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  • im starting day 1 level one tomorrow, along with 29 pro points on weight watchers image

    need to order my dress in may so i gotta shift some of this lard that keeps following me around!!

    Good luck everyone

  • jules578jules578 Posts: 6
    I'm on day two of level one and my thighs are like jelly.

    I also joined weight watchers tonight got 29 pro points too.

    I wasn't that sore today after the shred last night but i felt it as soon as i started it tonight.

    I'm bridesmaid in just under 5 weeks, i only have just over a stone to lose but the bride is a size 6! and i don't want to look like the back end of a bus next to her in the pictures. To add to it the wedding is in crete so I need to look better than i do just now in a bikini.

    I was 8st 9lb when i got married nearly 3 years ago and really want to get back to that (although seems a long way off at the moment).

    I took photos of my abdomen before I started the shred so I can compare in 30 days.
  • MissM2mrsBMissM2mrsB Posts: 448
    I started a few weeks ago but am not doing it every day - I tried to do it 3 days in a row but ended up barely able to walk and practically screaming in pain everytime I needed to stand up from my desk! I guess it was repeating the squat movement!

    I am now doing extra stretching before and after which has helped, but am aiming to do it every other day which am finding easier to manage. I think I will move on to level 2 soon as level 1 is definitely getting easier.

    It's a really good routine, no time to get bored and the moves are simple enough to do.
  • jules578jules578 Posts: 6
    Just done day 3 level 1, and managed to stick to new weight watchers diet, despite there being a huge box of fox's biscuits at work, I never had any - for a change. I don't think the shred is getting easier. I have felt it all day, muscles are aching but hopefully its a case of no pain no gain!

    My thighs burn every time i sit/stand to the point where I just tried to keep moving at work rather than sitting.
  • VodVod Posts: 507
    My illness has FINALLY gone - I'm off work today and getting back into it this morning!!! Think I'm going to need to do a couple of days on level 1 again before I can get back into the swing of level 2. I only have 40 days til the wedding too...!!!!
  • I had never heard of this before reading this board. You guys have definitely sold it to me. you all seem to be really good at sticking to it and hopefully are seeing results now. I have 43 days to go and have just come back from a dress fitting and the woman said I could do with losing a little bit more round the hips although I will get away with it if I don't.

    The annoying thing is that it fit me perfectly in October when I bought it, then I put weight on over xmas and it was tight at my Feb fitting so I've done really well and lost at least 6lbs since then which makes me less than when I bought it, but it must have come off in other places (usually my already to small to begin with, chest!)so I can't afford to just keep losing weight through dieting. I really need to specifically tone the flab round the back of my hips. I can't have the top of the dress any more gappy, otherwise it will be a little indecent!!!lol

    Right that's it. I'm convinced I need this dvd now!
  • GGsBebeGGsBebe Posts: 160
    day 7 of level 1 - finally feeling a bit easier - not easy tho! gonna have to have day off 2moro tho as me and H2B off to france for day and leaving at 4am! so think i'll do level 1 again sat and sun and then try to move up to level 2! all good so far!x
  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992
    It's arrived today. I'm nervous for tonight.

    Cross fingers for me! xx
  • Louise266Louise266 Posts: 367
    Ive had the shred dvd for nearly 6 months now, just sitting there gathering dust, i occasionally get it out and do a few days, the most ive done is 7 then i give up. Its less than 2 months to our big day now so i am really gonna try with this.

    Im gonna start on monday, i'll be back to keep you updated, im going to need to find the motivation to keep it going!!

    See you all on monday...

    Louise x
  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992
    Day 1 - Done.

    When I was doing it, I felt fine. I sat down afterwards, and felt fine. I stood up, tried to walk and fell over. My legs were like jelly! It's settled a bit now. But I was doing the advanced moves on some of it (butt kicks, lunges, squats and all the abs).

    Did it with mum and she collapsed halfway through. Apparently because she's menopausal if she did the star jumps she would wet herself and her knees couldn't cope with squats or lunges. I think it's excuses to be fair but what can I say!

    Looking forward to it tomorrow...! MUST. FIT. IN. DRESS!
  • bride_danibride_dani Posts: 119
    omg i have had my dvd for over a week and i am too scared to start it! from reading your posts i don't think i am fit enough to start it! and when i said about it to h2b he told me i would give up after 5mins! image my dissertation is due in, in less than 2 weeks then i am determined to crack it open! image
  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699
    Just bought this after reading this thread! Hope it works and hope i can stick at it!!
  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992
    I've done Day 2! I tried to use proper 3kg handweights, which was fine for about half the routine but some of it they had to stay on the side lol.

    It's much harder when you're still a bit achy from the day before. And for the rest of the day today I've been sooo achy. Legs are just.. I'm moaning all around the house with the twinges of achey pain. i don't understand how just 20 minutes can make me ache so much when I can swim for hours :S

    As Jillian would say - the pain is your body changing!

    Up for Day 3 tomorrow! No rest for the wicked!
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    Keep going everyone, sounds like you're all doing really well!!! I'm still working through Level 2, on about day 6 and it is getting a little easier every day can't handle the squat thrusts though!! Come on, only 5 weeks till the big day!! Must look skinny in photos!!
  • PBubsPBubs Posts: 333
    Hey everyone,

    I finally unwrapped it today and managed it all doing all advanced apart from the press ups (of course!!). Have been at the gym a lot but still glad I found it challenging.

    Legs are hurting a bit now so I'm glad I know it worked. Really going to try and keep this up - 12 wks today - pick up dress 3 weeks today!
  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992
    I missed out Day 3 today. Literally, my legs just couldn't cope. So achey. i think it's because i've been doing a lot of the advanced moves, they just seized up on me. Got a wedding fayre tomorrow so thought I'd leave it for today and then hit it again tomorrow after the fayre, where it doesn't matter if I die for the rest of the week.

