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  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    Nessy is right, the push ups are the bit i find most difficult but i kept at it and now at day 7 i can do all the girly ones too. Just think each time you do it you're getting a little bit stronger, bye bye bingo wings!!
  • I've been reading through your comments and am quite excited! I've just ordered my copy of Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred and cant wait to start using it. I'm going to try and use it in the mornings before I go to work. Wish me luck. I have until December to loose a stone and a half and tone up! image
  • MrsSandisonMrsSandison Posts: 458 New bride
    omg... so i think i should start seriously the dvd next week (again) as its a bit late now, me and h2b walking around Sainsburys at half six couldnt be bothered cooking so ordered a curry - yum, yum - but im now regretting it, lol. my eyes are definetly bigger than my belly!

    but seriously i will start monday - hopefully image
  • welshchick1welshchick1 Posts: 180
    My dvd arrived! I'm on day 3 of level wasn't as bad as I expected, but wow do I feel the pain! Hope you're getting on well with it. xx
  • pr1ncess_mummypr1ncess_mummy Posts: 1,676
    Well after some treatment at the sports injury clinic that my dad works at - amazing massage lady there!! - I am back on to my Shred! Started Level 2 yesterday after needing 2 days rest with trapped nerve and did Level 1 again on Saturday as didn't want to push it!

    So I did Day 2 of Level 2 this morning and I'm feeling good again! My shoulders are a bit sore but not as sore as my thighs were on day 3 of Level 1 lol.

    All the ladies keeping at it - you are doing an amazing job! We will all soon be completely shredded! (And I'm starting to sound a bit too much like Jillian! Lol)

  • soulmatessoulmates Posts: 173
    Completed Day 5 - level 1 this morning, and I can see the light. My worst exercise is the side lunge with lateral raises! My weak little arms cant cope with that move, although I have never quitted a single session (which makes me proud)

    Hope everyone is doing well, I took my measurements at day 0, so will be interesting to see what happens (though I'm not following a diet as such just trying to cut back and eat sensibly)
  • VodVod Posts: 507
    Yet again, I have been struck down with illness and can't shred image only have 50 days to go now as well, and my dress goes in for adjustments next friday - really need to get back on track with it but over the last few days I've struggled to have the energy to even shower, let alone consider exercising. Come on body, get back to full health ASAP!!
  • GGsBebeGGsBebe Posts: 160
    yay - i've just ordered a copy - yr all inspirational ladies. I'm getting married in July but first dress fitting at beginning of may - would love to lose a stone and a half by then - started dieting last wed and so far so good!!! just need to do the exercise bit - hopefully can get into it and keep it up with yr help!!x
  • nessynoouknessynoouk Posts: 352
    Ugh. I remember why I hate exercise.

    Just done level 2 day 1. Doing the plank is hard enough without h2b pushing my bum down shouting "lower, lower" arghhh the pain!!!!
  • bride_danibride_dani Posts: 119
    i have never heard of this before but now i am tempted to get onto amazon and order it! i dont get married til september though so if i do the 30 days now and lose some inches will i put them all back on by then or can i keep using it just not so frequently? might have a look at davina as well as i have heard good reviews about her. what do you think? xxx
  • McWhizzMcWhizz Posts: 37
    I have just done the first two days of the 30 Day Shred -ouch! My stomach muscles hurt everytime I move and laugh! Am hoping that this wears off and won't be in pain for the next month!!Can someone reassure me?!

    I am actually pretty pleasantly surprise by it though, for once a DVD where I am not annoyed by the presenter!
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    Keep going, all those aches and pains will go as your body gets stronger!!Then you'l have to start level 2 and get them all over again!! Going to start Level 2 tomorrow, not sure if i'l be able to handle it but i'v only got 45 days to go! Must work out harder!! vod-uk hope you're starting to feel a bit better. Nessy thats so mean of your husband to be i say he should try doing it and you can torture him then!

    Well done ladies, lets keep it up!!
  • Kimmy!!Kimmy!! Posts: 335
    I'm now on day three of the shread! not as bad as i was expecting but it is tough i'm with you on the side lunges! Looking forward to seeing some results at the end too! xx
  • piglet3007piglet3007 Posts: 172
    I've ordered my copy and its on its way.

