back to the gym every day this week so we'll see how my legs hold up after a shred in the morning then gym at lunchtime! Those lunges are a killer!

    Keep up the good work ladies!!

  • welshchick1welshchick1 Posts: 180
    I've just ordered this! how are you all getting on with it? Are any of you continuing with it after the 30 days? xxx
  • After reading this,im ordering it now!! My baby is 10 weeks old today I had a C section but Im ready to shift the verander over the toy shop! as peter kay would say lol!

    Keep up the good work girls x image
  • Polly27Polly27 Posts: 681 New bride
    I decided to go up to level 2 yesterday. It was pretty hard but I got through it. After 6 days at level 1 I was feeling quite good so I thought I needed to push myself. Not in pain today either which is a good sign. However I did do the modified movements, I wasn't feeling that brave!
  • lorilingolorilingo Posts: 67
    I've finished level one and did 3rd level 2 last night, I am alternating the shred one night with the cross trainer the next. I ahve never had a stomach this flat - it is fantastic! I am also sure I can see a difference in my flabby arms but that may be wishful thinking!
  • I've been very naughty and completely slacked offimage Not good when I only have 8 weeks to go.

    I've been too lazy to get out of bed!
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    I really really like the Jillian Michaels dvds. 30 day shred is awesome if you dont have too much time on your hands and you can still get a good workout which is perfect. Ive also got her '6 week six pack' dvd which is 35 mins long and has two levels - both are quite hard. And I also just got the 'Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism' one last week which is a whopping 50 minutes in total but really good, lots of cardio and kick boxing moves and toning thrown in (you dont need a hand weight). I try to alternate between all the dvds so I dont get bored, but at the moment Im doing one every other day, trying to do one a day if I have the time. Im not overweight but Id like to tone up and loose a few pounds over the next few months so hopefully these dvds will help me achieve that. Ive managed to loose 2lbs in a week but I think that may be down to the healthy eating rather than the dvds. They do make you feel great and look more toned and slender after a few times of doing it. Keep it up everyone! x
  • Gemmarosa9Gemmarosa9 Posts: 139
    I'm on day 2 of level 1!!!

    Ow! image
  • nessynoouknessynoouk Posts: 352
    Just finished what will be my last level 1. Didn't do 10 days but as I've been doing level 2 previously my fitness must be up and I'm now finding level 1 fairly easy.

    Level 2 tomorrow image

    Come on lucky Lucy, don't be lazy!!
  • Ohh this looks fab, has anyone lost the 20 pounds in 30 days??? I'm getting married in July and would ideally like to lose a stone, i'm going to order dvd now!

    Keep up the good work ladies!! image xx
  • pr1ncess_mummypr1ncess_mummy Posts: 1,676
    Disaster has struck ladies! I've trapped my sciatic nerve image

    Today was supposed to be the first day of Level 2 and now I have to bloody wait! image Lost 3lbs in my first week of Slimming World and Level 1 so I was really up for keeping at it! I'm gutted!!

    Been for some traction and massage today so hopefully it won't be too long before I can get back into it image


  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    On day 7 of level one and feeling good, its still a challenge but easier than when i started. Level two here i come (maybe in a few days tho!)

    Ouch poor u pr!ncess_mummy that must be painful, take it easy for a while you dont want to make it worse rushing back to exercising. I'm sure when you are able to start again you'l get back into it really quickly. Hope you feel better soon x
  • MrsSandisonMrsSandison Posts: 458
    I got the dvd in january and have been slacking off only doing it 6 times image but this final month I am going to really try, i HATE exercise. im not overweight but theres definetly some wobbly bits i could do without, i dont have enthusiasm though as h2b loves my curves so theres no oneto kick me up the backside. anyway hi ho hi ho 44 days to go... eek image

    plus i cant do the push ups as ive no upper body strength, that puts me off.
  • Gemmarosa9Gemmarosa9 Posts: 139
    I'm exactly the same Mrs Sanderson, on the first day I could barely do 1 modified push-up which really put me off.

    Just done day 3 now and I'm finding I can make at least a decent attempt at completing them all (although I'm still pretty rubbish!) image
  • nessynoouknessynoouk Posts: 352
    Girls, I PROPERLY have no upper body strength and could barely do 5 of the modified push ups when I started. Just keep at it and try to do a few more each time, don't pressure yourself to do all of them at once.

    I can now do all the girly pushups - I'm not saying i now find it easy, it's still bl**dy hard but I can do them all now. Just dont give up, if we could all do the whole workout there would be no point doing it!!!

    Go team slim!!
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