    So good though. I'm glad I've finally found something that I can feel working. Will be back in the pool as well next week image xx
  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992
    Day 3 - done. Was a lot easier today! Xx
  • FlickertyFlickerty Posts: 51
    I've also been sold by your enthusiasm and have just ordered a copy of this. Although i'm not drastically overweight i'm very wobbly and desperately need to tone up! Aside from long walks i don't get a lot of exercise and really need to find a more rigorous routine that i can stick to. I recently managed to find the dress i love secondhand but i definately need to lose some inches to get it to fit properly.

    What size weights do people tend to use? I have some 2kg ones... will these be ok?
  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992
    You'll probably die with the 2kg ones to start with. My first day I literally just used some cans of soup, day 2 I decided (stupidly) to go and use 3kg ones and I nearly died and had to have a day off. Today I used some 1.5kg ones and even those at points I just had to put them down!

    You could see how much you can do, but don't push yourself to use them if you're struggling cos you'll end up having to have days off shredding due to muscle pain! xx
  • Louise266Louise266 Posts: 367
    Day 1 level 1 completed!!

    Had to get the kids in there seats with toast and raisins to give me the 20mins i needed to do it, they just sat watching me like what on earth are you doing mummy...

    Feeling a little bit shakey now, but i love the shred, im going to stick at it this time as its definately my last chance to tone up for the big day!!

    I used 1.5kg hand weights, i was fine with them but my arms were killing me, especially at the side lunge bit, but its so near the end it motivated me to keep going!

    Louise xx
  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992
    Day 4 done - feeling much more able and more endurance. following Natalie most of the time now image
  • Louise266Louise266 Posts: 367
    Well, i was pretty pleased with myslef yesterday after completing my first day and not in too much pain, however when i woke up this morning i was in so much pain i could barely move, i got up had breakfast and shredded again... admittedly not nearly as enthusiatically as yesterday.

    My legs are killing me now tho haha. Ive got my dress fitting today so im very excited!!

    So day 2 down...28 to go!!

    Louise xx
  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992
    I was like that for the first few days. It was day 5 today - not only did I do the shred but I also went to the pool and swam 50 lengths! Go me!


    How was the fitting??x
  • Louise266Louise266 Posts: 367
    Day 3 Complete!!

    Had to do it this afternoon as i ws so not in the mood for it this morning, felt better than yesterday, but definately still not easy!!

    The fitting was amazing, i got to walk up and down the shop without having to hold my dress up, i cant wait to see it when its done!! Its a maggie sottero dress with a corset at the back, so its just the height that needed adjusting and a bit at the side. It makes it all seem to scary about how close its getting, im sure i must have loads left to do!!

    Louise xx
  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992
    Aw how exciting! I've got my dress fitting in April.

    I'm wearing a maggie sottero as well - Winnie. Which dress is yours?

    I always do the shred in the evenings, so am preparing myself for shredding tonight!!

  • piglet3007piglet3007 Posts: 172
    Hi Ladies

    How's the shredding going. I though i would be brave tonight and after 6 days of level one i jumped up to try level 2. It went well but we will see how i feel tommorow.

    Are any of you still doing additional excercise and going the gym? I dont want to over do it but feel liek im cheating only doing 20 min a day.

  • xmhairixxmhairix Posts: 563
    Hey shredding ladies,

    Not been on here for ages due to actually getting married and being busy busy busy however got a wee message that brought me back for a wee nosey on the site and noticed the 30 days shred post, to all you struggling with it I have to say honestly it is worth every bit of torture to stick with it (, the results are amazing (honestly I am not getting paid to say this) just make sure you really keep pushing yourselves and get the most out of your workouts (and adopt a nice healthy balanced diet image ). There are days you'll go through where you feel like if you see jillian again you will go crazy...but she knows what she's doing!!! I felt uncomfortable going to a gym at first because of my weight so her dvd really was my turn around point because no-one outside my 4 walls could see me working out and it wasn't until after much shredding that I ventured to the gym (and now STILL love my wee trips to the gym)

    Before piccy:

    Me by my wedding:

    All the best girls...keep shredding (and avoid throwing the dvd player out the window as hard as it may be) image
  • Where are you all getting the video from? Amazon is out of it? image Also, is there lots of jumping and impact stuff? Im recovering from a knee op and can do limited but not vigourous impact workouts.


  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992
    wandering_bird - I'm only on level 1 but there is A LOT of jumping. Star jumps, butt kicks and skipping rope jumps. Not sure if it is the right workout for you if you're recovering from a knee op. My mum has dodgy knees and has to miss out a fair bit of it.

    I got mine from - £4.99

    xmhairix - that's an amazing difference - well done you! Glad to hear that you've kept it up too! image

    piglet - I did Level 1 Day 6 today - which felt fine. Bit sweaty still but can get through most of it on advanced except for push ups. I feel like I *could* go onto level 2 but going to wait the full 10 days. I have started swimming again - for the first 4 days I just shredded, but then I went swimming - 50 lengths - on day 5. Going back swimming again tomorrow or friday so will be back to swimming twice a week as well as shredding. No doubt when I start level 2 for the first few days I'll not swim.

  • Louise266Louise266 Posts: 367
    Day 4 done...woohoo!! Still not finging it easy but im getting there!

    Im wearing Jovi, i absolutely love it, i cant wait to get it on all fitted!! Winnie is gorgeous! i Just had a look on google haha.

    Wow xmhairix you look amazing!! well done!

    Louise xx
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