    Ive been doing Body pump and combat at the gym for the last year and need to try something different. I have 7lbs to loose and i just cant shift it.

    Fingers crossed.
  • soulmatessoulmates Posts: 173
    Last night I decided to move on to level 2, it was good, I felt that I had worked much better and I was much more into it (iykwim) good to see Natalie and Anita sweating a bit more as well.

    Think it was the right decision to move on though and not do the first 10 days at Level 1 like I had planned.

    Got a gorgeous Coast dress yesterday in a size 10 and although it fits nicely if I tone up more (which I am certain this is doing!) I will feel amazing in it.

    good luck all and thank you for coming here and sharing your shredding journeys.

    We're well on our way to being shredded image
  • I've just ordered my copy from amazon. Our wedding is in May, I've been dieting and working out on ea active, and various other excersises since Jan and only managed to lose a pound! Hopefully this will be as good as I've been told and will start shifting these pounds!
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    Oh my god, i did my first day of Level 2 today and its an absolute killer!!! Dread to think what Level 3 will be like!
  • Gemmarosa9Gemmarosa9 Posts: 139
    Hayden- I know how you feel!n I've also just done my first day of level 2!

    What is it with all the plank exercises?!! I can barely do the plank itself let alone all those other moves you're supposed to do at the same time!!! image
  • Hi guys,

    I got my dvd today-just done my first day of level 1- i see what you mean about it being hard work! Def think its going to be worth it though! I take it the idea is you do 10 days on level 1, then 10 days on level 2, then 10 days on level 3-is this right?
  • GGsBebeGGsBebe Posts: 160
    Mine arrived today - just waiting for my daughter to get back from college, gonna get her to measure me, then gonna give it a go...wish me luck!!lol x
  • GGsBebeGGsBebe Posts: 160
    Just did it - wow i'm nearly dead now!! Gonna be sooooo thin!!lol x
  • GGsBebeGGsBebe Posts: 160
    Just did it - wow i'm nearly dead now!! Gonna be sooooo thin!!lol x
  • scrapsiescrapsie Posts: 1
    hey girls- i'm getting married in three months. just seen the posts and read some of the comments, does this actually work? x
  • piglet3007piglet3007 Posts: 172
    Hi Ladies

    Just completed day 2 of level 1, Alls going well my arms and calfs ache but nothing more. Have any of you moved up to the next level if leverl 1 seems too easy ? Im doing the advanced movements already.

    Hope your all enjoying it

  • well you have sold it to me, i have just placed my order! i have no will power or motivation (there is a gym at the top of my building that i rarely venture into) but lets hope this DVD works a miracle! only 14 pounds to go!
  • sharnmcfsharnmcf Posts: 82

    Just done Day 1 Level 1

    My arms are like jelly as i type this!

    I did maage to do it but a word of warning dont guzzle down loads of water whilst doing it coz when you get intyo the cardio bit you WILL feel sick imageimage

    Cant wait to do again tomorrow!

  • pr1ncess_mummypr1ncess_mummy Posts: 1,676
    Glad to see so many other ladies joining in the shredding fun! Lol

    I'm nearly at the end of Level 2 (tomorrow will be my last day) and I remember how much I hate the plyometrics in Level 3 image But it is what needs to be done if I want to fit into my dress!!

    I measured at the beginning and had a sneaky measure yesterday, in 2.5 weeks I've lost 2.5 inches from hips and waist! I need an inch off my ribs now and my dress will be perfect!!

    Keep it up ladies, it really does work!! image

  • warren79warren79 Posts: 166
    Hi Ladies,

    Just started done day 1 of level 1, getting married 5th July and first dress fitting is 8th May would hoping to lose a few inches and pounds before then!
  • piglet3007piglet3007 Posts: 172
    Hope everyone is still going strong on the Shred.

    Ive done day 3 tonight of level one. I did it after going the gym (although i did a short work out 3k run and 5k bike ride) but omg am i paying for it now. Think I'll miss combining it with the gym for now.

    Cant wait to start seeing the results image
  • GGsBebeGGsBebe Posts: 160
    Day 5 of level 1 - found it harder today but the aching seems to have stopped - will push through 2moro tho x
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